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A journey to Success

Are you looking for success?

Are you losing hope
of getting your business off the ground,
of getting that dream job,
or creating the results you crave?

Think how you will feel

when you 'let go' of every failure,
right back to when you were a baby taking your first steps
to the most recent times when things didn't go the way you had hoped.

See yourself clearing these past feelings of failure, self-sabotage, and limiting beliefs from deep within your psyche.

Feel at ease as patterns from all relationships you've ever had are released.

Allow yourself to heal and reset patterns
that are not serving you
bringing balance back to your relationships.

You live your life doing what other people think you should,
you feel pressured to conform, to fit in,
to do it right, to be perfect.

How exhausting!

It's time to reset and replace resentment,
guilt, entrapment, fear, all those old feelings which drag you back.

Get clear about what success means to you,
uncover the steps for your Journey to Success.

True feelings of success come when you are doing what you love,
what you are passionate about, and you allow it to flow.

You are ready to succeed and achieve those desired goals!

You are ready to allow success to happen effortlessly!

Ready to let go of all your old patterns and limiting beliefs!

a journey to Success

is a unique healing programme
where focused energy healing is sent
to you to every day for

100 days

unlocking and unblocking your full potential

How amazing & valuable would it be
to have focused daily


that will bring you to success!

"My 100 Days of Healing ended last week. Thank you so much. I definitely feel very different now. Lighter and more at peace. I used to go to this really bad place very frequently and it hasn't happened in the longest time. When I think about it now, it feels like a "memory" instead of reliving the past.I feel that my Heart Centre is feeling the change the most. New things are happening since the healing ended and I'm inspired. Would love to continue with other healing sessions sometime soon. I'm so glad I've done this. Thank you so much!" S.A.
"One of my contracts started out as $10k contract has morphed into a $50k contract and this morning the CEO introduced me to the staff saying I will be there 'til March! That was news to me - I thought I was only there 'til next week." C.M.
"Hayley Lowe's 'Journey to Success' course has been amazing for me. I have tripled the sales in my business since being on it. I feel particularly clear-headed and unphased by any major decisions. Before the course, I felt heavy under enormous pressure and stress while making decisions, or worse I would procrastinate. I am definitely more focused now. I highly recommend!!" L.T.
“Thank You, Hayley, loving this Journey, especially the good things that have been happening to me, tonight I was upgraded to a presidential suite at the placeI ’m staying, this happened last month when I was here too, yay for me, lucky me!" M.M.
Journey to Love - Energy Healing email sample

Journey to Success - Healing

Sign up, sit back and wait ... your 100-day healing begins within 24-48 hours of signing up!


How wonderful will it be when the energetic blocks to your future happiness are cleared with a 100-day healing process unique to Hayley.


Sit back and let it happen!

The healing is distance healing, wherever you are.

You will receive an email every day

Receive guidance daily with what is happening and tips for what you can do to help the process should you choose.

Optional  daily tasks

Every email includes things to think about, affirm, do and write about.

These are 100% optional - doing them will help you connect more to the programme but, if all you do is read the email then that is enough!

I will be doing the healing in the background every day.

Every day there is a new affirmation that you can use if you choose.

These daily tasks are usually super quick taking only a few minutes.
And, once again - they're 100% optional. You do not have to do them to feel the benefits of this course.

The journalling ideas are there to make you think.
Some choose to write others to meditate and ponder.
They are not essential to do every day!

The goal of this course is to be relaxed and fun
- NOT to stress you out with to-dos!

You do what you want to do, when you want to do it!

Every 14 days there is a new theme for the healing.

This includes 12 days of healing and 2 rest/integration days per cycle.

What's covered?



Days 1-14

Every failure you've ever had,
right back to when you were learning to walk and fell,
has left an energy imprint in you.

We start the Journey to Success healing course by
clearing and letting go of these past feelings of failure, self-sabotage,
and limiting beliefs from your energy field.

(each of the 12 days is aligned to a different chakra - we're going deep and including the Higher Chakras)


MONEY - the cold, hard cash stuff

Days 15-28

We're going straight to the point and dealing with the issue of MONEY.

The cash, the cards, the debt, the savings. Everywhere in every lifetime where we've dealt in any way with money - we're unlocking it, unblocking it and moving into an enlightened, happy place! Wahoo!


Relationship healing around success

Days 29-42

We're looking at enhancing the relationships that have brought us success and releasing those that have had the opposite effect.

We're delving into past present AND future for this one!

We're inviting in those who can help us to create success!


Standing in your Power

Days 43-56

We're looking at some empowering themes - things like self-image, leadership, public speaking, negotiation, integrity, authenticity, decisiveness, generosity, the law of attraction, persistence, follow-through and more ... we're looking at being the leader in our own lives! FUN!


Looking and feeling the Part

Days 57-70

We're exploring our self-image and also some physical healing.

In order to feel successful, we need to feel we look the part and also have healthy bodies to help us carry out the work we want to do!

There will be a lot of physical shifting happening during this theme.


Future Healing

Days 71-84

This theme incorporates FEAR - Fear of Success and fear of failure.

We've look a lot at the past and the present but what about the future?

During this theme we're cover the entire journey again but in a future sense ... to get ahead of ourselves!


Balance & Contentment

Days 85-98

As we near the end of our journey we want to end on a note of being in perfect balance and happy for where we're at... it's a bit like an integration week - a gentle soft flowing energy to bring you into alignment and allowing you to embody the last 85 days!



Days 99-100

We end the journey with 2 final integration!


What's this healing thing?

This is where the

Magic happens

Why is it SOOOOOO long?

Success is about breaking through patterns.

We all know that starting something new and exciting is fun but to stick with it can be hard, long and boring at times. This is why we keep going - it feels like a struggle some days and you may just want it to end - this is when the magic happens - the breakthroughs we desire.

When we can move through the blocks, the resistance and the pain we can create a feeling of success.

It is your challenge to keep open to the process to allow changes to occur.

It's so worth it!

Who is this course NOT for?

Please don't sign up for this course if you're truly not ready to move forward!

Ask yourself honestly "Do I REALLY want to makes changes in my life or am I happy, at the moment, playing out the familiar patterns?"  

With energy healing it can make sudden changes to your life, you may lose some friends, you may have arguments with people you would never normally argue with. The way you interact with people can change completely. It is always for your highest souls purpose but our human mind can take a while to adjust and our physical bodies can take some adjusting too.

Please don't sign up for this course
unless you are willing to move forward in your life.

How do you know if you're ready?

You're sick and tired of the same old patterns playing out over and over, the same issues, the same results - you think you're doing it differently and that it's going to work this time but it doesn't!

You're READY for change!

"It wasn't just my beliefs that changed, but my way of operating.

Now I don't have to 'speak my truth' I can observe, feel, think and not have to say something.

I can treat things as all fine instead of good or bad or right or wrong. If I need to act I just do, but not from a place of emotion - anger, hurt feelings etc.

If something isn't working for me ... I assess and discuss. Say what I want and trust in the universe that things are how they are supposed to be. Interestingly the successes I have had are my ability to deliver on things - especially at work.

My creativity soared and I made things that I had only ever dreamed of being able to before. I manifest things from thinking about them - interesting things!

My relationship with my man changed - we are safe with each other now, we share out thoughts and feelings and we talk - calmly.  We are in love.

I've grown, people are attracted to me and share their problems - I can help them and do so from a position of kindness, not enlightened self interest.

I got so much from this it should cost the earth  -although I'm very glad it doesn't.

Hayley is a rare and precious gift." K.W.

Listen to Charmaine's testimonial...

I love how she mentions she didn't notice shifts but when things started happening she knew on a deeper level that things HAD shifted. Often with healing, you don't consciously notice what has shifted until down the track when things are different around you!

Charmaine went on to find her passion in work and get not only one but three amazing job offers!

Other feedback includes

 "I have a clearer direction with knowing what I want to do and achieving it. Also a lot more self-confidence, some major shifts from issues that I've been carrying around most of my life." A.W.
"I feel very light, and held on an even level (hard to explain)" L.T.
“I’m still loving every day (at day 50) and noticed - particularly in the last week - that I feel stronger and less frequently bothered by small things … This is the best thing I’ve done for myself in a while. Thank you thank you thank you :-)” M.W.
"So many changes: I went from unemployed and working on my own business to three contracts, a successful show with media coverage, and now I have 3 bookings in Las Vegas. There is more stuff in the pipeline too" C.M.
"The first two weeks challenged me, my head became consumed with a lot of thoughts with just about every person I'd ever met. Even my dreams were busy. I was irritable, and I think I took that out on the people I love the most unfortunately. It brought up a whirlwind of past anger, disappointments, regrets and so on. But it eventually lifted and I felt clearer, and now that the course is nearing the end I feel more settled. Around day 60 I had a burst of motivation to get an online presence created to generate work opportunities, but that still hasn't been completed. I also signed up to a healthy lifestyle plan to get the health I intend on getting - which is still in progress and probably will be for a while." G.
"I always enjoyed reading the emails and the daily affiliations. There was a good variety of themes and activities. Even though I didn't always do everything, I have felt great effects from the journey. Also more in tune with knowing and doing what is right or feels right, rather than having to live by to-do lists." A.W.
"I've dipped in and out of the emails when I was curious. I figured I would leave the emails till after the course when I needed an energy boost". C.M.
"My sales are up x3, I'm calmer and I no longer procrastinate! Everyone should do this!" L.T.
"I loved the "journey to love" course so had to try the success course. I was curious at where this would take me. I wasn't disappointed. Between the journey to love course and the success course i felt like there was a nothing. Initially, I felt down about this void: I was expecting inspiration to spurt from my cells. I raised this with Hayley and she pointed out the void was an indicator of how far I have come. The blank canvas that I could start again. Start again I have. I am so pleased and honoured to have done both courses. I had no idea at how much I was battling past life/out of balance chakras. Now when I turn my attention to something I'm flowing." C.M.

100 days of energy healing

that will help clear your blocks to success ... only NZ$44


You will receive instant access.
Please check your junk mail if you don't see your first email!

I look forward to sharing this
Success Journey with you!

Healing disclaimer: I am not a medical professional and do not claim to be one. I cannot diagnose. It is my personal opinion energy healing should be used alongside traditional medicine.

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