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7 Day House Clearing

Feeling scared in your own home?

Moving house?

Want to clear the old energy and put in a feeling of love?


Energy from previous people can stay in your home and create havoc!

Creaks in the night.
A feeling of being watched.
An unusually cold room.

Do you feel like there's something not quite right about the energy in your house?

Perhaps you've just moved in and want to refresh the energy, removing any lingering vibes.
Perhaps you get a sinking feeling every time you enter the house but have never been able to put your finger on why. Or perhaps your child has seen or felt strange things.

Maybe your place of business is giving off a bad vibe, which is leading to sluggish productivity despite best efforts.

Energy can remain with a dwelling and if there has been a lot of arguing or negative energy, it can latch on to new occupiers, causing similar patterns to occur.

And sometimes those who have passed over get trapped and confused on their way home, causing them to feel uneasy with those living in their former place.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

You should feel safe in your own space.
A home is a sanctuary, where you should be free to project your positive vibes and protect those around you. 

There are simple things you can do to raise the vibration in the house, such as bringing essential oils in, fresh flowers, music, sage, fresh air and candles. If you are experiencing some undesirable energy I would recommend reaching for these tools as an easy immediate step. 

Then, to address the stubborn energies, we can work together via a 7 Day House Clearing where I will offer the trapped souls some direct communication to help them on their way, while clearing out lingering energies and filling your space with love.

Why 7 days?

Because the energy will shift and change and it is important the space feels right for you before we complete our work together. I will conduct an initial healing blast and then provide random checks throughout the week with additional healing as required. I will close our session with some tips on how you can protect yourself if you find yourself in a space with undesirable energy.

Why remote?

The way that I work with energy is always remote, I can tune into energy wherever it may be in the world and I find this to be the most effective way for me to work! Even when I have a face to face appointment I never touch a body - I work in the matrix, in the energy fields, and these are everywhere and anywhere!

How to book 

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You'll receive a confirmation email 

Reply to your confirmation email, attaching a photograph of a basic sketch of your floorplan, showing outside features, placements of rooms etc (it doesn’t have to be to scale).

If you have a particularly bad spot then feel free to photograph the area and email me that too.

I will contact you with any additional questions and will let you know when the clearing is complete. 

"I approached Hayley after my daughter talked about the presences she felt in her school boarding house, and the activity that was happening. It was great to hear that Hayley was not only able to do the cleansing, but also able to do it from afar.

I didn’t tell my daughter which day the cleansing was happening on, but the effect was immediate. My daughter could feel a difference in the air on the day it took place. She talks of how it feels clear and lighter. My daughter felt there was two presences there. So it was fascinating to have Hayley later say that this is what she experienced as well. I highly recommend this service. Hayley has a true gift."  R.B.

Here’s to feeling safe, secure and at home in your own sanctuary. 

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Healing disclaimer: I am not a medical professional and do not claim to be one. I cannot diagnose. It is my personal opinion energy healing should be used alongside traditional medicine.

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