Congratulations on taking the first step in your healing.

Whether you are looking to heal emotions or trauma, clear subconscious patterns, or shift blocked, negative energy - your path to wholeness can start now! 

Working online from Lower Hutt, New Zealand, my practice covers group & one-on-one programmes, workshops, retreats and online journeys focusing on soul healing as a powerful tool for transformational inner change.

Every healing session uses intuitive insight to help you move forward.

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Activiate your Soul
5th Dimensional Healing

You know you were born for greatness
& you're here to thrive!

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Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime

There's nothing I love more than to teach others how to connect to their own intuition, clear beliefs and energy that's keeping them stuck! Everyone has the ability!

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1:1 & Group Healing

Sick and tired of repeating the same patterns over and over? Ready to live your best life?
We clear subconsciousness patterns, trauma, narcissistic patterning, past life trauma, karmic contracts and more - a clearing of this level will shift patterns fast! Read more

Healing journeys

Remote/distance healing that is self-guided. Receive daily emails along with healing as you work through set issues. Amazing for initial healing!
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Hayley Lowe - Learn Spiritual development - connect with your guides and live the life of your dreams

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By spending time going inwards you can make the biggest outward changes.
Our inner world creates our outer world - let me be your guide!

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