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A few years back a survey of my clients revealed 70% of my clients were seeking personal spiritual development. I could see that the modalities that I practice were becoming more and more mainstream as the ‘spirit’ aspect of ‘mind, body and spirit’ continued to play a bigger role in the holistic world.

Knowing first-hand how empowering your own intuition and the spiritual journey can be, it became clear that it was time to pass some knowledge on. 

I believe in sharing knowledge, not in keeping secrets and so my journey into spiritual education began.

Throughout the year I run a series of spiritual workshops, courses and retreats to answer the specific needs of you, my beautiful evolving community. These opportunities for growth are about empowering you to be the best version of yourself.

If we can all rise high on this earth, we can make the world a better place! Let's share the love!

I invite you to join me in learning, growing & healing!

Whether you feel called to dip you toe in on a one-day workshop, escape and dive deep on a spiritual retreat, or develop and hone skills via an online course - there is a pathway here for you.

Calendar of Events


  • RETREAT - Tora, Wairarapa with Shelley Gawith - Heal your body, mind and soul - click here




One day, spiritual workshops held in Lower Hutt, New Zealand.
Up to 8 attendees

Online Courses

Watch videos, practice & then get together for coaching once a week.
Up to 6 attendees


Spiritual retreats in NZ & abroad
Small groups of less than 10 attendees

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