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Using clairvoyant guidance in business

Clairvoyant Guidance can be used extensively in your business for tuning into staff, clients and the world around us. Below are some of the questions you may have, the list is endless but it gives you an idea of how I can help you!


  • How are your contracts/proposals going to be received?
  • Are the people you're giving it to going to trust you and want to do business with you?
  • Are there tweaks that need to be made to the contract/proposal to make it better for the recipient?


  • Are your staff happy?
  • Are you happy with your staff?
  • Do you have staff that have been with you for too long or staff that are grumpy and troublesome?

Sometimes the energy around them needs freshening and this can drastically change staff attitudes. I've had amazing results with this. I've personally spent thousands on HR resources managing people out but, had I know these techniques, it would have been much faster and easier & cheaper!


  • How are your competition doing?
  • Are the competition doing as good as they say they are?
  • What's the next move to get ahead of them?


  • Are you looking for new offices?
  • Are you in the best place for your business?

Before I shifted into my last office I had drawn how it looked before I'd even seen it - it wasn't until almost a year after we were there that I found the drawing and realised I was pretty much in exactly the office I had drawn.


Thinking of spending your precious dollars on marketing? Wouldn't it be good to know how these will be received before you do anything? What about new ideas for your business that you may not have thought of!

The beliefs of the owner:

I believe it's your beliefs that define how your life turns out and therefore how your businesses run.
When I give a business reading I'm exploring blocks in the energy of the owner/operator AND the business. There's a link between the two and, when I clear the owner/operator it can have amazing results.

Our beliefs are stored in our subconscious and are generally quite challenging to change. They can be from childhood and also from past lives. While we're holding onto these beliefs we can try and try to do things differently but we generally always end up with the same result. For example, if money was tight when you were growing up (aged 0-8), and you haven't cleared the pattern, then money will probably be tight in your business.

Heal the leader and their beliefs and it heal the business.

Are you ready to get rid of the stuff that's holding you back?

We can uncover those annoying beliefs and blocks and work to get you on the path to your future success!

My experience

Before starting this business I created and ran a graphic design & website business (Lime-Red Design Ltd) for over 11 years, I employed staff, looked after contracts, moved offices, managed staff out, did sales and marketing, networked extensively, had legal trademark complaints - the works!

I've been there!

I've been through ups and downs, I've lived in the business world, and I used my clairvoyant skills to navigate.

I intuitively got out at the right time, it took me only 3 months to sell and now I'm helping other business owners and managers to navigate their businesses. When I decided to sell I 'saw' the person who bought it long before they even made contact, I got more money than I wanted and I got to walk away with no ties. A perfect situation!

Why use me?

I totally freaking LOVE the business world. It's my jam! I absolutely 'get it'.

My extensive business background means I am given messages that I can easily relate to and therefore give you the best guidance possible!

I use the name "Internal Solutions Ltd" which could, quite frankly be anything! An external HR company, a coaching service - whatever you need - my services should be fully tax deductible but check with your accountant if you're not sure. I'm even GST registered so, if you're in NZ you can claim back the GST.

It's not just all talk either, a lot uncovered beliefs and 'issues' can be resolved in just one session.

What to expect from a meeting with me?

All meetings are 100% confidential. I do not keep notes and I do not do any research before meeting with you.

Most meetings are one hour in length and you are able to record or take notes if you wish. You can come to me or we can meet online. I totally LOVE online appointments, even if you're local!

We'll start by tuning into your business, getting an overall feel for where things are at and then find out what you want to achieve, what's holding you back or what direction you want to move too.
Come armed with questions and a meeting objective in mind!

A visit to your office is not required although I can if needed.
(all travel & time costs need to be met)

How do I book?

You can book through my online booking system. If you'd like me to come to you please contact me to discuss options.

Want to book an appointment?

I have online options available as well as distance healing.

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