Free Chakra Cleansing Journey

This FREE Chakra Cleansing Journey
will cleanse all of your main chakras
and bring better balance and clarity to your life.

Chakras are energy centres in your body
shown above by the coloured circles

When your energy centres are clear
you can feel happy, fulfilled and your life is in alignment

When your energy centres are blocked
you can feel confusion, conflict and like nothing is going right
blocked chakras can also turn up as issues in your body

So, how would you like to have your 7 main chakras cleansed for FREE?

Sounds pretty great right!

What's this healing thing?

This is where the

Magic happens

Chakra Cleansing

Sign up, sit back and wait ...
your 1st-day healing begins almost immediately

You don't need to be anywhere special or do anything special
- just be open to receiving the healing

Sit back, relax, trust and let it happen!

Wherever you are in the world,
you will receive the healing no matter what you are doing.
Just enjoy the benefits by being open to receiving.

You will receive an email every day

Receive guidance daily with what is happening
and choose to help the process by following the tips.

Every email has:

Chakra Healing - daily affirmations

Affirmations to help you with the clearing.

Chaka healing - daily tasks

Simple, optional, daily tasks.

Chaka healing - journaling ideas

Ideas for writing about, thinking about and meditating on.

Your email will also include information on the Chakra being cleansed

base chakra clearing

Base/Root Chakra

Day 1

The base chakra represents our foundation and feelings of being grounded

Sacral Chakra clearing

Sacral Chakra

Day 2

Our connection and ability to accept others and new experiences

Solar Plexus Chakra Cleansing

Solar Plexus Chakra

Day 3

Our ability to be confident and in control of our lives

FREE heart chakra cleansing

Heart Chakra

Day 4

Our ability to love

FREE throat Chakra cleansing

Throat Chakra

Day 5

Throat Chakra

Our ability to communicate

FREE third eye chakra clearing

Third Eye Chakra

Day 6

Our ability to focus on and see the big picture

FREE crown chakra cleansing

Crown Chakra

Day 7

The highest chakra represents our ability to be fully connected spiritually  

Bonus Day - Day 8

Integration & Chakra Balance

Looking at your overall energy

“Just letting you know I found this 7 days really lovely, simple and straight to the point. I loved going through each chakra and I could see colours coming at me as each day’s healing progressed. It seems that every time I do one of these journeys with you more stuff is released and I feel lighter and more energetic!!” I.K.
“Your seven-day chakra cleanse opened me up (in the best way); feeling good. Thank you x.” G.B.
"WOW, thank you! I signed up for the 7 days chakra healing and passed it on to quite a few women, who did too. I wanted to share some feedback for you; even so words won't quite do it justice fully! Overall, it was superb. I felt held all week in this nurturing, loving, peaceful space; and felt it had my back. I could be and notice and felt closer to my connection every day. Each chakra was clear & manifesting not only for me but in my interactions with my husband. Our daily gentle conversations aligned to each chakra as I reflected back on it.  Beautiful week, thank you!" S.D.
“Thank you for your free Healing course I experienced recently. I have noticed a major breakthrough in regards my relationship with my mother, who passed on a long time ago. What was amazing also, was the finding of the ring she bequeathed to me which I thought I had lost on a Wellington Street in 2015. Last Saturday, I was hunting for a lipstick top I happened to drop on the floor of my dressing room and whilst hunting for it, found her ring hiding in a corner! It must have somehow dropped out of something I was wearing that day!. This has cemented the healing of our relationship which I found at the end of your course.” R.V. - Wellington, NZ

Are you ready to feel more balance in your life?

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Feedback received from other Healing Journeys / Courses

... after one day ... "Already I'm feeling like I have more energy or spark, and happier in general" A.W.
"I really can perceive by atoms transforming!"  Z.G.
"Love you. Love your work. You are seriously so so blessed and so gifted, so beautiful and I'm grateful to have met you. You have helped me in ways no one else could have done xx"  F.L.
“I feel so light. Especially my shoulders. I'm smiling all the time down the street and seeing the positive in lots of things. My sister and I went op shopping all day Saturday then off to visit a friend on Sunday. I couldn't believe I had the energy to do it ... and what's more I really enjoyed myself!”  T.H.
"... today I am feeling way more grounded, safe and happy in my own skin, than yesterday. Last nite I woke up a couple of times. I can feel the healing, the shifts, very deep and profound. Thank you from the bottom of my heart." M.W.
"Just read you email, Day 28 of love. Is exactly what I was talking to my friend about this afternoon. I feel like so much has shifted in the last four weeks during this amazing journey of discovery. It really allowed me to reach through all different dimensions of loving relationships in my life and has made me realise how interconnected we are really are as human beings. Thank you so much for this wonderful gift of insight and love - love for myself and others around me."  RB
"Got a new job. Wow !! The healing is amazzzzzing. Yes was feeling so tired yesterday but all cleared today. Your work is amazzzing. Incredible in fact. I am so in awe." M.W.​

Healing disclaimer: I am not a medical professional and do not claim to be one. I cannot diagnose. It is my personal opinion energy healing should be used alongside traditional medicine.

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