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The Sceptic Turns Psychic: Part 2

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In the second half of the Beginner’s Spiritual Development course, we explored more meditations, which I learnt are a great way to a) raise your vibration and b) get out of your own way when trying to interpret messages. 

Let me explain…

Often, especially for us novices, we will try to tune into our guides but have no idea of the language they are communicating in and think we are getting nothing. 

The theory goes that guides actually give us messages all the time, we just don’t often understand them. So meditation helps because if a guide says, ‘Go underwater, what does it feel like, there is a door there, what does it look like, what is inside?’ Etc etc...then we are tricking our minds to get out of our own way and see, feel, know, and ultimately interpret. The colour you get or the sense you feel or the object behind the door, these can all be interpreted. 

We also discussed reading topics - typical areas of life that people seek guidance on and how you can use your intuition and/or tools like pendulums to tune into which areas their guides have messages on. So cool!

Hayley also explained the appropriate ways to deliver messages and ways you can frame information in a supportive, encouraging way. Remembering that we all still have free will so what a subject does with the information may adjust an outcome. 

Then it was down to lots of practice. We practiced on each other, friends, clients of Hayley’s over email and then we had a few live readings on video call! We had two lovely ladies come on who were super open and had been where we were. I definitely felt a bit on the spot but settled into it and the information came quickly. It was such a buzz when I described the homes and gardens of both women and got feedback that I was on track and the messages that little old me brought through were valuable. 

On finishing up - we are now fully in lock down. It was a surreal experience to think when we started four weeks earlier, I was in such a full on time in my life, thinking I didn’t have time. Fast forward to now and I have lots of it. I am so grateful for the level of calm this course has brought me, getting more in touch with my intuition. I don’t plan to set up a booth somewhere and start reading people. Far from it - for me it is about how I can use this intuition in my family life and my business to navigate my own path. 

A few of us from the course are keen to get onto the Intermediate Course to see where this takes us. It is like a door has opened to a fun, wonderful world and we can’t get enough of it. 

Thanks Hayley for being such a clear, calm and supportive teacher. 


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