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Clairvoyant / psychic readings

Are you seeking spiritual guidance?
Do you want to connect with a loved one?
Want to know if you're on the right path?
Have a burning question?
Can't understand what's happening around you?

Let me introduce myself, I'm Hayley Lowe and I'm a Psychic Medium / Clairvoyant and Energy Healer.  I channel spirit and pass on messages and guidance as it's received - I LOVE my 'job'!

How psychic / clairvoyant guidance works ...

I love passing on guidance through clairvoyant readings! The guidance that I give to you is what is incoming ... spirit has a different plan every time I meet someone, they always know what needs to be said and what you need to know.

The best thing is to be completely open to what's on offer, have no expectations and see what comes up - it may be clairvoyant guidance about a new career path, your love life or your financial situation - spirit may even go into precise details about certain things but I really can't guarantee what will come out!

Every psychic/clairvoyant reading is very different which, to be honest, does make it quite exciting for me!

I tend to also do a bit of healing within my readings as that's where my extremely crazy cool gifts lie... I can't help it - everyone should have the opportunity to feel great and live the life they were born to live - right?  If you don't want any healing that's super cool with me. It's a very relaxed environment where you can speak your truth and let your guard down! The more you allow the better the reading will be.

If you're online or arrive, at my Lower Hutt based healing room, a little nervous and tense we'll start with a bit of relaxation so that the energy is flowing well... don't worry, just be open to receive! Just let me know if you're feeling a little anxious or nervous!

A session with me will bring you clarity and direction.

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Frequently asked questions about psychic/clairvoyant readings

There are so many things that people ask me about psychic readings so I've put together a FAQ page to help - please feel free to ask more questions and I'll add them to the list!


"I’d like to say Hayley created havoc at my appointment but that might give a bad impression lol. But she sort of did. One magical afternoon she created whopping great change for me and I was able to create change elsewhere in my life. All of it fun, surprising and amazingly effective. Change. Magic. Havoc. Call it what you like, for me they were all there. Just know that Hayley is skilled and gifted and she’ll take you on a safe, supported adventure into yourself and out the other side to a place you’ll recognise as the real you. Then create your own change, magic or havoc! Honestly, she's brilliant. Book her now and book her for your friends. I am." K.C.
"Loved every second of our session today! Very accurate thoughts and directions. My head feels lighter and focused again!!! Thank you for sharing your gift and helping me to move on with my life!" A.K.
"During a reading with Hayley she brought through my deceased in-laws - she described them and then passed on a message about a ring - Hayley told me that there was a ring for me, that it was from my mother-in-law but no-one had given it to me yet and that I was supposed to have it. Just before the reading ended Hayley said that she thought the ring had a few blue sapphires in it, in a line. It was with great delight that the next time I saw Hayley I showed her the ring that she had described - a dark blue sapphire ring with 7 stones in a row. Hayley has a great gift and I'm really happy for her that she's sharing it with the world". T.B.
“It was wonderful and so enlightening to meet you. The messages I received have been very helpful to me as I move forward to experiencing a happier fulfilling life.” M.T.
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Readings are popular and satisfy curiosity, but it is my energetic healing work where I see the biggest shift in people.

And with many clients taking an active role in self-improvement, I keep hearing that my distance healing journeys are most valuable to their emotional resilience. 

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