journey BACK to LOVE
is a unique healing programme 
where focused energy healing is sent
to you to every day for 30 whole days
unlocking and unblocking your full potential


How amazing & valuable would it be
to have focused daily 


that will bring you

Back to loving yourself

A journey BACK to LOVE ...

You feel like you're alone,
your partner, friends and/or family annoy you,
they just don't understand or see your point of view,
you're forever tired, stressed and facing what feels like an uphill battle.

You've been told to trust - that things will be ok.
What? Trust again?
It hurts to trust right?
You've been hurt so many times before!


Your relationship is ho hum ...
you're just getting by and sometimes it feels
like you're more like flatmates than lovers.



You just don't want things to stay how they are right now.


You found the partner of your dreams, 
they swept you off your feet and things were great, once.

You argue over petty things, they don’t seem as interested in you anymore.

It wasn’t meant to be this way.


You've had amazing friends, they understood you, you had fun!
Now you avoid going places in fear of running into them.

You want your relationships to work!


A journey BACK to LOVE is a journey
back to loving yourself!


When you love yourself
you can love others
and they will love you back.


having deep and fulfilling relationships


reigniting that relationship you once had with your loving partner


enjoying deeply connected relationships with people
who get you, respect you and treat you right. People who see you.


coming home to your special someone who brings out your true potential and
loves you, just as you are, and you get to love them in return.

or, in a different twist ..


having the courage to move on, do what you know deep down you want to do but don't have the guts, to love YOURSELF more than ever  ... it's all about YOU!


Sounds pretty great right!

Energy healing 

is where the


How wonderful will it be when the energetic blocks to your future happiness are cleared with a unique 30-day energy healing process.

So, you already know that something isn't right!

Here is your chance to deal with what has got you stuck.

It’s time to let some things go and rebalance others.

As if by magic you will know what to do with those old patterns,
the things that you feel haven’t been working.


 I'm excited that I can be part of your healing journey!

It's my privilege to assist you by working with your energy field,
while you sit back, relax and let it happen.



The results speak for themselves ...

"The healing course is amazeballs I am seeing myself and situations in new light already (and that is a miracle!!!) I will be brand new by the end (with good bits still attached!)" Z.G. 


“I had a few weeks after it ended where I was miserable, uptight, could not get along with my partner and was generally unhappy. I nearly broke up with him because I thought it was a waste of my time being with him because I was resentful and jealous of his freedom and thought it would be best. I decided in my head that it was over and I let go of all the stress, anxiety and control of things I could not control. Since then my partners and I have been super happy. He’s been having a few work struggles but now I'm just learning we just need to accept it and move on. I feel like I’ve let a lot of stuff go, and I'm feeling more comfortable and happy with him again. I realised that me expecting him to be in a relationship my way was making us both miserable and now I have accepted I have no control and have relaxed, he has relaxed and become happier again as well. I feel I needed to go through all that misery to let it all go and can now move on happily with my partner. It's such a good feeling to be back to how we were a year ago. I want to thank you for helping me release what I have. I look forward to meeting with you again and hopefully releasing more of what now serves me no purpose.” S.H.


"I am loving the Journey Back to Love programme.  I feel so blessed to have the time to really immerse myself in it.  I am noticing all sorts from physically feeling the processing, as you went through the chakras, and related emotions coming up followed by some amazing guidance. So very happy to be doing it and looking forward to seeing where it takes me." D.B.


"... I’m definitely feeling that things are being moved on and I’m enjoying the healing process. The journaling is really helpful too. The tips you put into the emails really help with getting the journaling under way. Thank you for putting my friend and I on the same healing cycle. It’s so much fun to be doing this with her. Every day we are checking in on our progress and comparing notes. Already I can see that she is lighter!" E.K.


"I really can perceive by atoms transforming!"  Z.G.


 "Loving the healing ... I am thinking this is lightening things in my life." T.H.


"Love you. Love your work. You are seriously so so blessed and so gifted, so beautiful and I'm grateful to have met you. You have helped me in ways no one else could have done xx"  F.L.


“I feel so light. Especially my shoulders. I'm smiling all the time down the street and seeing the positive in lots of things. My sister and I went op shopping all day Saturday then off to visit a friend on Sunday. I couldn't believe I had the energy to do it ... and what's more, I really enjoyed myself!”  T.H. 


"Thank you sooo much. Can't thank you enough for the amazing gift of healing for 30 days !!!! Wow. It's a treasure. I am savouring every minute. Need to report going thru some heavy stuff at work and all sorts of things that have gone wrong that are testing but today I am feeling way more grounded, safe and happy in my own skin, than yesterday. Last nite I woke up a couple of times. I can feel the healing, the shifts, very deep and profound. Thank you from the bottom of my heart." M.W.



some of these testimonials are taken from 'a journey to LOVE' healing programme 
- the sister programme for this one for those who are looking for love.




Can you feel your heart beckoning to open up and welcome love back into your life?


Allow me to provide you with the keys to this for you.


Welcome romance back into your life, welcome happy relationships, be safe and loved in return.


Know that you are worth it! xx


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Journey BACK to LOVE - Healing

Once you've signed up your 30-days of healing begins almost immediately.



Sit back and let it happen!

The healing is distance healing,
wherever you are



You will receive an email every day

Receive guidance daily with what is happening and tips for what you can do to help the process should you choose. 

 Week 1 - Healing

 Days 1-7
Deep level chakra cleanse (your body's energy centres) 
including a physical body energy clearing relating to your relationships
Day 1 Base/Root Chakra through to Day 7 Crown Chakra 


Week 2 - Healing

Days 8-14
Current life emotional healing
Mother, father, ex-partners, current partner, siblings, friends, teachers, work colleagues and more ...


Week 3 - Healing

Days 15-21
Past life emotional healing
clearing any blocks, karmic links, past life trauma,
karmic debt, any contracts, oaths or vows

that can be cleared that were made in past lives relating to your relationships


Week 4 - Healing 

Days 22-28
We're filling you up with goodness this week
- included in this week are self-love, confidence, happiness, peace, job, sensuality, sexuality, compassion, empathy, understanding, honesty, generosity, caring,  - the list for this is HUGE

And we're setting key phrases in place like "People meet my expectations", "Relationships can last" and many, MANY more ... 


Final 2 days - Healing 

Days 29-30
Looking at your overall energy 



Please note: You are responsible for taking any actions needed. For disclaimer purposes, this is to be seen as 'for entertainment only'.  

Healing disclaimer: I am not a medical professional and do not claim to be one. I cannot diagnose. It is my personal opinion energy healing should be used alongside traditional medicine.

I really look forward to sharing this journey with YOU!

A Journey BACK to LOVE client experience

"It has taken me an age to write this as everyday something new improves and I have to start it again!
When I first saw this course something inside me really resonated with me and I wanted to experience it. I had never seen anything like it before. I was used to working on myself and making some progress but the energy work that Hayley provides as part of it is what makes all the difference.

Over the weeks I cried a lot then laughed a lot then felt like I had released soooooo much old energy and resentments and sadnesses from my past. I felt some really deep healing going on - at all times I felt supported by Hayley - sort of like she was the wise gentle generous supportive sister that I have always wanted.

Nearing the end the things that have changed are many - I am decluttering my house - I am walking more and doing more exercise classes - less emotional eating more compassion and love for myself (this was a big one - I wasn't raised with this way of thinking and used to think it would be impossible to think this way!) - I also have more energy and generally wake up smiley and happy. This course is also great for dealing with chronic insomnia and better quality sleep - such a big issue and we are moving to a beautiful new flat - something I had felt unworthy of before.

Finally, my relationship with my husband has improved - he has noticed changes within me and that has helped us soo much - I perceive I may have been a bit controlling of him in the past (because of my own fears) and I am in the process of letting all that go - this has opened a new happier easier phase in our relationship.

I just wanted to send this now to say how much I appreciate this course - it is truly life-changing!! (maybe it should come with a cite warning 'only take this course if you desire life changes and a miracle!")

Hugs, Z.G.

Hayley Lowe of Internal Solutions


Hayley Lowe - Psychic Medium and Energy Healer

Connect. Heal. Grow.‚Äč