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Healing from a narcissistic relationship

Do you have, or had, a narcissist in your life?

Perhaps you're left feeling numb, used, manipulated and dumbfounded.

How could anyone treat you that way and how could you not have seen it!

I am an energy healer, and I see narcissistic energy patterns. I'm shown the narcissist and co-dependant energy patterns like those in a puzzle, and I clear them.

Until you break the cycle, you can repeatedly end up in these relationships!

I've help hundreds of people heal from narcissistic relationships, helping them move forward and disconnect from the abusers energy. I've helped them to stop thinking endlessly about the narcissist and feel empowered in their lives.

You can spend years in counselling talking over and over the relationship but only scratching the surface, energy healing goes to the root of the problem, usually through childhood or past lives.

Fully understanding, acknowledging and finding ways to stop the abuse should be used in conjunction with energy healing. There are many great videos on YouTube - I love the videos by Richard Grannon, he's straight to the point.

If you're ready to move forward from narcissistic abuse then please book an appointment!

I'd love to help you move forward in your life, free from manipulators and energy drainers!

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For anyone who's looking for help, please know that I'm NOT a psychologist and that I can't diagnose.

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