Are you looking for a way to shift the emotional blocks?

How amazing & valuable
would it be 
to receive daily, 
focused energy healing
that will release your
emotional pounds of pain!

Diets are only a temporary fix

- you have proof of that.


You have tried so many,
to lose weight,
with only short-term results.

You yo-yo
lose a little and then put more weight on.

It is a real struggle.

You beat yourself up
and tell yourself you are hopeless
and don’t deserve to look and feel great.

You’ve read so many books
on 'how' but nothing sticks.

It’s heartbreaking that you can’t
look the way you want to deep in your heart.


You are carrying the pounds of emotional pain
that just won’t shift.


Holding onto all of the accumulated emotions
and experiences that have got you to where you are today.

Your health is suffering,
the extra weight is stopping you
doing the thing you want.

Playing with your kids,
feeling sexy,
buying clothes
- these are all challenging.

You crave a way to move forward
and start doing what you need to effortlessly.


loving your body
the way it is right now


feeling great about who you are
without the pressure every time you look in the mirror


relaxing around food and people
and enjoying the time rather than worrying about how you look


feeling confident and amazing in your own skin,
inspired to make the next steps in your health goals
because you WANT to not because you feel you should


as a consequence, you begin to lose weight naturally and easily!


Sounds pretty great right!

What's this energy healing thing?


This is where the

Working in your energy field for the next 30-days, my healing guides and I will clear emotional blocks holding you back from loving your body!

You know you're ready to lighten up!

Here is your chance to make it happen.

How great will it be to hear people say how amazing, vibrant and energised you look?

As if by magic you drop those old patterns.

The pathway to loving your body starts with YOU!



It's my privilege to assist you by working with your energy field,
while you sit back, relax and let it happen.



Testimonials from previous healing journeys...

"The healing course is amaze balls I am seeing myself and situations in new light already (and that is a miracle!!!) I will be brand new by the end (with good bits still attached!)" Z.G. 


 "Loving the healing ... I am thinking this is lightening things in my life." T.H.


“This journey is brilliant Hayley!!!!  Love how you have put this together. I definitely feel a lot better already. Xxxx” L.T.



Welcome that feel good feeling back into your life,
be happy, safe and free in return.


Know that you are worth it! xx

To feel lighter?

To let go of the emotional pain?

The healing

Sign up, sit back and wait ... your 30-day healing begins almost immediately.


How wonderful will it be when the energetic blocks to your future happiness are cleared with a 30-day healing process unique to Hayley.


Sit back and let it happen!

The healing is distance healing, wherever you are.


You will receive an email every day

Receive guidance daily with what is happening and tips for what you can do to help the process should you choose. 

 Week 1 - Healing

 Days 1-7
Past and Current Life Emotional Clearing
in relation to 'lightening up'


As a sample ... Day 1 includes:

Releasing emotions relating to 'lightening up':
Food-related trauma - diets that didn't work, things you were told you shouldn't/couldn't eat, eating in public, and secret eating.
Anywhere where eating food and/or body image issues have been the result of survival, sexual trauma, security, trauma, abandonment, stress, abuse, doom, rejection, terror, anger, internalisation or panic.
and anything and everything that will help you in relation to loving your body!

Every day builds on this list, the clearing is extensive!


Week 2 - Healing

Days 8-14
People Clearing/Healing & Belief Healing
in relation to 'lightening up'

This healing clears issues with mother figures, father figures, current & ex-partners, siblings, aunties, uncles, family friends and ex-friends, friends & ex-friends, children, grandchildren, cousins, nephews, nieces, work, religious beliefs and more.


Week 3 - Healing

Days 15-21
Ages & Stages of your Current & Past Lives
in relation to 'lightening up'

Ages 0-7, 8-14, 15-21, 22-28, 29-35, 35-42, 43 and on ... 
as well as past life clearing on your ages in those past lives. (eg. if you're only 25 in this life you'll still be clearing past life stuff when you were at an older age.)


Week 4 - Healing 

Days 22-28
Filling up with the good stuff!
Self-love and confidence - feeling good in your body.

A lot of releasing and clearing happens and it's important
to set the energetic expectations going forward.


Final 2 days - Healing 

Days 29-30
Looking at your overall energy 



30 days to loving the body you are in ... only NZ$127.

Your healing will begin within 48 hours.

Healing disclaimer: I am not a medical professional and do not claim to be one. I cannot diagnose. It is my personal opinion energy healing should be used alongside traditional medicine. This is NOT a diet programme and I cannot guarantee that you will lose weight. This energy healing is provided to help shift past emotions that may be keeping you stuck on your personal journey. 

I really look forward to sharing this journey with YOU!

Will you allow yourself to heal
so that YOU can feel amazing in your own body? 

"There are really no words to express how I feel after completing this journey but WOW I feel so much has shifted for me through this journey all the emotional heaviness I have carried for a long time has gone and my relationship with people has also changed without regret.

I highly recommend this journey if you are ready to let go and change yourself to feel content in your own mind and skin, be prepared for this journey to feel AWESOME!!!!

 Thank you, Hayley, for the guidance you give, I've never been someone who journals my thoughts and emotions but I promised myself if I was to do this journey I will do right, I haven't regretted it since xx" T.T.


I'm now at the end of the Lightening Up! So much of the releasing was so relevant and timely.  I sure felt a lot of releasing going on over the last month and since it ended I have in fact felt well ... lighter! Yay!!  Even my constant neck pain I have endured for so long is minimal now!!!! Thank you!! F.D.


These testimonials are from previous healing journeys: 

"Oh my gosh... so I’ve realised something since doing the journey to love. I’ve been so chilled out and just relaxed about stuff and have just gone with the flow, not worrying about a boyfriend or anything. Totally put my faith in the universe and I’ve been really happy... and everything is all falling into place without doing anything, it’s so easy. It’s like the universe is just sorting out my life..." C.J. (Journey to Love)


“For the first time in a long time I have started going to events and NOT looking for someone who could be my next boyfriend and that has not happened in quite a few number of years! I realised this after I had to attend an event for work and only after the event was over and I was talking to someone that it dawned on me that my train of thought had changed. I have confidence he will come and I rest easy in knowing I am on the right path, job first and then the man will follow ;)  I am feeling more whole and full.  All in all I am feeling a lot better mentally and I guess I believe in myself more.” B.D. (Journey to Love)


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from previous healing journeys...


after one day ... "Already I'm feeling like I have more energy or spark, and happier in general" A.W.


"I really can perceive by atoms transforming!"  Z.G.


"Love you. Love your work. You are seriously so so blessed and so gifted, so beautiful and I'm grateful to have met you. You have helped me in ways no one else could have done xx"  F.L


“I feel so light. Especially my shoulders. I'm smiling all the time down the street and seeing the positive in lots of things. My sister and I went op shopping all day Saturday then off to visit a friend on Sunday. I couldn't believe I had the energy to do it ... and what's more I really enjoyed myself!”  T.H.


"Thank you sooo much. Can't thank you enough for the amazing gift of healing for 30 days !!!! Wow. It's a treasure. I am savoring every minute. Need to report going thru some heavy stuff at work and all sorts of things that have gone wrong that are testing but today I am feeling way more grounded, safe and happy in my own skin, than yesterday. Last nite I woke up a couple of times. I can feel the healing, the shifts, very deep and profound. Thank you from the bottom of my heart." M.W.


"Got a new job. Wow !! The healing is amazzzzzing. Yes was feeling so tired yesterday but all cleared today. Your work is amazzzing. Incredible in fact. I am so in awe." M.W.

30 days to loving the body you are in ... only NZ$127.

Your healing will begin within 48 hours.

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