Healing Body,
Mind & Soul Retreat


Shelley Gawith
Hayley Lowe

for a

Healing Body, Mind & Soul Retreat

11-13 June 2021

in Tora, Wairarapa

5.30pm Friday - 2pm Sunday

Shelley & Hayley come together to create a special healing retreat just for you!

Imagine having a dedicated week-end to learn, grow and change your body, mind & soul!

Discover how your functional health and limiting beliefs are holding you back.
Heal, relax, learn and make new discoveries about yourself and spend time with like minded people.
- it's so important to take that time out just for you!

Give your health & belief systems a kick-start!

Come and join us on this special 'Healing Body, Mind & Soul Retreat' week-end in Tora!

Introducing ...

Shelley Gawith

Functional Nutritionist

Shelley works with clients online and in-person all around the world, she's extremely passionate about helping clients to live their best life, full of energy, vitality and knowledge!
Visit Shelley's website here: https://shelleygawith.com/

On this retreat Shelley will share with you ...

Learn what foods cause YOU inflammation!
Imagine having the tools to work out what not to eat whenever you need.
You will be asked to complete some information before you come to the retreat to help in this process.

Hydration tips and tricks
Imagine learning exactly how much hydration your body needs, as well as how and when to drink.
If you are not hydrated properly this will cause a major block in your healing and energy levels.

A balanced diet
Imagine having a hands on experience showing you what to put on your plate at every meal!
Heal your mind, body and spirit by reducing the toxic load on your liver.
Discover practical tools you can action in your every day life!

Stress beaker
When your life feels full it can lead to overwhelm and stress.
When our bodies are stressed we are inflamed and can't live our best lives!
Shelley will give you actionable tools that you can implement straight away to help reduce the stress in your life!


Hayley Lowe

Psychic Medium & Energy Healer

Hayley works with clients all over the world - mainly online! Her passion is healing the emotional blocks that keep people stuck - whether family patterns, trauma or past life/karmic energy - Hayley will find it and shift it!

On this retreat Hayley will share with you ...

Belief clearing
Discover the beliefs that are keeping you stuck from reaching your personal & health goals. Learn techniques to change them so that you can move forward confidently and happily in your life!

Healing sound baths
Imagine relaxing, listening to the beautiful sounds of the crystal singing bowls before you retire to bed feeling calm and at peace.

Set health goals and feel confident with them
Often we sabotage ourselves or feel we can't achieve our goals. This retreat will set your up for the future so you know what to do when sabotage appears.

All things spiritual
Imagine having a spiritual guide with you all week-end to give you insight into your own health journey!

Please note: there will be no available time to do one-on-one sessions but plenty of time to ask your questions in a group setting throughout the week-end!

We're SO excited because we both love giving away amazing advice, care & nurturing
to amazing ladies, like you, who are dedicated to their wellbeing!

As well as the retreat programme ...

take time out to detox!

Imagine enjoying two amazing detox treatments

Ampcoil: PEMF and Sound Therapy
PEMF technology uses electromagnetic waves at different frequencies and duration to stimulate optimal cell function including cell repair and neuron stimulation which encourages your natural body’s recovery process.

Human bodies are at least 60% water which makes them very good conductors of sound vibration. When vibrations move through the body they release blockages, increase circulation and energy flow and work on the brainwaves to increase relaxation. Sound frequencies can lift your mood out of low energy mood to high energy level moods.

Ionized Detox Foot Bath
The most amazing foot bath ever! Watch the water change colour as heavy metals, histamine, pesticides, exotoxins, glyphosate, endotoxins, mycotoxins, & candida/yeast exit your body.
After a session clients feel calm, relaxed and focused.

See more info about these detox treatments -
click here.

Will you join us?

The choice is yours!

If you’ve ever wondered how you can work on both your physical and spiritual sides in one week-end let us show you how!
- it doesn’t get any better than this.

Does this sound like heaven?

Come join me ...


5.30pm Friday, 11 June 2021- 2pm Sunday, 13 June 2021

feel free to arrive from 4pm to settle in.


Tora, Wairarapa
only 1.5 hours from Wellington but far enough to feel a world away!


Up to 10 Goddesses just like you!
(Sorry boys, this one's just for the girls.)

What's the retreat for?

To have sacred space for YOU!
To learn, to grow, to heal!

Imagine your body & soul coming home to itself during a dedicated healing week-end.

Imagine giving yourself the opportunity to learn, heal and gain clarity.

Imagine staying in gorgeous, rustic, natural surroundings, breathing in the fresh country air.

Imagine enjoying nutritious, healthy food full of flavour and the right mix of proteins, carbs and vegetables.

Imagine experiencing a detox session to aid in your healing.

“The Retreat was an amazing experience and a time for me to get in tune with how my body and mind works. For many years I have explored nutrition and my health beliefs under two different umbrellas – by combining them together, I was able to explore all in a weekend retreat the power of workingall into one and I’m already feeling more alive and energised.  I feel like I turned a health corner over the weekend.  That combined with amazing women who I now count on as friends and support and a great setting, I am so thankful to Hayley and Shelley for the opportunity to be apart of this experience.  PS _ The food was Stunning!!!!!”  L.L.

Who's this week-end for?

Ladies who wish to heal their body, mind and spirit in a supportive, spiritual environment.

Ladies that are open and willing to share in a group environment. You will get the most out of the group sessions when you participate fully.

Ladies who enjoy connecting with like-minded people, who enjoy self-development and enjoy helping others too!

What's included?

Two night's accommodation

Single occupancy and shared room options are available.

All food and non-alcoholic drinks

Enjoy fresh, delicious whole food all week-end along with tips & demonstrations from Shelley!

Detox treatments

One Ampcoil & one Ionized detox foot bath

Shelley & Hayley

We'll be there the whole week-end, guiding you, teaching you and healing you. There won't be specific time put aside for personalised one-to-one sessions but we can always sneak 5mins to chat one-to-one if needed and the group sessions are where the most powerful work is done!

"Really worthwhile retreat and I feel a lot stronger and centered now :)"
"Hayley and Shelley are a great partnership and their work goes together like bacon and eggs :)"
"I love you guys!"
"Loved the company!! The food was fantastic. The brilliant advice & the care and laughter. Learning simple, helpful health tips which are easy to implement. No judgements"
"The learnings. Excited about what we learnt about food and how easy it is to eat well. Also loved the reminder of good intentions and how this is the basis for a good life."
"Really enjoyed the Ampcoil & Detox Foot Spa."
"Everything was amazing and I would not change anything."
"I love the gift bags. I loved the sound bath with the crystal bowls. The accommodation was great. Footbath and Ampcoil were great. Pretty much enjoyed the whole lot!"
"Crystal sound baths!!! Limiting belief work, learning tools to help me on my spiritual journey - pendulum, crystals etc. Goodie bags :) Detox treatments,food. Everything really!!
And how they would recommend it to others ... 

"A brilliant relaxing self-journey of spiritual awareness & health tricks & tips. A high level of helpfulness without being over complicated or judgemental - a perfect weekend!

"Great to have your mind opened to the benefits / non-benefits of food.Belief meditations are well worth doing!"

"Go with an open mind - soak it all up."

"Be open - you never know what you will pick up"

"Great opportunity to have the space & time to dedicate to myself.Lovely to hang out with like-minded ladies."

"Great way to reflect on your current situation and useful tips/ways to improve your life."

"Great weekend to explore time & beliefs. Rest & relaxation.Kindred Spirits"

"Excellent tools & tricks to heal body & soul"

Everyone really enjoyed the "company of others" - we encourage you to exchange contact info if you want to, meeting like-minded friends is a huge benefit to these retreats!

Your investment

This time around we're offering a room share option and different levels of individual rooms.

$1395 for your own double room

$1250 for your own small room with two single beds

$1150 for twin share - one room has one double bed the rest are singles. Maximum of 2 ladies per room.

Please read terms, conditions & liability waiver BEFORE booking
Terms, conditions
& liability waiver


Read BEFORE booking

It is recommended that you purchase travel insurance for this event, approx $50.I will put you in contact with Bhavika Naik, a travel agent, who can help with insurance once I receive your confirmation email. If you'd like details before you book please email me!

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