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Love & Relationships Healing Workshop

Saturday 8th May

Wellington Meditation Centre, Thorndon

During this one day workshop you will dive deep into your love story!

What stories do you tell yourself about love? 

Are you lacking love in your life?

Is love hard to find? 

Do you feel unworthy or not good enough to have a love in your life?

Did you start a relationship which was amazing to only find it dwindling over time?

Is love alluding you? Maybe you've craved love for years but there's just a blank void where love should be!

What patterns show up in your life around love? Perhaps you've had relationship after relationship with the same problems?


Maybe you've experienced betrayal? Conditional love? Abusive or narcissistic relationships?
and worry you'll end up in a similar situation!

If you want more love in your life then this is the workshop for you!

Join Hayley

on a one-day workshop just for you!

A 'me' day, a learning & healing day!

Tell me more!

Spend a day with like-minded people, growing, developing, healing and finding answers about themselves!

You'll be working with different modalities, including meditation, you'll be tapping into your intuition and working in groups and on your own.

The aim is to have an understanding about why you are where you are with love and relationships, to do healing and have some building blocks in place so you can continue to change, heal and grow!

What will we be doing?

All workshops are spiritually guided. This means that workshops are slightly different every time! I teach intuitively and when I feel there's a specific need I go there!

This workshop has the potential to include:

  • healing
  • meditation
  • past life lessons
  • spiritual tips on trusting your intuition
  • working with pendulums (one will be provided)
  • working with crystals
  • opportunities to ask questions
  • and more!

Who's this workshop for?

If you're looking to find or improve love relationships then this day is for you!

Maybe you've been single for a while and the 'right partner' is never there. Maybe you've been in a relationship for a while but you just don't feel connected or 'in' love. Maybe you're over love entirely and don't even know where to start!

Those who are interested in the spiritual world and open to spiritual help & guidance.

This workshop is based entirely on spiritual philosophies, spirit guidance and hosted by me, Hayley, a super spiritual lady! If you're not open to the spiritual world then this workshop definitely isn't for you!

This workshop is for people aged 18 and over.

Why attend?

Are you sick of being where you are with love and have no idea how to get moving? Go in-depth into your love history to get a picture of where your love life's at right now and what steps you can take to move forward.

Learn how you can heal yourself.

Meet like-minded people, grow and have fun!

What's provided?

  • a range of teas, coffee & juice
  • a healthy morning & afternoon tea catered to your dietary requirements
  • a graphically designed workbook
  • a pendulum

What to bring

  • a super open and enquiring mind
  • a great attitude
  • your lunch
  • blankets, beanbags, anything comfortable to help you get comfy to meditate and relax!

What other attendees thought of this workshop...

"I'm a bit of a sceptic in that I'm very pragmatic, so want to SEE evidence. I saw plenty of that today, the 'proof' I was needing" S.A.

"I enjoyed clearing negative beliefs & using a pendulum - a really good learning experience that I will use regularly" and "The day was great, there was no moment when I thought "oh no!"A.C.

"The whole session was great, thank you! Exercises were easy to follow and I like how we stepped through them. Good balance between self-work and group participation/sharing."

"I enjoyed diving deep into myself in an environment where I felt safe enough to do so. I enjoyed everything. I didn't watch the clock at all!!" S.C.

and how they would tell others about it?

"Finding out or learning what holds us back around beliefs and letting them go so you can feel free to move forward. Bring love to yourself" D.H.

"Go do it, you will be surprised what you learn about yourself and your beliefs. It's an incredibly safe environment" and "Please keep doing this workshop. It's awesome!"  A.C

"It's not just finding a partner, this suits anyone who wants to work on relationships or even just love for themselves" A.W.

"It is a great way to unpack patterns (both good and ones that aren't serving you) and move through them to more productive beliefs." A.D.

"Great course if you want to learn more about yourself, grow and let go of any negativity about relationships." S.C.

What's your investment?

NZ$222.00 per person

(including gst)


Take the time to invest in you!

your healing,
your learning,
your self-discovery,
your journey,
your self care!

You're so worth it!

See you soon,

Hayley x

Cancellation policy: Cancellations received up to 8 days before the event may receive a full refund (less any booking fees from Paypal/Eventbrite/Stripe). Cancellations received 7 days or less before the event begins are not eligible for a refund. In the event there is a waitlist and a replacement can be found you will receive a refund. In the event of further lockdowns the event will be rescheduled.

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