Business Healing / Mentoring

Using clairvoyant, intuitive energy healing in your business

Tap into the untapped potential of your business with the awe-inspiring power of energetic healing! 

Suppose you're feeling a sense of unease in your workplace, perhaps a lack of enthusiasm from your employees or a dwindling customer base. 

There's no need to sit in it - unleash a force that will completely transform your business.

By embracing the power of energetic healing, you will revitalise your company's energy and witness a remarkable transformation in performance and attitude.

Traditional HR solutions pale compared to the astounding results that can be achieved with healing. Why settle for mediocre results when you can experience an extraordinary breakthrough?

Join me on this incredible journey of business rejuvenation and watch as your company soars to unprecedented heights of success and prosperity.

The beliefs of the owner:

Your beliefs have the power to shape not only your life but also the trajectory of your business. 

The success of your enterprise is intimately tied to your innermost convictions, which dictate your thoughts, emotions, and actions. By embracing a mindset of abundance and positivity, you can propel your business towards unimaginable heights of achievement. However, if you harbour limiting beliefs holding you back, you risk sabotaging your success.

The power to transform your business lies within you - are you ready to harness it?


When I tune into a business, I explore blocks in the energy of the owner/operator AND the company. There's a link between the two, and it can have excellent results when I clear the owner/operator.

The roots of our beliefs run deep in our subconscious and are often resistant to change.

These beliefs can stem from early childhood experiences or even past lives. Without awareness and intervention, they can continue to hold us back. Despite our best efforts to change our behaviour, we may be stuck in a frustrating cycle of repeated outcomes.

Take, for instance, the example of growing up in a financially restrictive environment. Unless we actively work to uproot this limiting belief, it can continue to impact our business ventures, leaving us struggling to attain financial abundance. It's time to break free from the grip of negative thought patterns and claim the success you deserve.

Heal the leader and their beliefs and it heal the business.

Are you ready to get rid of the stuff that's holding you back?

We can uncover those annoying beliefs and blocks and work to get you on the path to your future success!

My experience

Before starting Internal Solutions I founded and ran a graphic design & website business (Lime-Red Design Ltd) for over 11 years, I employed staff, looked after contracts, moved offices, managed staff out, did sales and marketing, networked extensively, had legal trademark complaints - the works!

I've been there!

I've been through ups and downs, I've lived in the business world, and I used my intuitive skills to navigate.

I intuitively sold at the right time and it took only three months to sell. I'm now helping other business owners and managers to navigate their businesses.

Why use me?

I totally freaking LOVE the business world. It's my jam! I absolutely 'get it'.

My extensive business background means I am given messages that I can easily relate to and therefore give you the best guidance possible!

I use the name "Internal Solutions Ltd" which could, quite frankly be anything! An external HR company, a coaching service - whatever you need - my services should be fully tax deductible but check with your accountant if you're not sure. I'm even GST registered so, if you're in NZ you can claim back the GST.

It's not just all talk either, a lot uncovered beliefs and 'issues' can be resolved in just one session.

What to expect from a meeting with me?

All meetings are 100% confidential. I do not keep notes and I do not do any research before meeting with you.

Most meetings are 50-60mins in length and you are able to record or take notes if you wish. Meetings are all online via Zoom.

We'll start by tuning into your business, getting an overall feel for where things are at and then find out what you want to achieve, what's holding you back or what direction you want to move too.
Come armed with questions and a meeting objective in mind!

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