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Relationship / self love healing

This is a self love programme that will also help you in current relationships - whether your relationship is ho-hum, rocking or on the rocks this programme will help to seek clairty in ALL relationships from your loving partner to work to extended family, friends you thought you trusted and all that deception out there... give this one a try to release the old and allow the new to enter!... find out more here...

Distance healing programmes

Are you aware that you have patterns and/or beliefs that keep turning up preventing you from moving forward?

Are you sick and tired of going through the same crap over and over?

These distance/remote healing journeys have been specifically created with these annoyances in mind! They're here to help you break through the patterns and beliefs and get you moving towards a new you!

There are currently programmes for clearing chakras (FREE), love, success, weight & sensuality.

What's a distance healing programme?

The healing is sent to you daily and you don't need to be any particular place to receive it. It's healing from a distance!

How long are they?

They range in length between 7 days and 100 days. The longer ones go deeper.

How do I get started?

Choose the journey you'd like to begin with below, read all about it and, at the bottom of the description you'll see a sign up link. I manually add you to the programme while sending your first day of healing, I do this as soon as I can, usually within 24-48 hours.

"I gained more in 30 days than I could have gained in 30 lifetimes trying to work through this on my own."  R.B.

“The previous journey has helped me so much. Also, the one I signed up my sister for is helping her a lot. Thank you so much for your brilliant healing work. I intend to do all the journeys with you both for me and my sister. They are so magical. God bless you. You are one of the most brilliant healers I have ever come across!!” A.J.


Which journey is right for you? Read on to find out.

Journey to Success

Are you looking for success? This healing course is a LONG one - 100 days, great for people wanting to make real change in their lives. It helps to redefine what success is to you! ...  find out more here ...

Chakra cleansing - FREE

Are you feeling out of alignment? Want to try a healing journey for FREE to see if these are right for you or not - find out more here...

Looking for love?

Have you been looking for Mr or Mrs Right for ages and ages and just can't seem to find the right person or the person you find just doesn't fit with you? Are you repeating patterns and ending up with the same no-hopers time and time again or are you the good person and always getting ditched? Our past patterning plays out in our romantic relationships - find out more here...

The Journeys ...

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