Journey to Love - healing programme

A clear pathway to love

… in 30 Days

Are you done being alone?

It started so well, didn’t it? 

There was a time when your optimism for love was unquestioned. 

There was no doubt in your young heart that you would find ‘the one’ and that life would be a bubble of bliss. 

But something happened. In fact, a lot happened, right? 

Rejection. Name calling. Abandonment. Broken promises and lies. 


All these things, at a soul level, made you question your worthiness for love. 

And so, for ages and ages,
you have kept yourself safe from the hurt,
the heartbreak and the pain of the wrong relationship
that had you feeling broken…

You just don't want to go back there.

So you’ve covered yourself in a protective shield. 

You are doing ok but that cloak is also blocking that full colour love you once dreamed of. 

Sure, you still hold out hope…

 but unless you find a way to ditch the pain,
the reality of your knight in shining armour coming along
to sweep you off your feet will remain a fairy tale.

In your bones you know
that a great love is out there for you. 

But you also know at a deep level that
until you work on your own energy,
that great love simply won’t cross your path.

Imagine if you could turn this around!

Attract the right relationship!

Be truly happy & feel amazing!


learning to love and trust again


having that relationship you've always dreamed of


enjoying the companionship with someone totally compatible,
who gets you, respects you and treats you right.


being with that special someone who brings out your true potential and
loves you, just as you are, and you get to love them in return.

How amazing & valuable would it be
to receive focused daily healing from me
that will unlock your future LOVE life in a month!

Healing; the process in which a bad situation or painful emotion ends or improves
The Cambridge Dictionary

How Healing Works

Healing has been around in one way or another throughout the ages. 

Energetic healing often starts with identifying patterns so you can begin the process of ending or improving that bad situation or painful emotion.

Patterns and beliefs that keep turning up can prevent you from moving forward. 

Maybe you notice a particular phrase or confrontation sends you into a frenzy, when deep down you sense you are overreacting.

Or perhaps you keep finding yourself with partners who treat you poorly. 

These emotional patterns can stem back to childhood or for some they may run deeper at a soul level.

 Left too long, they can consume us and affect all parts of our daily thoughts and life.

Journey to Love - Energy Healing email sample

Your Journey to Love - Healing in 30 Days

Starting right now...

How wonderful will it be when the energetic blocks to your future happiness are cleared with my unique 30-day healing process?

And all you have to do is sit back and let it happen!

Distance healing, wherever you are.

 Whatever you are going through.

Daily emails. Daily healing. 

Receive guidance daily with what is happening and tips for what you can do to help the process should you choose.

Week 1

Chakra cleanse and clearing

Days 1-7
Deep level chakra cleanse + Physical body clearing
Day 1 Base/Root Chakra through to Day 7 Crown Chakra


Week 2

Emotional healing

Days 8-14
Mother, father, ex-partners, siblings, friends, work, overall


Week 3

Past life emotional healing

Days 15-21
Identifying any individual blocks that haven't been addressed


Week 4

Future Partner & Confidence

Days 22-28
Calling in your future partner and releasing blocks to finding them
Additional self-love and confidence work


Final 2 days

Integration healing

Days 29-30
Looking at your overall energy


“For the first time in a long time I have started going to events and NOT looking for someone who could be my next boyfriend and that has not happened in quite a few number of years! I realised this after I had to attend an event for work and only after the event was over and I was talking to someone that it dawned on me that my train of thought had changed. I have confidence he will come and I rest easy in knowing I am on the right path, job first and then the man will follow ;)  I am feeling more whole and full.  All in all I am feeling a lot better mentally and I guess I believe in myself more.” B.D.
"I have done this journey - last year and it was phenomenal." H.S.

A Journey to Love
opens the doorway for you to find true love!

A documented journey to love

"After my last relationship ended - the worst yet - I promised myself that I would never make the same mistake again. I knew my history of unsuccessful relationships was due to an established pattern of making bad decisions. But I didn't know how to pull myself out of it - and didn't trust my own judgment anymore - so I avoided romantic situations altogether..."

Click below to read the full story and result
Then, one day I was given the opportunity to enroll in the journey to love.
Why not?
I wasn't sure if the 30 days of healing could help me, but I had every confidence in Hayley and her abilities.

The programme was really easy.
The daily email from Hayley would provide an explanation and help me interpret the thoughts and memories that had entered my mind throughout the day.

This process led me to examine relationships in all facets of my life. Within the first few days my eyes were opened to the established pattern of choices I was making in all of my relationships - not just with romantic partners, but family, friends, and colleagues.

Without realising it, I had filled my life with people just like my exes.

At first, revisiting my past mistakes was painful and exhausting. Sometimes I felt tired and confused and I had bad dreams that made me confront my past. But I persisted and I worked through the exercises provided by Hayley and dedicated time for writing in my journal every single day.

Then the breakthrough came, and it was as if suddenly I had uncovered a long-buried secret.  

I knew, at a superficial level, my dysfunctional upbringing had affected my self esteem and my ability to form romantic relationships. Journey to love showed me the true extent these effects were having on my everyday life and with all of my relationships.

Day by day, the 30 days of healing revealed the deep-rooted programming that I had assimilated at an early age. For the first time in my life I realised how I had allowed this programming to systematically erode my sense of self by driving me to seek out familiar (i.e., destructive) people and situations.

Suddenly, I could see these people for who they really are and the disruptive effects they were having on my life and my ability to live a happy and fulfilling life. But most importantly, I could also see the truly good people around me, and the choices I can make to bring and keep those people in my life.

As the end of the programme drew near, I noticed that the negative influences in my life had fallen away of their own accord.

I completed the programme feeling more aware, knowledgeable, and with a deep sense of self-love and self-acceptance. I no longer felt the guilt, shame and pain instilled in me from such an early age.Now, I spend more time around the caring, loving, and kind people in my life and I have a new found appreciation for myself.

I'm focused on sustaining the new, healthy behaviours I learnt during the journey to love. I set clear boundaries so that I can be confident that I am surrounding myself with truly good people. Instead of distancing myself and avoiding opportunities to meet a new romantic partner, I'm excited and inspired about a time in the future when I will meet someone special by making good choices and drawing good people into my life.

Several months after the end of the programme, I still have the occasional thought or memory of a person or experience from the past. These moments aren't painful anymore, but they do help reinforce the new direction my life is taking.

I still write in my journal most days and reflect on how far I have traveled on this journey of love.I'm so grateful to Hayley for this gift of insight and hope - this gift of love.  

For anyone trying to decide if this programme is worth a try - go for it. This programme has exceeded all my expectations and has transformed my life. I gained more in 30 days than I could have gained in 30 lifetimes trying to work through this on my own." R.B.

A love update

Since completing this journey over two years ago R.B. (above) has fallen in love with an amazing man, completely different from her old 'normal'. They've been together for over a year, traveled the globe and are currently looking at buying a house together!

This fills my heart with joy!

Seeing another happy person, happy in love!

For the price of your daily coffee,
will you allow yourself to heal
so that YOU can find love?

You know that something isn't right.

Here is your chance to deal with it.

Butterflies in your tummy, a spring in your step and finding a kind soul to dance through life with.

You deserve it all. 

Let’s get you there. 

In most countries, the single population continues to grow and according to the United States Bureau of the Census, the fastest-growing household type since the 1980s has been the single person, while trauma is named as a key reason for many remaining single. 

And according to Psychology Today the number one reason relationships break down is trust, stating, 
“Without trust, a relationship misses two of the key anchors to a strong bond: safety and security.” 

What if we could break through trust and other barriers to really allow ourselves to surrender to love? 


Healing is possible

While readings satisfy curiosity, it is my energetic healing work where I see the biggest shifts in people. 

In a recent survey of my clients, many said they were interested in taking an active role in self-improvement and they told me distance healing journeys are proving most valuable to their emotional resilience.

This distance healing Journey to Love programme is a 30 day love letter to yourself.

 This journey is yours. 

It’s your heart. 

It’s your time. 

“This journey is brilliant Hayley!!!! Love how you have put this together. I definitely feel a lot better already. Xxxx” L.T.
"Writing this has been on my mind for a very long time. This being the thank u for all ur amazing clearing, healing and love filling as part of the back to ❤️ or finding love ❤️ journey, I've done both now. It was HUGE energetically for me and exhausting I found - I am not complaining merely explaining and describing. I also went quite low for a while as a lot came up to b released.

It has taken months to move through it all. The hardest journeys aren't really what we'd choose but biggest learning and growth 😏😉✅❤️It's felt like I haven't really moved @ all sometimes but really and truly now when I am in the moment life is extraordinary. When I make the decision and change the words about how I describe anything now, it is immediately evident the effect. All my work I've been putting in, is now in fruition.

Thank u so much for the huge gift 🎁! U have helped to enable me to step out. Interestingly, a love from the past (the biggest love I have ever experienced) has come back into my life. So thank u also for all the clearing healing love ❤️ u gave him too. The difference in him is huge!!!

It's like dating a different person but thankfully not if u know what I mean. He has come so far, opening up and having the courage to step forward 😊❤️✅✅🎉 I'm blown away each date how if u trust and bless him w love it all happens" L.O.
"Today I attended a beautiful wedding on the beach filled with love and tenderness. After that at the reception I made a friend of a very nice man and felt completely at ease chatting away, learning a lot and giving a lot. It felt wonderful to be so at ease with it all. It's working Hayley, the healing is working, thank you." P.F.
"Loving the healing ... I am thinking this is lightening things in my life." T.H.
"I’m definitely feeling that things are being moved on and I’m enjoying the healing process. The journaling is really helpful too. The tips you put into the emails really help with getting the journaling under way. Thank you for putting my friend and I on the same healing cycle. It’s so much fun to be doing this with her. Every day we are checking in on our progress and comparing notes. Already I can see that she is lighter!" E.K.
"The healing course is amaze balls I am seeing myself and situations in new light already (and that is a miracle!!!) I will be brand new by the end (with good bits still attached!)" Z.G.  
“Thank you so very much for my journey to love and healings; what a journey it has been! For a couple of weeks now I have just felt so incredibly happy, so light, so peaceful, and so blessed. I am soooo looking forward to meeting my man; so super excited that sometimes I can barely contain myself and must remember to breathe and ground myself. My love report feels like me, it feels right, it feels easy so I let’s see who the universe sends my way! Hayley, I thank you so very much for you, your guidance and supporting me on this journey. I am so pleased I was lead to connect with you.” T.D.
"Oh my gosh... so I’ve realised something since doing the journey to love. I’ve been so chilled out and just relaxed about stuff and have just gone with the flow, not worrying about a boyfriend or anything. Totally put my faith in the universe and I’ve been really happy... and everything is all falling into place without doing anything, it’s so easy. It’s like the universe is just sorting out my life...

I was friends with this guy before Xmas, but we didn’t want to be anything more because I was going to be moving overseas. But then I didn’t get the job and a whole lot of other stuff happened. This guy and I then started dating and he wants all the same things as me and hates his job so he’s going to come with me traveling!.!!" C.J.
“I wanted to thank you so much for this wonderful healing experience and especially the 30-day ‘journey to love’ healing journey. I found it to be very cathartic and almost critical in releasing stuff from the past that we just plain forget about but can come up in future love relationships if we never addressed the events or issues. I know that a lot of blocks were certainly released and on various levels. It was much more thorough than I was able to do on my own. Since completing the 30-day journey, some very nice guys have asked me out on dates - very polite guys but not quite the best connection-but certainly a positive sign from the universe that the timing is in the works (its all good!!!!) This clearing had to happen!!!! Many thanks to you and sending you much positive energy to support you in happiness!!” A.C.

How great will it be to hear those three special little words whispered in your ear?

As if by magic you drop those old patterns.

The pathway to true love starts with YOU!

It's my privilege to assist you by working with your energy field,
while you sit back, relax and let it happen.


The praise that comes through is heartwarming ...

click on the numbers below to read testimonials

after one day ... "Already I'm feeling like I have more energy or spark, and happier in general" A.W. "I really can perceive by atoms transforming!"  Z.G.
"Love you. Love your work. You are seriously so so blessed and so gifted, so beautiful and I'm grateful to have met you. You have helped me in ways no one else could have done xx"  F.L.
“I feel so light. Especially my shoulders. I'm smiling all the time down the street and seeing the positive in lots of things. My sister and I went op shopping all day Saturday then off to visit a friend on Sunday. I couldn't believe I had the energy to do it ... and what's more I really enjoyed myself!”  T.H.
"Thank you sooo much. Can't thank you enough for the amazing gift of healing for 30 days !!!! Wow. It's a treasure. I am savouring every minute. Need to report going thru some heavy stuff at work and all sorts of things that have gone wrong that are testing but today I am feeling way more grounded, safe and happy in my own skin, than yesterday. Last nite I woke up a couple of times. I can feel the healing, the shifts, very deep and profound. Thank you from the bottom of my heart." M.W.
"Oh wow. So I just read Day 22 of Love email. I felt all of this today. I can feel my future partner around me, but not just the presence but presence in love. It's so cool. All day I've felt like I do when I'm in love. It's marvellous!" R.B.
"Just read you email, Day 28 of love. Is exactly what I was talking to my friend about this afternoon. I feel like so much has shifted in the last four weeks during this amazing journey of discovery. It really allowed me to reach through all different dimensions of loving relationships in my life and has made me realise how interconnected we are really are as human beings. Thank you so much for this wonderful gift of insight and love - love for myself and others around me."  RB
"Your love course is potent!!! I have so much to tell you!" B.J.
"Got a new job. Wow !! The healing is amazzzzzing. Yes was feeling so tired yesterday but all cleared today. Your work is amazzzing. Incredible in fact. I am so in awe." M.W.
"Overall I’ve been feeling happy and upbeat, certainly can feel a difference with the healing each day! So pleased I'm doing this :-)” A.W.​
A couple of years after the journey ...
"I was blessed to have met a good man a couple years ago through someone I know. He gets what i need, and i get what he needs, most of the time, haha. My son adores him. I couldn't have ever imagined life could bring so much happiness for me. Blessed!I Love Me" K.C.

Can you feel your heart beckoning to open up and welcome love into your life?

All you need to do is allow the healing to take place and check your emails daily. 

No time commitment. 

No appointment reminders. 

Just a 30-day flow of love. 

Allow me to provide you with the keys to this for you.

Welcome romance back into your life,
be happy, safe
and loved in return.

Know that you are worth it! xx

30 days of energy healing


You will receive instant access.
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Healing disclaimer: I am not a medical professional and do not claim to be one. I cannot diagnose. It is my personal opinion energy healing should be used alongside traditional medicine.

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