Praise for Hayley

“FYI after that healing Wow amazing 🙏 I have felt so calm about money since then it’s crazy! Can’t wait to have another healing with you.” N.E.
“I recommend every person needs to go and have a session with Hayley! Hayley has an amazing gift of being able to heal and clear energy and energetic blocks within you, which is so beneficial on so, so, so many levels!!!

Her accuracy and attention to detail are always mind blowing and her compassion is the icing on the cake when you’re presented with something that needs to be healed, faced or worked on - because let’s face it, sometimes these can be hard topics or generally ones we are avoiding.  Personally, Hayley has been a life safer.

She has been a reliable, comforting, helpful, generous, compassionate, warm person who has given me many, many insights and answers to my questions. Hayley can tune into your body and get profound wisdom and information that needs dealing with that you may not have been aware of. Hayley, you’re an angel.

Thank you for sharing your gift, for helping me, for saving me, for being a mentor and for being the amazing shining star you are. I am deeply grateful to have met you.” V.C.
After completing the Journey Back to Love ...
"So please know how extraordinary this journey has been for me - you have put my faith back in Spirit and the humans who do this work. I've found it hard over the years to trust in spiritual modalities as somany people are doing it, but Hayley, you are absolute GOLD.” T.N.
And, when asking her if it would be ok to use her comments, "Yes, of course. Please use the paragraph! That would be a delight to know it's being used to help others know the truth of you - and your special work."
“I wanted to thank you so much for the sound bath on Monday, I actually had a deep shifting/healing happen within the first minutes of the sound bath...I started crying deep from my belly and it was a real shifting/healing for me. 

I read your newsletter about protecting yourself from other people's energy before the sound bath which was also so relevant to me and synchronistic timing! Yesterday I was in a situation where I would usually be taken down by another's energy, but I was able to prevent it from happening due to the internal healing that happened for me in sound bath. 

I think the work you do is incredible.....what an amazing way to change and heal the world with love, so grateful, thank you!” L.A.
“I hope you are having a wonderful day. I just wanted to send a MASSIVE NGĀ MIHI NU NUI KI A KOE MO TOMAHI AU!!! ❤️💐 Thank you so much for all the work you have done with me, I have come such a long way since we first connected & so much has shifted I feel like a new woman ready for whatever comes next, you are amazing and it’s been an honour to work with you!” Z.J.
"I feel like a different and more positive person now.  It's wonderful to feel that I can move forward with regained confidence, more self belief and to know that I am good enough. I just know more doors will keep opening. Getting a new job is only the start!  Hayley has helped me much more than I expected - she's amazing!" D.L.
"Thank you so much for today. I’m feeling pretty flowy.  I just went to fill up the car at Waitomo as they have a special running tonight. Drove right up to a pump and then 30 seconds after that it was like cars came out of nowhere and there was a huge line behind me. I had a good chuckle." G.M.
(I love it when clients see changes EVERYWHERE in their lives!)
“I really appreciate the love and light you have brought into my life . This has been the first day in a long time that I haven’t had that constant chatter in my head.” W.H.
“I signed up for "A journey to success" twice. Once, to sort my immigration problems in the US and secondly to help me get clarity on my career path early this year. Hayley's100 day healing is magical to say the least. I can guarantee that magic happens within the first 20 days of this healing. I have experienced magic on both accounts and I can vouch for that based on my experience, plus the experience of a few friends who signed up as well. One sister was struggling to get a job for 2 years and Hayley's healing helped her get an amazing job offer. One sister was stressed out at work and she mentions a certain calm that she feels when she thinks about work. One friend was stuck in a marriage for 5 years and she felt empowered to leave it, after 20 days into the healing.  

Competition has always been a challenge for me. Be it an exam, a test of competence or an interview. I was recently interviewing for a Product Manager role with one of the FAANG companies (Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, and Google) and for anyone who works within or understands technology, getting into one of the FAANG companies is extremely challenging. The interviews are extremely difficult for a Product Manager and the competition is really fierce. I am being honest when I say that I do not have a MBA from an ivy league school or years of experience working as a VP at small or medium sized organizations - 2 criteria that FAANG companies look for in this role. Long story short, I came in as an underdog and had a steep hill to climb to come out successful. I felt anxious and scared to take a crack at the interview and to overcome that, my best friend asked me to try Hayley's 1:1 soul healing sessions. Five minutes into the healing, I saw a change within myself. Hayley helped replace all the anxiety energy into excitement and I actually for the first time felt that I could crack the interviews. One specific aspect of Hayley's healing for interviews is that she focuses on individual interviewers and how their energies contribute to the overall interview process and align them to your greatest good. By clearing negativity and blockades in my interview path, Hayley ensured that I got the offer. Although the healing was focused on the interview, I have seen magic happen in other aspects of my personal life as well.  

I don't know how these things work, but I do know that Hayley serves as a positive catalyst to ensure that you get the most out of this life. I strongly recommend Hayley's 1:1 healing sessions, if you truly want to see magic unfold in your life! ” K.R (Canada)
“Thank you very much for our narcissistic relationships healing online sesion :). I was very tired yesterday and strangely nervous, than I was crying so so much. But almost immediately my boundaries started to change. It was so wonderful!!! :)  I can see that change everywhere, also at my work. I am so calm, more confident and don´t take responsibilities for other people. I give them space to solve problems and do their job, but they can ask me for advice :). I am also little bit unhappy because I decided to cut off some of my"friends" who only want to control my life. I am also creating much more space for my own life and personal life. And today morning I looked at myself to the mirror and I didn´t see there small girl but women, adult women :). It is unbelievable :). Thank you very much and really hope that I will be true repellent for NPD people now :) I wish you all the best and send you big big thank you for everything :).” Alex (Slovakia)
"My biggest regret about working with Hayley is not knowing about her earlier! When she told me I probably wouldn’t need to book in again after my first appointment, I wish I had ignored her and booked in quicker!! I wasted 6 months of not seeing her earlier. I can tell you story after story about how amazing Hayley is, but you just need to experience her gifts. She has changed my life, my beliefs, how I run my business, how I view relationships and most importantly how I see myself. I will see Hayley forever, not because she makes you come back, but the rewards I see after each session are too BIG and dramatic to not have Hayley as a constant part of my life. She currently doesn't do packages, but I asked her to create a custom one, so I know that I always have my appointments booked in. The best part is they are all online. Sometimes I'm lying in bed in my PJS!! It's just fantastic!" S.G.
"Like many with a parent with narcissistic behaviour,I grew up thinking I was the problem and that I needed to be polite and complying to get through life. I later realised this wasn’t true, and being people pleaser at work and in relationships was not getting me far, but I didn’t know how to change this pattern. Hayley picked this up very quickly,described my upbringing perfectly, explained why my parent was/is the way they were/are, and then worked to clear this energy. The best way I can describe itis that I now feel immune to this parent’s antics (water off a duck's back) and protected from their negative energy. The change was immediate and improved even more over time. I cannot thank Hayley enough for her ability to explain the necessary context and then shift the sticking points. I also feel calm,confident, and no longer unnecessarily intimated by people in positions of authority." M.W.
"The Chakra and Meditation retreat that I attended at Tora in Feb 2021 with Hayley was truly transformational for me.  I left the retreat feeling much more chilled and relaxed but it was the following weeks as the shifts and releases continued that major change occurred.  Before I attended the retreat I had shut down all possibility of a relationship, I had completely blocked it out of my life so didn’t really give it much thought going into the retreat…I went in with an open mind and to spend some time on me and relaxing with some like minded souls.  However during the retreat and energy clearing I could feel shifts in myself and I found myself starting to open up to the possibility of a new relationship, so I hinted to the universe and my new man appeared two months later!.  It felt like coming home when I met him and we both know this is something special.  I am so grateful to Hayley for the opportunity to be part of this experience." F.H.
"Well, just saying you are an amazing angel to me. After seeing you at my last healing things that have taken years of heartbreak to sort out (5+ years) have now been sorted. You said three weeks and last Friday, (a little over three weeks) I officially am legally separated, my ex signed the paperwork that I never dreamed possible, and all rights to my home and children are removed. 

The toxicity at work has stopped, and as you mentioned people with not the greater good of our company have resigned :-)  Yay oh Yay - happy dancing. You are truly a miracle worker and your gift is undeniable - thank you, thank you, thank you. Words cannot express my gratitude." S.S.

(This is a remarkable result and while this sort of result happens frequently a few clients report that they see no change - there are a lot of factors involved but most often it is the openness and willingness of the client to allow the changes and how much the current situation is actually serving them! Those that are ready to change see the most miraculous changes!)
"I read about Hayley in the paper when I first moved to Lower Hutt 4 years ago, it took 4 years to find the right time to see her.  I was really nervous at first that I took my adult daughter with me to support me. 

Hayley described both my grandmothers, especially my father's mother I had not met, I heard what she was like and Hayley was spot on with her description. I felt my grandmother with me especially in my adult life but pushed that aside as something strange because I had never met her. She is with me and I am ok with it, it validated that I was not going crazy it was just something I needed to harness and embrace more. 

Besides that Hayley did some healing on me that was long overdue, her description of my family is spot on and I did not need to give a lot of information.  She asked if I was going away sometime soon towards Taupo for 2 - 3 days, Isaid no not that I am aware of,  she mentioned there is a trip or something coming up in the next few weeks or months towards Taupo. That afternoon I received a text from a friend that if I wanted to partner up with her at a Tennis tournament in Taupo in September, (5 weeks away) I was shocked.  Hayley also read my Chakra's (life purpose/personality) and picked up on my strongest three, we were shocked because that is me to a tee.

I recommend Hayley for a good hour session, she is amazing and her gifts are beautifully shared to give clarity, healing, guidance in whatever path we are on. It took 4 years for the right time and it was definitely the best time to see her. 

I am very intrigued that I have signed up on her courses to give me more clarity on my journey. Thank you so much!" A.U.
“Thank you again for doing what you do. I always feel like I’m on on my way home to myself after I see you.” G.M.
"Hayley is a warm, compassionate, devoted and talented healer. I love the humour, enthusiasm and lighthearted energy she brings into all of her healings and interactions with clients. I “stumbled” across her when I was travelling around New Zealand and she was able to help me sort through some really difficult stuff that was weighing me down and creating a lot of challenges for me while I was abroad. During our session, she was super patient and dedicated a lot of focus and energy to ensuring that the complexities and details behind my concerns were addressed in the healing. Since returning to Canada, I have really, really enjoyed getting into her distance healing journeys. I’ve done Journey to Lightening Up,Journey to Love and want to do Journey to Success in the future. I’m super spiritual (I do energy work myself) and am very devoted to my personal growth and development at this phase in my life, and Hayley’s distance healing programs have provided a wonderful enhancement to the work I’ve been doing on my own. They’ve allowed me to positively shift so much more than I’d be able toby myself. Thank you so much Hayley!!! You are amazing and I’m so grateful our paths have crossed in this lifetime!" <3 S.K.
“I wanted to thank you for your healing energy work. I've been feeling better than I ever have in my whole life! My life has really changed. I feel so much better, so much more self aware, I could go on and on! I still face challenges but the sense of strength, confidence and peace I have now is just amazing. So, many thanks from the bottom of my heart.” U.B.
"I came and saw you back some years ago after my dad passed away and was blown away by my session with you.” J.W.
“I wanted to thank you so much for this wonderful healing experience and especially the 30-day ‘journey to love’ healing journey. I found it to be very cathartic and almost critical in releasing stuff from the past that we just plain forget about but can come up in future love relationships if we never addressed the events or issues.

I know that a lot of blocks were certainly released and on various levels. It was much more thorough than I was able to do on my own. Since completing the 30-day journey, some very nice guys have asked me out on dates - very polite guys but not quite the best connection-but certainly a positive sign from the universe that the timing is in the works (its all good!!!!) This clearing had to happen!!!!

Many thanks to you and sending you much positive energy to support you in happiness!!” A.C.

See the journey to love - click here
“I wanted to say thank you for the amazing session. It helped me in so many ways. I have felt a lot of closure and understanding around my conflict with my …, I always knew when it happened that one day I would understand and that day was with you.

I feel at the moment, very relaxed and such a calm happy feeling. I feel like nothing needs to be done in a hurry and that I have all the time in the world.I am really enjoying this feeling of calm and happy and peacefulness that I have not felt for a long time. Thanks again Hayley for the experience and opening my mind and heart to new ways of healing my heart and soul.

I was truly taken aback with my relatives that came through and that has strengthened my belief in their spirit even more." H.H.
“Just a wee update from me... I followed your guidance and took the level 1 EFT course in Christchurch. Not only was it AMAZING! And exactly what I need right now to ground my work and give it that sense of structure, it has provided me with a wonderful group of intuitive, sensitive lovely friends.... I'm made up....home at last! Thank you so much for your help Hayley. It's exactly what I needed...." M.H.
“Thank you so much for today. I really appreciated your time and everything you shared with me. I’m feeling really good like a weight has been lifted off me. I feel happy and full of possibilities.” K.B.
“Hi Hayley, I have meant to send this earlier. Life has changed for the better since my session with you. My relationship has improved immensely and you have given me the courage to heal my grief knowing that our loved ones are always nearby. I no longer worry about the future and are present more in my life. Thank you so much for helping us. May you continue to be blessed as you bless others with your beautiful energy . Love and light" K.W.
“Thank you so very much for seeing me on Saturday, it was lovely to meet you. After the session, I felt like I wasn’t carrying so much on my mind anymore and feel like I now have more direction of what to focus on with my career.” M.L.
“Just a quick email to say thank you once again for our session. I immediately felt so much lighter and calmer for the last few days than I have for years. I don't feel so emotional or guilty when I think about my mum anymore. I have been feeling very tired but a good tired I think.A few of my friends have told me that I look really good and glowing since our session. So thanks once again.” D.B.
"Its been said that I’m an open minded person, yet I was still a bit suspicious of the health benefits that an energy clearing would have. I have been very fortunate that Hayley has come across my life path and has been a surprising support and asset in relation to my health. There are lots of things that happen during our lifetime and sometimes these don’t make academic sense, yet leave a huge impression on our identity.

Through Hayley's healing I have been able to access some of my deep seated skeletons and free them from the closet, or off my energetic shelf so to speak, and with profound results. Things that wouldn’t make sense under a scientific research lens yet allow love, light and peace to surround me. Can not recommend Hayley highly enough. Kind, professional, inspiring and genuine. Be open minded it will do good things for your heart." D.C
“I just have to let you know what happened the day after our healing session. The session was to help clear blocks around my ex and his new wife who he had an affair with and you uncovered the ancient, past-life nature of that dynamic. Well, the next day my ex called me and said he would like to give me what I wanted in full. This is after nearly a year and a half of back and forth, stalling, indecision and it nearly going to was going to get ugly. He wanted 50/50 and I was pushing for more. I can't believe this outcome. I am still a bit in shock. I never ever thought this could or would happen.” D.E.
“Hey thanks for everything Hayley I'm feeling like a new man since our session feel like I have more clarity, and just generally more calmed and relaxed. Thanks again for everything.  :) :)” T.H.
“Thank you so much for my session with you, you truly are magical, and I felt instantly better. My confusion and uncertainty with where I'm at in my life,and why I have had certain fears, suddenly now make sense. Honestly, it was amazing. Thanks so much for sharing your gifts with me” S.M.
"The two days after the healing it felt like I was peeling the layers off. Two days of emotions, some painful but it all cleared very quickly. I am quite balanced now, and feel somethings have resolved within me which is a nice feeling. Also happiness for my path, I have more clarity around it now so that is good.  My back is getting better, still not 100% but it is definitely getting there, in fact there was no bad sensations today.  It has been a long time since I have had no bad sensations, feeling thankful for that." J.J.
“I wanted to thank for the AMAZING guidance you brought to my life, regarding my career, my loved ones, and overall my wellbeing. You have been gifted by the spiritual world, but also by the real world as your approach, knowledge, and the way you expressed yourself to make me understand what you were seeing, made things so clear.” R.M.
"I am thrilled to tell you that within 12 hours of our healing work (of approx 3 mins) on my lifelong pattern of being disorganized and having clutter in my house, I have straightened up 80 percent of my house effortlessly. This is incredible and I am enormously grateful for your magical work." A.J. (healing clutter was just a small part of a one hour healing session!)
“It was truly wonderful meeting you. My visit with you has left me with a feeling of peace that I haven't felt for a long time. I now understand where I am going and what I need to do with work.  You gave me the clarity of why I am there.You nailed a lot more than I expected and it has left me with the feeling that I can trust my instincts and stop blocking the messages I get. I was so impressed by our time together that I have spoken with a few friends about it. 2 in particular are going to make appointments with you.I am working hard on the tools you have given me and some of the staff at work have noticed a change of atmosphere in our workplace.  I will continue with these tools until I know that I don't need to.Thank you so much for seeing me and helping me with my movement forward.  You have given me great comfort.” B.H.
"I can say since I saw you my business has exploded. I’m booked out solidly for the next three months! Thank you for your healing. It’s amazing!" A.D.
“Powerful session today. Thank you so very much for what you do, you are actually the real deal and have a way of connecting and tuning in that is truly unique. Much arohanui x” S.M.
“The previous journey has helped me so much. Also, the one I signed up my sister for is helping her a lot. Thank you so much for your brilliant healing work. I intend to do all the journeys with you both for me and my sister. They are so magical. God bless you. You are one of the most brilliant healers I have ever come across!!” A.J. click to see healing journeys
“It was great to meet with you last week and I really enjoyed my session with you. I have just secured a short-term contract role which is exactly what I am looking for and the money is really good too.I feel like a weight has been lifted and that you have removed the block from me that was preventing me from securing a role. Thanks very much for your advice and help in this area and I look forward to receiving new contract roles in the future as well!” V.L.
“To be honest, I wasn't very hopeful about the healing as I've tried lots of healers before (who often have 5-star reviews and loads of testimonials) with very little results, despite strongly believing in healing. I had almost conjured up the view that it worked for everyone except me. Since Friday, I've had no more chest <sensations>, and since Saturday I've had no <sensations> behind my eyes (which previously was occurring five times a day at least). I feel calmer and have a sudden motivation to do more healing work” L.F.
"SO much of what Hayley covered has completely fallen into place and I can't believe how far I've come in only 5 months. I do believe the clearing of the chords and healing I received during that session accounts for the shift I was able to make that's catapulted me to where I am now... ready, willing and able to take the step into the next chapter of mine and my family's life."C.W.
"Thank you for yesterdays session. I've woken much 'easier'.  I feel that what I want to do is easier to do.  When I think "now I will do... " and make the effort to push myself into action - it is 'easier' now. So there actually was resistant energy being effective in its ability - wow, that's not good!Also when thinking of the family triggers my mind went "blah, it doesn't matter". Which it has always done but this time it didn't matter, I wasn't trying to make it be that way - it was that way." C.G.
“Thank you SO much for today Hayley! I’m in awe of what you do. I appreciate your time & your willingness to help me along my life journey. I’ve already recommended you and I’ll be referring you to anyone who seems interested!” K.C.
"I had a clearing with Hayley and was very impressed with the results.

I also asked for a house clearing and it felt much better after that. It was lovely to hear about the visit from a loved one. Then, my 2yo boy was having some major trouble going to sleep.

The night Hayley worked on him, he slept for 10 hours straight and another 2 hours after peacefully joining me in bed. Bed time has been much easier since. But more surprisingly was that for the first time in 1 and a half years I was able to wash his hair with no fight, tears or scream.  I was blown away! And if I hadn’t been witnessing all the amazing results from Hayley’s work, I wouldn’t believe that my boy’s fear of dogs is gone thanks to the healing done by Hayley.

Now I am having ongoing assistance from Hayley with my personal life and development.

Hayley is a beautiful gifted soul. She is simply amazing and so are her guides and I can only be too grateful that I have found her." M.L.
“I’d like to say thanks for your your help with my visit. You have answered a lot of questions that have been going around in my head for far too long and have really put things into perspective which is a great comfort.” D.D.
“Thank you so much for my healing yesterday. It was lovely to meet you & I felt so comfortable and relaxed with you. The room you remotely cleared the male energy from feels a lot better thank you. I forgot to mention that most nights I dream of arguments, been let down, or feeling hurt or isolated by family members. That didn't happen last night, so fingers crossed. I am feeling more positive & decisive since yesterday. And more motivated to push forward. I will definitely be in touch for more healing in the near future.” S.S
"Just to confirm that the information you gave me at the beginning of the year looks like it is going to be 100% correct. I am definitely going to be a chair leader in your fan club.” P.N.
“Since the healing session we had last week, I have noticed massive changes in the way I feel and perceive things. I’m not as anxious or overthinking anymore, which is a HUGE relief for me. I feel like I’m back to myself now and better. I even put on my makeup for the first time [in a long time]!” S.S.
“I am so glad I took the opportunity to have a soul session with you on Tuesday, best move ever. Hayley you are amazing and well grounded. I feel blown away by how I am feeling lighter, happier, relaxed and now my new journey so thank you. I highly recommend you Hayley you rock.” L.M.
"Since I came to see you which would have been about 2 months ago I have had an incredible shift. You cleared out my trauma and crap that I had been lugging around for years. When I saw you I was always having these negative depressive states. They'd come in out of nowhere and now I don't have them. After seeing you I fell into one of these states for 3 weeks I wasn't sure what was going on.. (you did tell me this could happen, but 3 weeks was ages that's how long it took for the new energy to readjust- it was a major) then one day I came out and sat on my deck in the sunshine. It was like I had just come right from an energetic flu... now I'm off my medication after 4 years. I just decided ... I don't need these anymore and man do I feel alive. You gave me awesome advice and insight that I needed. I recommend you to everyone." S.B. (S.B. is with a Dr and Councillor as well)
"I’d like to say Hayley created havoc at my appointment but that might give a bad impression lol.  But she sort of did. One magical afternoon she created whopping great change for me and I was able to create change elsewhere in my life. All of it fun, surprising and amazingly effective. Change. Magic. Havoc. Call it what you like, for me they were all there. Just know that Hayley is skilled and gifted and she’ll take you on a safe, supported adventure into yourself and out the other side to a place you’ll recognise as the real you.  Then create your own change, magic or havoc! Honestly, she's brilliant. Book her now and book her for your friends. I am." K.C.
"I have felt so much better since seeing you I actually feel relaxed and calm which is something I haven't felt in years. I am indeed tired and but also I've been sleeping through the night so that's great news! You’re amazing and I can't thank you enough for what you have done for me and my family. I'm sure I'll see you again” S.M.
"As a fellow spiritual worker, I can attest to Hayley's amazing healing & clairvoyant abilities. In fact, she's the one spirit nudges me towards when I need a pep up." B.J.
"I went to see Hayley last Tuesday as she was recommended to me by a friend who had had great results after seeing her. I have had trouble sleeping for months & months & was getting exhausted & completely run down & wanted to see if she could help me with my sleeping. Since seeing Hayley a week ago, Ii have slept consistently every night since then. I am so impressed & so grateful to actually be sleeping again. Thank you so much Hayley. I won't hesitate to recommend you to everyone."  R.B.
“I want to thank you for yesterday. You have encouraged me to move along as I was really stuck and down. I couldn't thank you more for that.” R.A.
“I just wanted to email you to say thanks for meeting with me a few Saturday's ago. I loved the experience as I knew I would. I have felt so much lighter all week and still do.  My wrist started getting better the next day and by Monday it was good as new - AMAZING! I also did not have as much of a sore head as I usually do on a certain day of the week.  I love coming to see you, you do such a wonderful thing. I'm so thankful for your help and love knowing I am being helped spiritually.” C.M.
"I have never personally meet Hayley Lowe but from correspondence and sensing her warmth and energy in words has been a true blessing. She is sensitive, intuitive, caring and extremely generous by going that extra mile for me. Hayley has an amazing gift and I would highly recommend her to anyone and I am truly blessed to have her in my life and soul connection.

You are truly incredible and there are not enough words that can describe my gratitude for your help in assisting me positively in my direction today. A true angel and look forward to watching you prosper and shine in future, one which you deserve.

Lots of Love and Blessings, D.B.
“Thanks for everything!  I loved my session with you and really felt the power of your healing.  I’m noticing differences within myself which is fantastic!” D.B.
"I’ve just got home from my session with Hayley and I’m grinning from ear to ear! She put me at ease immediately, welcoming me into her Healing Room and she tackled the topic I was seeking advice on - my love life (or lack thereof!) - with care and comfort. She delivered messages and guidance from spirit with grace and respect; not an easy feat given we talked about grief, self-confidence and love. Hayley has a gift and I thank her whole heartedly for sharing it with me today. Her emotional and spiritual advice will stay with me. And I look forward to visiting Hayley again." B.P.
"Just wanted to thank you for the healing yesterday! Gosh I feel sooo much better. Didn't quite realise how much energetic clutter I was carrying around and how it was impacting certain parts of my life. Anyway a big thanks.” N.L.
"I just want to let you know what a profound impact your soul session had on me. I'm ready for another session soon so I'll book online as there are a few questions I have." T.Q.
"I have been meaning to tell how I felt after the healing session. I can honestly say I am feeling the best I have felt in years. Lighter, happier, relaxed and not obsessing." F.L.
"I just want to say thank you for your energy today I appreciated every minute. Thank you for your TLC I feel so overwhelmed I can't really express it (very unusual for me). I just need for you to know that you are so lovely and I know we only met today but I really feel we met many moons ago. X"J.M.
“I have sung your praises to lots of people since my first session with you … who doesn't want to have a better life?! It's so empowering when we can be helped (by someone like you) to open ourselves up to even the possibility of healing - and significantly improve the quality of our lives in the process. For me it reaffirms the divinity within us - and what we might be capable of if we just let ourselves. And for me it also builds trust that the universe does make sense (and is not all scary or 'out to get us' if we don't watch out)! It's had a really positive impact on me, so thank you so much for being brave (saying 'f*** it') and offering this service to us all. You are courageous; and setting a great example for others to come out walk their truth.” C.V.
“Thank you so much for your time last week. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting with you and hearing what you had to say. I now feel like I have more of a direction. Thank you also for clearing the past life block and detaching my ex’s energy from mine. You have an amazing gift I was completely blown away when you pinpointed what was going on in my job! You have a lovely manner and are so good at what you do, it was a fantastic experience to meet with you.” A.S.
“That sensation in my forehead has gone, which is really good. I thought I was going to have it for the rest of my life. Things have started to become clearer. I'm starting to see what I need to do to move forward. So thanks so much.” C.J
“Yesterday I was thinking about the last three to four months and wondering what it would have been like if I hadn't met you.  I know, for sure, that I wouldn't be in the state of mind I am in now without your help, support visions of what is to come.  I cannot find the words to say how thankful I am for not only meeting you but for this advice you have given me as I know I would not be feeling so happy and content otherwise.  The techniques you have taught me are truly valuable in making me thing positively and focusing on the good things in life rather than negative, and I know this kind of attitude attracts nice things and people into life. So, thank you, thank you, thank you!  You are such a gifted person with the loveliest personality to go with it.  Please do not change, move or close your business because I for one wold be lost without you.” D.B.
"Hi. Such a lot has changed. My trauma is definitely moving and I'm noticing that I am safer in my identity. I'm also recognising what is good for me and what isn't. It feels like the universe is testing me - to check in and say - you sure you don't want your old way of thinking and feeling. It takes time. I've noticed that I'm happier when I have listened to the universe, Angels, myself, my guides. Small steps make great change. Thank you Hayley. Your support and affirmation is really really pivotal to me. Please be assured that you are on the right path as you guide others onto their own. Go well. Xxxx with much love." D.C.
”I found the session with you enlightening and illuminating. You have such a lovely personality and insight. Your warmth and positive energy resulted in my having a positive experience. Thank you very much.” A.V.
"Thank you for the wonderful gift of a healing last week. It was just what I needed and the timing was spot on. I have felt a shift within myself and it's given me a kick-start again." S.C.
"I think I saw you from a distance on Tuesday morning. I was going to run after you and tell you how amazing you are and how much my life has changed since seeing you, but you were to far away. I feel so much inner peace and joy in my life now." L.B.
“I found one thing of particular interest; I had noticed last week (before the healing) how uncomfortable I was in my mouth, with my teeth. I had some dental work done on some teeth on the right hand side last month to resolve some issues that began about twenty years ago. Yesterday (after the healing) my mouth was normal again. Of course, the most emotional part of my healing was when you were working on the right hand side of my jaw.” J.M.
“I am so glad to have met you and really enjoyed my session with you on Saturday. Thank you so much for all the important information you imparted. I feel like I am still processing the session and there is much for me to think about, but I feel excited about my future path!” and, in a further email "I really am feeling blown away by the information you gave me." I.G.
“I had the best night’s sleep in three weeks and I just feel so much better.  It feels so good to have you confirm everything I had been thinking and I now find I am not thinking worst case scenario at all.  Thank you also for the healing around my mother. That has been on and off my mind for so many years I had just started getting used to it.” D.B.
“I just wanted to thank you for an awesome appointment yesterday - I was really happy with your insight! I'll definitely be booking again soon. Thank you, you are AWESOME!” K.J.
“I loved my meeting with you. I felt so good afterwards and still do. You are lovely, welcoming and easy to talk to. My sore back has disappeared, my shoulders feel free and I am starting to sleep a little better too! I am very thankful for this. I would like to come back to you again and will do so when I feel it's the right time to.” L.A
"I'm so grateful that you've been brave enough to follow your heart and I hope I can do the same! I've certainly enjoyed a shift in energy and have actually been singing! Just a little hum to myself (don't think I have superstar potential there!!) but this is a big deal for indication of a lightness and excitement that has been missing for a long time. Your down to earth approach, warmth and friendliness was just what I needed. Thanks Hayley xx" T.B.
“The past few days since seeing you have been quite interesting really. I feel different within myself - kind of lighter like a weight has been lifted away… I'm also feeling much less worried at night...” J.S.
“You are amazing! I am glad I met you. I was surprised by how much you picked up about me and exactly what is going on in my life right now. I feel lighter, the loaded wheelie bin has gone out and my shoulder feels better as well as my heart! So far so good.” L.A.
“Hayley don't change career again! You're very good. You make a real difference. Frankly I keep thinking oh I wonder if Hayley could help me here!  I haven't thought like this with other spiritual healers before. You also create a safe space which is very important.” M.M.
“I’m noticing a lot happening 2-3 days after our sessions – old feelings coming up … it’s good for me just tiring peeling back the layers! I feel like the sessions are getting more intense so trying to take it slow and not rush around! You’re probably the first person to really get things moving – scary, but needs to happen!” L.V.
“Thank you so much for all your help and guidance it definitely has helped me put things into place and given me the understanding and reassurance I needed. Just to hear I made the right decision and that things will get better and it's okay to be having fun atm :)” E.M.
“I wanted to let you know that immediately I felt lighter, happier and more connected to my husband.  Thank you Hayley. You are fantastic and very gifted. We'll keep using you and keep referring you.” G.M.
“It was lovely to meet you the other day. Thank you so much for the soul session and the healing.  I felt extremely tired as you said I would after the healing but since then I have thought about the things that you brought to my attention and have now realised what some things were about which has been very helpful. I have also enjoyed reading the chart that you did for me. The whole experience has been very positive and I really appreciate your time, help and caring. I would love to come again.” C.B.
“I really enjoyed meeting you and the soul session, I felt on a high all weekend … I'm so glad I came to you and look forward to another session at some point and maybe some spiritual healing. I loved discussing the session with my husband he even said maybe he should get one hehe. So thanks again I just loved it and really loved the calm and tranquil feeling during the whole visit.” C.M.
“Wow, Hayley. I think you are pretty SPECIAL! Thank you for the healing. I feel quite well and calm today. I also had best sleep in a long time. Thank you and blessings” D.R.
“I really enjoyed my soul session with you. It opened my eyes up to what really counts, to put my love and energy into my passions. I am feeling inspired and believe more in myself that what I want to do can fulfill my dreams. Life feels brighter thanks for that. I cannot fault my session with you, it was warm, inviting and comfortable for me. I have been recommending you highly - thank you so much for your guidance.” K.C.
“Wow I feel lightened from our healing session and excited that I'll benefit more and more over the weeks as my authentic self. Happy I found you Hayley.” M.T.
“I really enjoyed the soul session and meeting an amazingly gifted, kind hearted wonderful woman like you! I really hope to see you again sometime.” A.V.
“Thank you for everything, yesterday and my numerology report.  I went home and slept for two hours … I definitely feel different and have had a few signs to confirm what we discussed yesterday. My energy feels different  … I look forward to seeing you again.” A.R.
"Hayley really is gifted. She gave me precise details on my current work situation and provided guidance in order for me to make important career decisions. Hayley is approachable, down to earth and really does care for the well being of others. If you are at a crossroads in your life then why not give Hayley a chance to help you. You will be amazed." C.P.
"Felt I just had to contact you to thank you for your hard work with me today for which I cannot thank you enough. I feel different, lighter somehow and looking forward to a more stress free life. Many many thanks" A.B.
“It was wonderful and so enlightening to meet you. The messages I received have been very helpful to me as I move forward to experiencing a happier fulfilling life.” M.T.
"Not from a "patient" but....Thank you, I don't fully understand the process and I'm not sure I need to. What I do know is that my mum went from being exhausted and hesitant to get out and do things. To going back out on the farm and out boating again for the weekend. That in its self is priceless to me." S.O.
"Hayley is a talented, loving, caring woman. She lives to help people. I highly recommend you go and see her. I have, and Hayley has helped me immensely ... What have you got to lose? Give a Hayley a call. You won't regret it" C.O.
"I believe that Hayley has an amazing gift. My son suffers from debilitating health issues, which cause him to have very tight muscles and cause him a lot of discomfort. He also has an intellectual disability so does not communicate well. While away for the weekend I asked Hayley if she would give him some healing as he was having seizures, tense and not sleeping well. Hayley did this for us and it was amazing to see that he relaxed, stopped having the seizures and in the morning was the best he had been for some time. Hayley is very dedicated and a caring and kind person who is always selfless in helping others." M.B.
"Hayley is one amazing talented lady. I am so glad she is finally following her passion and dream. I highly recommend you go and see Hayley. She only speaks the truth." J.K.
"Hayley is gifted with her amazing talent. She is caring, friendly and is lovely to talk too. Felt really good after my healing, very comfortable environment. Excellent session and follow ups. Loved the in depth numerology report. Would definitely recommend Hayley to anyone." L.B.
"Wow Wow Wow! I was totally blown away by this outstanding lady! Not only did she pick up on current situations in my life but has also guided me in the right direction in terms of making some very important decisions. The outcomes of those decisions have been spot on! She's an absolute gem of a person and very approachable - Thank you Hayley." B.P.
"Hayley - A ray of sunshine and light for me!
I have seen Hayley on a number of occasions and together we have uncovered a range of layers in which I have found Hayley to be gentle, affirming and thoughtful about the way she raised things with me.
I always feel energised after a session with her and find a sense of freedom through out my mind and body. You need to be open to sharing, hearing and moving forward to see the real benefits and be aware that if something is deep seated within it may not change overnight.
I love that Hayley has followed her own passions and started to use her talents for the benefit of others, her own light has shone brighter since making this decision and I wish her every success and know that you will benefit too just give her a go!" L.C.
"What an incredible journey and insight you provide Hayley. After talking to you my world makes sense, I love your intuition and guidance you provide me and my family to help us through the tough times and appreciate the fabulous times. Thank you and we will certainly talk again" J.W
"Thank you Hayley for your guidance! It is very helpful""That's what I wanted to hear!!! Gonna relax and go with the flow :) thanx Hayley!" A.K.
"Thanks Hayley, it's very reassuring to get guidance that ties into my present and near future. You are so spot on that I felt it was confirmation... Wonderful! just what I needed." S.M.
"Thank you so much for the awesome guidance Hayley. You were spot on and confirmed things I've been mulling over but holding back on. Advice is duly noted and baby steps will be taken" L.H.
"So true, that's just how I am feeling, I have been feeling as if I should being doing something every time I sat down, so pleased you have made me feel so much better. Thankyou so much xoxoxoxo" R.M.
"On the money. Thanks! Kinda speechless." D.C.
"My little girl Isla was 4 months old and had previously been sleeping 6-7 hour stretches which was amazing! Then she started waking every 2-3 hours again. I talked to my Mum about it and she said that she'd contact Hayley for me. I found out later that Hayley connected with Isla on a spiritual level. I thought it was my lucky night when Isla only woke once for a feed! Hayley later assured me it was physical changes that was causing her wakings and that she was just getting ready for more food. She was right. She described my little lady so accurately as a very independent character who knows what she wants! Hayley is very gifted and I admire her for her 360 degree career change. Holistic healing is a way forward and I would recommend her to anyone who is open to new possibilities!" K.D.

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