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Hayley Lowe Shares her Journey to Insight

How do healers do what they do? And what compels them into this vocation? For this article, Hayley Lowe was interviewed by a client about the moments leading up to the discovery of her gift and how a self-confessed non-spiritual person stepped out of the ordinary and opened up to intuitive healing.

There is a saying that the two greatest days of your life are the day you were born, and the day you discover your purpose. For Hayley Lowe, both the day she discovered her purpose and the purpose itself were so radically unexpected. 

Until 2010, Hayley did not consider herself a spiritual person. She had visited a psychic about ten years earlier but that realm wasn’t something she thought much about or gave a great deal of kudos to.

Hayley Lowe - intuitive healer - clear blocks & beliefs to create the life you love

Running a successful, and very busy, mainstream business while raising a beautiful family including a new baby, Hayley was hit with a debilitating post-natal depression. This painful new state ultimately set her upon a journey of self-discovery to heal old wounds.

Hayley says working with Spiritual Practitioners allowed her to take a look in the mirror and get to know her authentic self more closely. This process, although difficult, was what eventually led Hayley to be so open to her next chapter.

How Hayley Knew

There were no strange encounters with ghosts or bright lights calling from above her bed. Hayley’s discovery was more an inner awakening led by her own intuition.

At a business networking event, Hayley was seated next to a woman she’d never met. All of a sudden Hayley felt compelled to say to the woman, “I don’t know what it is that you do, but I know I need to come and see you.”

Hayley recalls the exchange as bizarre. Booking and showing up to an appointment she knew nothing about was something she wouldn’t normally do.

The woman turned out to be an Emotional Freedom Technique practitioner (also known as Tapping or EFT), which helps clients clear emotional blocks stored in the body through the process of tapping acupressure points.

Hayley says following the treatment, she told the practitioner that she had a very strong and unfamiliar feeling – a knowing - that she needed to heal spirits. “I felt stupid telling her that,” says Hayley, “because I had no idea what it meant. Spirituality wasn’t a thing for me.”

The practitioner suggested Hayley meet with her friend – an experienced medium who immediately tuned in to Hayley and finally said out loud what Hayley had begun to know intuitively, “You’re clairvoyant.”

Hayley, then went on a journey to develop her gifts and intuition.

Tuning into clients

Intuitive gifts are generally attached to one or more of the five senses. There is clairvoyance – where you experience visions from spirit; clairsentience (feeling/touching), clairaudience (hearing/listening), clairolfactus (smelling), claircognisance (knowing) and clairgustance (tasting).

Hayley’s abilities are largely driven by a healing focus and she receives messages in a clairvoyant, claircognisant and clairsentience.

This means that Hayley’s spiritual guides communicate via visions, touch, and intuition - all of which allow her to experience the challenges of the person she is tuned into, and deliver messages that will help them heal.

“I see images and people in my mind’s eye, I feel - feel their aches, pains and emotions, I usually go into a trance like state and can't remember a lot of what I've said afterwards,” says Hayley.

As strange as it sounds for a former non-spiritual person, Hayley says when she is tuned in, spirits often push on her face, giving her a pinching feeling.

“The words just come out - like I'm channeling but my voice doesn't change. I feel guides and spirit blending with my face or pushing on it and I have a team of master guides than I channel for healing work.”

While the journey and the realisation were unexpected, Hayley sees her new path and the pain that got her there as a true gift.


More about Hayley

Hayley's Soul Name is Navila
In Numerology Hayley is a LifePath 33 - a Master Healer/Teacher
In Human Design Hayley is a Mental Projector
In Astrology Hayley is a Sagittarius with her moon in Aquarius
Hayley's is a Starseed connected with Orion, namely Rigel and Mintaka and the Arcturians.
Hayley is also connected to the stars in the Lyra Constellation - Vega, Sulapht and Sheliak. 
Hayley has chosen to incarnate on Earth to help with the rise in dimensions - the returning of Earth to love.

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