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Raising your vibration through crystal pendants


When you wear crystal pendants, they not only look gorgeous but they help to raise your energetic vibration! When you're wearing something that has a higher frequency it will lift your vibration/frequency to match it - this is how they work so well! When you have a high vibration you attract good energy towards you. When your energy/vibration is low you attract the heavy, negative energy more easily.

Other ways to raise your vibration are essential oils, flowers and things that, in general, make YOU feel good!

These are some of my hand-picked crystal pendants, from my heart to yours! Every pendant that is purchased is personally aligned with your energy before it's sent in order for you to get the maximum benefit!


How do you know which crystal pendant to buy?

Pick the one you like the look of! Read the description and see if it resonates with you. There'll be a reason you're drawn to a particular crystal - trust your own intuition! It's much better for YOU to pick it if you can - your soul knows what YOU need! I'm happy to help if you get stuck! Just email me! xx


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Shipping within NZ only at this stage. Contact me directly for other countries.

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