Do you own a business?

Are you sick of limiting beliefs holding you back from success?

Have you tried and tried and tried to become 'successful' but always seem to fall short?

When patterns repeat, over and over, no matter what you do, you know you have a limiting belief.

When you have limiting beliefs, no matter what you do on a physical or mindset level, you'll keep facing the same challenges repeatedly.

If your beliefs are telling you...
I'll never have enough
I'll never be enough
I'll never be good enough
It's not safe to be seen
I'll always have to work super hard to make ends meet
I'll never find good staff
I'll never earn enough
There's never enough for me
I'll never ...

You'll always face the same problems over and over.

The pattern will continue to repeat no matter what you do!

Limiting beliefs can show up as resistance.

Whenever resistance pops up you know there's a limiting a belief behind it and no matter how much you push through the resistance - the thing you're trying to do will never work!


Are you tired of the same patterns popping up again and again?
I was!

Have you worked with Business Coach after Business Coach for the magic formula to 'fix' the issue? Have you been told just "put more effort in", "employ someone to do it for you", "budget more", "set targets", do a "SWOT analysis", "do market research", "monitor your KPI's", etc. etc.?

Business Coaches can be magic but when there are limiting beliefs no amount of coaching will fix the issue!

I've been there!

I had a graphic design & website business for over 11 years.

It was tough!

I hired coach after coach and spent THOUSANDS working out how to get my business moving in the right direction, yet, every year, I'd end up in the same position - broke! Every Christmas, I'd have to contact the bank for an overdraft extension to pay staff. I'd panic and never enjoy my holidays, stressing that the work wouldn't come in to pay the staff the following month.

Life went from one stressor to the next.

I received calls from creditors while in labour with my first child.
I had three days off work when she was born.
I exhausted myself.

Robbing Peter to pay Paul was life.

My business was turning over more than $300k per year, yet there was never any money left for me! I had just enough to pay for what I needed and nothing more.
Life was intense!

Maybe you're having other problems?
Perhaps finding great staff is a challenge.
Maybe, you're bored and don't know how to change.
Maybe people in authority mistreat you.

Whatever the beliefs & patterns - you can change them!

It's exciting to change. You see life unfold in new exciting ways with the Universe supporting you!


I've had MANY clients ask me to start a business coaching programme!
They've seen my abundant success and want to know the magic formula - this is it!
Clear your beliefs!

Once your beliefs are serving you, everything else can fall into place.
The clients can turn up easily, there's money available to hire help, life can be easy!


The Mystic Business Academy (MBA) will benefit you no matter what type of business you own!

I've cleared many of my limiting beliefs & you can too!

I dug into my past, found out WHY I kept repeating these patterns and realised that nothing would ever change until I changed myself.

I eventually discovered my old business was out of alignment with me.

I had changed so much it no longer served me, and, to blossom, I had to move on. Within three months of it going on the market, I sold that business for six figures and moved on...

Whenever I notice a block, I clear it - now I'm thriving!

And now you can too

Are you ready to:
- have more than enough?
- feel empowered in your business?
- work less & earn more?
- do what lights you up & inspires you?
- have a business that works for you?

I'm helping people like YOU!

Are you ready to heal, grow & thrive?

Bust those business beliefs and live the life of your dreams!

"I have noticed shifts, in the first week - my sense of time pressure changed, the right things dropped off and fell off diary. I've returned to the gym this week, there is time for everything, I feel centered and not flapping. My work is starting to flow like how I'm flowing. Getting in flow. Huge potential things to come I know." M.M.

Introducing ...

Clear the energy & subconscious patterns behind your blocks & change your life!

You're invited to join me in the

Mystic Business Academy (MBA)

a 12-week intensive business clearing programme

Each week we will do clearing & focus on the needs of the moment.


Week One

Where are you now?
 What's truly happening? What don't you like? Where do you want to change?
Clearing overwhelm.
 The GOLD lies in the stress, worry & fears - we want to go there & let them go!

Week Two

Setting the scene - what do you really desire?
 To understand your blocks, we have to know what you truly want and why you think you can't have it.
 Allow yourself to be unlimited. What would the best version of YOU look like?


Week Three

Finding the blocks & clearing
 Learn how to find the blocks/beliefs/patterns to create what you desire.
 We will go deep into past lives, childhood, pre-birth, gestation & generational patterns.
 Clear loads and loads of blocks!

Week Four

Connecting with our Guides
Co-creation at its best! When we can work with our Guides to create our business, we're never alone. 
 Learn skills & clear blocks to connect!

Week Five

What are you offering? 
Get aligned, find your passion, and come into a flow state.
 How about pricing? How much do you charge?
 Clear blocks to allowing yourself to have fun AND make money!

Week Six

Money, money, money
Where's the money? The universe will bring you what's aligned.
 If you believe money is a struggle, it will be!
 If you believe having money is greedy, you'll experience scarcity.
 Let's lift the ceiling on what you 'allow' yourself to have and invite abundance through your passion!

Week Seven

Where are the clients?
Manifesting your soul-mate clients, calling them in.
 Working with the Universe.
 Clear blocks around having to deliver what the client wants - do things YOUR way and attract those who align!

Week Eight

Look the business
Let's talk marketing - websites, social media, email newsletters, blogging, etc.
 Clear blocks about having to do things a certain way and more!
 PLUS - Bonus session: Learn from a marketing expert

Week Nine

Taking care of business
Let's talk location, staff, accounting, taxes, booking systems etc.
Find joy in paying your taxes rather than stressing and freaking out. Lift the blocks around people and services to help you out.
Often we say we're no good at things - find the blocks and release them!

Week Ten

Doing vs flowing

 Have you heard the phrase 'we're human BEING's not a Human DOING's'?
 So many coaches say to 'do more' ... when you're in a flow state, you can do less with more results.
Learn tips & tricks PLUS clear blocks to flow

Week Eleven

Everything that happens is information - good and bad!
 Dealing with competition, appreciating when crap happens and what it's actually telling you!

Week Twelve

Celebration & Going forward
It's time to celebrate!
 Clear any further blocks.
PLUS - Bonus session: Tips from a Spiritual Business Coach

Hayley Lowe - intuitive healer - clear blocks & beliefs to create the life you love

How does it work?

Clearing beliefs is super easy - finding them is the hard part!

We usually know what's holding us back. How many times have you said "If I could just fix X everything will be perfect" - the trouble is the underlying cause for that block is often a curly belief or pattern that is completely obscured from you.

When we throw all our blocks, beliefs and patterns on the table, we can clear ALL of them! Often we don't know we have a block until someone else mentions it. Even if you don't think you have a particular block, it'll be cleared, and it could be the magic piece that changes your life. Working in a group helps us clear so much more!

Intuition vs Coaching 

I’m an intuitive, it’s how I work - I get messages and I pass them on. I get messages about your business and the blocks you have. I don’t coach in the sense that you come up with all your own answers. It’s definitely not a traditional business coaching/mentoring course!


What do you get?

Group teaching & block clearing
every Tuesday at NZ 9am for up to 2 hours

Open coaching/clearing
turn up if you need extra help ... a chance to get personal
every Thursday at NZ 9am for up to 2 hours

Unlimited access to me through our private group on Soul Journey where you can ask your questions and get feedback and help!


When does it start?

The MBA is currently underway.

If you're interested in joining the next group please email me.

Where do we meet?

The Mystic Business Academy is an online container.

Twice weekly sessions will be held on Zoom.

We connect in a private group on Soul Journey, my online spiritual network, between sessions.
Course replays & materials will be available - short videos for clarity & meditations for connection.

Why a Group Programme?

The best clearings happen when similar people get together!

You may be apprehensive about airing your dirty laundry in public, telling everyone your deepest darkest fears and issues. Maybe you're thinking, "My business is no one else's business?" Trust me, this is where the biggest clearings happen. Whatever you're resisting is what needs to be cleared! If you're uneasy about others' judgements, then WAHOO, there's an instant sign of what needs to be released.

The deeper you allow yourself to go into the uncomfortable side of things, the more monumental the healing and changes will happen!

When you resist anything, it will persist. Working in a group will show you all your fears, worries & concerns! Others will be feeling the same, and you get to clear the fears they're facing, too - blocks you may not even realise you hold!

This much healing, one-on-one, would take years to achieve!

Join the Mystic Business School (MBA) so you can

... bust beliefs that are keeping you stuck

... enjoy your business and all the benefits that come from working for yourself

... follow your passion and be rewarded for it

... balance your emotions and energy where you once felt heavy and discontent

... bring flow into your everyday life where once there was panic and worry

Previous client feedback
I can say since I saw you my business has exploded. I’m booked out solidly for the next three months! Thank you for your healing. It’s amazing!" A.D.
view more client feedback  

It's time to spread your wings and fly!

Your Investment

This 12-week deeply transformational & healing business course is


All prices include GST when purchased in NZ (approx. NZ$4,444+gst)‍‍

Register your interest - click here

As your guide, it will be my pleasure to surprise and delight you!


The Sessions

What happens in each MBA session?
Tuesday Sessions: We focus on the weekly theme with teachings and clearings. Everyone works together by typing into the chat the stuff that pops up during the session. If you feel uncomfortable expressing certain things, you can send them privately to me - easy! We gather all the info, along with many beliefs from spirit, and do an extensive clearing. The amount of beliefs, blocks and patterns we can clear in one session is enormous. The clearings will also work on replay if you can't make a session.
Thursday Sessions: This is an open forum where you can ask your questions and go deeper into the topic or any area you choose - it's optional to turn up. You can come and go for as little or long as you like. It's a great place to dig deeper into beliefs! 
In between: We'll be interacting in Soul Journey, which has a private group/course area and chat features similar to Facebook Groups (although way more private!). I'll be putting up prompts and getting your input for the upcoming clearings - through the 12 weeks, you have full access to me within Soul Journey! WAHOO! 

Are the sessions recorded?
YES! The replays will be available in the private group on Soul Journey.

How much time do I need to invest?
It's recommended that you attend as many Tuesday sessions as possible. In between sessions, you'll want to spot as many beliefs, patterns and blocks as you can - the more you recognise, the more you can clear! It's the same old story - the more time you invest, the more you and everyone else get out of it!

When will I see results?
Minor changes will start instantly - you'll feel different & more confident. Things that used to bother you won't matter anymore. The thoughts going around and around your head will change as old beliefs disappear & new beliefs pop up to be cleared. Significant changes will come, too. The Universe has to reshuffle your entire world to fit your new beliefs, which can sometimes take a while, depending on your current situation. It's like changing your order at the restaurant - you have to wait a while for it to be prepared. If you order a side of fries, it's quick to deliver. If you're ordering a banquet, it can take a while to prepare! Depending on your changes, you may need the old restaurant torn down and a new one built around you so the food can be delivered. That can definitely be a long process but worth the wait and the demolition. Everyone's different.

Through the 12 weeks, you will see MANY changes, which will continue to happen for months afterwards.

Signing up

I have more questions can I contact you?
Absolutely, email me any questions you may have!

I have a business partner - can they join too?
Yes, absolutely. The healing will work if only one person joins but it will be intensified and faster if you both do.

I have a business partner and they're not into this - will it still work?
Yes! You only need one person to do the healing and things will shift. The healing is about you and you living your best life within your business.

‍‍What happens after I sign up?
You'll receive an email from me welcoming you to the course with a link to the platform - before the course begins we'll be interacting and finding out more about you so jump straight in on the start date.

Who is the course for?

Are there any prerequisites for joining?
Yes, you need to have a business or be in a business that you're invested in growing. You also need to have a desire to change and be willing to look at all angles of your life. A relationship with an ex could be affecting your business now - everything is relevant with healing. Having a positive attitude and being open to sharing is a must too!

Do I have to own a business to join?
Yes, it's a good idea to however, if you are working for someone else and growing their business this could work for you too. If you're just curious and not committed to starting a business right now then this probably isn't the right course for you - email me though, we can chat!

I'm a contractor - would this work for me?
Yes, when you're a contractor you're effectively running your own business and therefore can experience the same blocks and beliefs.

My business is very new, can I join?
Yes! The blocks for businesses are the same regardless of how long you've been in business - they're just different levels. And, how cool to clear those blocks before you get stuck!

I have a business coach already - do I need to stop seeing my coach? 
Absolutely not! This course is brilliant to work alongside your coach. The how to, step by step systems coaches offer is different to this course. Your coach may even be able to help you work out your blocks!

I am a business coach - will this help me & my clients?
Yes! It’s the energy behind the issues that gets cleared here - you probably have a good idea of what your blocks are which is fantastic. You get to learn the techniques and you can help your clients in the same way!  

Once the course is finished can I do belief clearing on my own?  
Yes! You’ll learn the techniques and you can absolutely continue clearing. The more you're aware of how to spot a belief the easier it is to clear them.

Sign me up!

Register your interest - click here

I can't wait to walk beside you!

Cancellation policy: You have three days, from the time of purchase, to change your mind. After this please be aware that no refunds are given.
If you have any concerns before purchasing please email me.

Healing disclaimer: I am not a medical professional and do not claim to be one. I cannot diagnose. It is my personal opinion energy healing should be used alongside traditional medicine.

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