Heal & live your best life!

Hi gorgeous soul!

Ready to live in a state of flow?
With ease, peace, freedom & loads of abundance?

In this high vibrational world, there's an aligned way of magnetising what you desire!

When energetically aligned with your heart's desire, roadblocks disappear, and your authentic desires appear quickly and effortlessly as if by magic!

Are you ready for a life of magic?

I'm Hayley Lowe

I guide motivated, forward-thinking Goddesses to uncover & heal the beliefs, patterns & energy blocks that keep them stuck, frustrated & depleted so they can live inspired, exciting lives flowing with ease, fulfilment, magic & abundance!

I'm a soul-led visionary, guide, energy healer, clairvoyant & Belief Queen!

I see the energy around you - the beliefs, traumas & patterns that hold you back. When cleared, you begin attracting a whole new life! Just like magic!

Hayley Lowe - energy healer NZ

My journey

Over the last ten years, I've discovered and cleared thousands of beliefs, patterns & traumas and have gone from feeling stuck, having to work hard, never having enough money and never having time for myself to living a life that magically flows, is beautifully abundant with time for myself which I enjoy! AND ... I love my 'work' so much I hardly feel I'm working at all!

My early years were spent learning to struggle to "make ends meet" with young parents who worked a lot, and life was never easy. I had thousands of limiting beliefs especially around abundance. I could always make enough, but only just enough. Nothing was ever left over, and a bill would miraculously appear if there was.

Since then, with the tools I now have, I've adjusted, cleared & removed beliefs, patterns & trauma in all areas of my life!

My life is completely different now ...

I live a magical life!

I love my soul-calling!

I am now privileged to help the most wonderful, inspiring souls live their dream life!

How about you?

Are you ready to launch into being fully aligned - mentally, physically & spiritually?
Ready to take those next exciting, magical steps and create your abundant life?

How magical will it be to have someone on your team who can sense your out-of-alignment beliefs, thoughts and desires and help you shift them to bring speedy results!

You are? 

I'm delighted & excited to walk beside you - your Guide on this journey!

Hayley Lowe - it's so much fun to create your authentic desires!

Let's do this!

It's time to align & uplevel your energy vibration so you can magnetise your desires!

A little about Hayley

My Soul Name is Navila
In Numerology I am a LifePath 33 - a Master Healer/Teacher
In Human Design I am a Mental Projector
In Astrology I am a Sagittarius with Leo rising & my moon is in Aquarius
I am a Starseed connected with Orion, namely Rigel and Mintaka and the Arcturians. I am also connected to the stars in the Lyra Constellation - Vega, Sulapht and Sheliak.

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