Unlock The Secrets of Sensuality


Journey to Sensuality

Have you noticed that the collective energy from the #MeToo movement has stirred something up in you as well?

Do you feel like you are facing blocks in intimate relationships but have no answer for moving through them?

Do you long to feel stronger, more supported, nurtured and happier in your own skin?

The Journey to Sensuality goes for 77 days
and is one of my most in-depth healing journeys
as there is often a lot to get through.

It's a journey of self-love, acknowledgement and healing that I have spent time and love putting together to help you get back to your true self.

My clients tell me that my healing services are what gives them the most benefit.

And when I surveyed my clients asking what other areas of their life they have curiosity about – overwhelmingly the responses centered on love and relationships.

 It’s what we spend so much time thinking about but very rarely act on.


Imagine if you could understand what was holding your sensuality back?  

 What could you achieve if you could let go of old wounds and mend broken pieces of your heart?

 Who in your life would benefit from a more whole and in-touch version of yourself?

What we cover

The journey to sensuality is a chakra-based cleansing working with your personal energy field, with focused healing delivered to your inbox over 77 days.

It also includes affirmations and self-directed soul work you can complete alongside the healing.

Journey to Sensuality - Healing

Sign up, sit back and wait ... your 77-day healing begins almost immediately.

How wonderful will it be when the energetic blocks to your future happiness are cleared with a 77-day healing process unique to Hayley.


Sit back and let it happen!

The healing is distance healing, wherever you are.

What's this healing thing?

This is where the

Magic happens

You will receive an email every two days

Receive guidance daily with what is happening and tips for what you can do to help the process should you choose.

Optional daily tasks

Every email includes things to think about, affirm, do and write about.

These are 100% optional - doing them will help you connect more to the programme but, if all you do is read the email then that is enough!

I will be doing the healing in the background every day.

Every day there is a new affirmation that you can use if you choose.

Power Up the Healing with daily tasks! They are usually super quick taking only a few minutes.
And, once again - they're 100% optional. You do not have to do them to feel the benefits of this course.

The journalling ideas are there to make you think.
Some choose to write others to meditate and ponder.
They are not essential to do every day!

Every Day is aligned with a chakra, healing for the deepest, long lasting benefit.

The goal of this course is to be relaxed and fun

- NOT to stress you out with to-dos!

You do what you want to do, when you want to do it!

Every 14 days there is a new theme for the healing.

This includes 12 days of healing and 2 rest/integration days per cycle.

What's covered?



Day 1

A gentle healing to ease you into the process!


The Past

Days 2-15

We're delving into current and past lives where sensuality was troublesome, where there was sexual abuse, traumas, sacrifices, religious beliefs, expectations, the stigma around what was right or wrong, how society sees sensuality and sexuality including media,magazines, movies etc.

We're looking at bad modelling from parents and/or guardians and those around you. Also fear of exploitation and relationships that have gone sour.

(each of the 12 days is aligned to a different chakra - we're going deep and including the Higher Chakras)


Finding &understanding your sensual self ...

Days 16-29

We're covering love (finding and being in love),nurturing, kindness, understanding, expectations from yourself and yourpartner, accepting and understanding your bodies needs, feeling totallyaccepted for who you are and authenticity.


Being present in your sensuality

Days 30-43

We're focusing on RIGHT NOW! 
This theme is about being comfortable in your own skin and with others, knowing and understanding your present and forever changing sensuality needs, coping with daily stress, feelings of security and safety in the current moment AND we're bringing these out the inner child; playfulness, fun and bubbling joy!


Touch & Senses

Days 44-57

This theme is about loving sensations and allowing them in! So this, again,covers our body but also the feelings of being understood, treasured, wanted,desired and valued for our sensuality.

We're infusing lightheartedness, fun,ease and relaxed energy around sensuality and opening us up to new and interesting ideas - expanding your horizons!


Future Healing

Days 58-71

We've looked at the past, the present and now we're into the future! We're looking at owning your likes and dislikes - being able to express how you feel,what you want and desire. We're opening up thoughts and desires around pampering you, the seduction of you (& others) and your sensual purpose!

Having confidence in your future sensual self is a biggie here too!



Days 72-75

We end the journey with 4 final integration days!


"Your healing is so brilliant! I met the most wonderful man with whom I am having the most amazing sensual times with!!!" A.J.
“The previous journey has helped me so much. Also, the one I signed up my sister for is helping her a lot. Thank you so much for your brilliant healing work. I intend to do all the journeys with you both for me and my sister. They are so magical. God bless you. You are one of the most brilliant healers I have ever come across!!” A.J.
"The healing course is amaze balls I am seeing myself and situations in new light already (and that is a miracle!!!) I will be brand new by the end (with good bits still attached!)" Z.G.
"Love you. Love your work. You are seriously so so blessed and so gifted, so beautiful and I'm grateful to have met you. You have helped me in ways no one else could have done xx"  F.L

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Healing disclaimer: I am not a medical professional and do not claim to be one. I cannot diagnose. It is my personal opinion energy healing should be used alongside traditional medicine.

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