Tora, Wairarapa, NZ
24-26 June 2022

Are you ready to heal?

Heal the masculine relationships in your life & thrive!

When we desire to heal any male relationship it's great to go back to the source - the subconscious!

As the first male in your life, your father has the most significant influence, of all the males, on your subconscious mind. Other early males include Grandfathers, Uncles, brothers, family friends etc.

Your subconscious will repeatedly play situations that happened with your early male relationships during childhood, in utero and pre-birth. The key to breaking through the masculine relationships in your life is going way back to our beginning and healing any wounds.

Yes, even if your Father disappeared straight after conception or birth, or you were adopted - he is still a massive part of your subconscious.

Maybe a step-father was a workaholic and never had time for you. Perhaps he was an alcoholic or an abuser.

We can distance ourselves from our Fathers, Step-fathers, Uncles, brothers etc but the patterns they have created remain with us until the healing is done.

The trauma, frustration, pain or anguish you endured is recorded by your subconscious and repeatedly played. It will playback situations often, and you will notice patterns that turn up with your current partner, your son/s, your male work colleagues etc.

Break the pattern from the root cause and change your life!

Are you ready to invite in magical, joyful male relationships?

Are you ready to feel nurtured and loved by a male in your life?


If you are then join me for this

Healing Father, Brother, Partner & Son Retreat

24-26th June 2022
Tora, Wairarapa, New Zealand

How do you know if you need this healing?

Subconscious patterns or beliefs will show up in current situations
If you are having issues with an existing male partner, work colleague or son, then there will undoubtedly be masculine patterning that is blocking you from experiencing the Divine Masculine within yourself and within others.

Are you...

Feeling annoyed with how you're treated?
Feeling lonely around males?
Feeling unseen or shut down around men?
Have a toxic male in your life?
Struggling to be intimate in a current relationship?
Having battles with a male?
Have a colleague who can't see your point of view, and it's a repeating pattern?

When there's a negative pattern around you, there is always a negative belief creating it.

Change the belief and the situation will change!

This upcoming retreat will be dedicated to healing the male energies in our lives!

"I was so grateful to be part of the retreat and am thankful for your teachings and insightfulness. It was a great experience and opportunity to move some unwanted "stuff" and meet and spend time with some lovely ladies. Great retreat, good accommodation and the food was fantastic. The sound baths were amazing. Since the retreat I have caught myself smiling for no particular reason many times." D.N.

Enjoy a weekend to work on you!

and meet other like-minded, beautiful souls


5.30pm Friday, 24th June 2022
- 1pm-ish (after lunch) on Sunday, 26th June 2022

feel free to arrive from 4pm to settle in.


Tora, Wairarapa
only 1.5 hours from Wellington but far enough to feel a world away!


9-10 spiritually minded Goddesses like you!

Sorry guys, this one's an all-female retreat!

"I'm not sure how to put it into words I feel totally reborn. I'm totally alive." C.T.

"Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes also a matter of opportunity."

What will we cover?

Discover and clear beliefs about the males in your life
Learn techniques for clearing the subconscious patterning and beliefs that repeatedly play in our day to day life. Know how to spot a belief and how to clear them fast!


Journaling prompts
Questions to make you think


Meditate & heal in a group setting
Have the opportunity to heal through meditation and group energy healing.
When we all collaborate, we can clear more!


Pendulums & Cards
Working through the masculine energy in our lives will be aided by spiritual tools & our intuition.
Learn tips and tricks to deepen your belief finding abilities!


Meditative sound bath
Relax and allow the vibrations and tones of the crystal sound bowls to heal your chakras, mind, body & soul. Hayley also brings through light language, which attunes your body with healing frequencies.

These weekend retreats are divinely guided and may change and grow with the needs of the group.

From a previous retreat attendee... "I absolutely loved the Belief Busting Retreat. The company, food and location were great. Since the retreat I am noticing my beliefs a lot more. I have completed some clearing myself which has been a really nice experience for me, there is so much to clear, it feels good that I can chip away at it also, I feel empowered.

I am definitely noticing that I am feeling a lot different with kids - less stressed, more softness, feeling less judged too.

I feel this belief busting is changing my life in the most wonderful way. My family is healing every day because of this work, I could see that previously, but it is really obvious since I came back from Tora. The food, company etc were great. Can't wait to return for another!
" L.K.

Who's this week-end for?

Ladies who are new to belief clearing, open & willing to learn and desire to live an amazing life! We will cover the basics and you can start clearing the beliefs that are holding you back straight away!

Ladies who have done some belief clearing and desire dedicated time away to do more! The sacred space of a retreat will help you to focus your mind and clear more and more.

Those who are interested in the spiritual world and open to spiritual help & guidance. This retreat is based entirely on spiritual philosophies, spirit guidance and hosted by me, Hayley, a super spiritual lady! If you're not open to the spiritual world then this workshop definitely isn't for you!

Ladies that are open and willing to share in a group environment. You will get the most out of the group healings when you participate fully.

Ladies who enjoy connecting with like-minded people, who enjoy self-development and enjoy helping others too! These retreats have created deep friendships which is beautiful to witness.

If you want to live life on your terms then this is the retreat for you!

From a previous Retreat Week-end in Tora ...

What's included?

Two night's accommodation

Single occupancy and shared room options are available.


All food and non-alcoholic drinks

We have an amazing new onsite Chef joining us - Susanna!

Susanna will be creating fresh & light Eastern European inspired meals including hot cooked breakfasts.
She even makes her own bread!

Dietary requirements - gluten free & dairy free will be catered for.
If you have other dietary requirements please enquire before booking.


I'll be there the whole week-end, guiding you, teaching you and healing you. There won't be specific time put aside for personalised one-to-one work but we can always sneak 5mins to chat one-to-one if needed and the group sessions are where the most powerful work is done!

Previous Tora week-end attendees have said ...

"The Chakra and Meditation retreat that I attended at Tora in Feb 2021 with Hayley was truly transformational for me. I left the retreat feeling much more chilled and relaxed but it was the following weeks as the shifts and releases continued that major change occurred.  Before I attended the retreat I had shut down all possibility of a relationship, I had completely blocked it out of my life so didn’t really give it much thought going into the retreat… I went in with an open mind and to spend some time on me and relaxing with some like minded souls.  However during the retreat and energy clearing I could feel shifts in myself and I found myself starting to open up to the possibility of a new relationship, so I hinted to the universe and my new man appeared two months later!.  It felt like coming home when I met him and we both know this is something special.  I am so grateful to Hayley for the opportunity to be part of this experience." F.H.
"Hayley, you are beautiful and encouraging. Thank you for everything you've done to make this week-end possible"
"I enjoyed everything! The environment, the food, the people, the content - everything!"  
"I really enjoyed connecting with others"
"I'm so glad I came - reignited me & recharged me plus raised my confidence. Super bunch of ladies."
"The meditation was my favourite part".
"I enjoyed everything about the week-end. Loved the People!"
How could it be better?
... "Another day would be great".
"Sorry it ended! People great, well organised"
"Was a wonderful week-end full of open women" and "Hayley is a natural leader, very empathetic and really engaged"
"I enjoyed all of the week-end. Loved the people"
The venue was
... "Awesome, beautiful, peaceful venue."
... "great, comfy, private, lovely trees, great weather!"  
... "so lovely"
... "Peaceful. I loved my room. Perfect"
... "Beautiful location, love the chooks"

Your investment

Choose from

$1455 for your own double room

$1222 for twin share - maximum of 2 ladies per room.


Give yourself the gift of time out!

Imagine your soul coming home to itself during a spiritual week-end.

Imagine giving yourself the opportunity to connect to your heart's desires, heal and gain clarity.

Imagine staying in gorgeous, rustic, natural surroundings, breathing in the fresh country air.

Imagine spending a week-end immersed in healing alongside other like-minded ladies.

Cancellation Policy - please see terms and conditions (download below)

It is recommended you take insurance incase you are unwell and cannot attend.
Feel free to use your own insurance company or


Are you in?

Book now ...

There are only twin share spaces available
I can happily match you up with a room mate - you are welcome to book as a solo attendee!

Please read terms, conditions & liability waiver BEFORE booking
Terms, conditions & liability waiver

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