Heal & thrive

Leave those toxic relationships behind!

Are you ready to drop the crap in your life? 
You know, those crappy relationships, the people who make you feel unworthy and like you can't be yourself!
Are you ready to thrive?
To be fully free from all the strings and attachments these toxic relationships hold?

Forget those numb, used, angry, manipulated and/or bewildered thoughts and feelings - they can be a thing of the past!
There's no need to stay stuck!

There are sadly a lot of toxic people, bullies, narcissists, psychopaths etc out there but they no longer need to affect YOU!

Those toxic people are ordinarily incredibly hurt individuals who have not done their own healing. Instead of facing their hurt, they overpower others, blaming them and manipulating them to gain their own sense of self. No matter how much hurt they've been through it doesn't mean they have the right to hurt anyone else!

It's time to be empowered and thrive!

Often toxic relationships are a pattern.
You may not even be conscious of the pattern, and that's ok - you don't need to be because
I SEE these toxic patterns in your energy field!

I'm shown the narcissistic/borderline/toxic and co-dependant energy patterns - I see them like a puzzle. When I see them, I can remove them and replace them with healthy patterns.

Until you free the pattern, you can attract these toxic relationships again and again and again! 

I've assisted hundreds of people in healing from toxic relationships, enabling them to move forward and detach from the abuser's power. I've helped them to quit thinking endlessly about the toxic person and feel empowered in their lives.

You can spend years in counselling, talking over and over the relationship but only scraping the surface. Energy healing goes to the root of the problem, usually through childhood patterns, sometimes even past lives, freeing you for good!

Now's the time to release these patterns!

"Like many with a parent with narcissistic behaviour, I grew up thinking I was the problem and that I needed to be polite and complying to get through life. I later realised this wasn’t true, and being people pleaser at work and in relationships was not getting me far, but I didn’t know how to change this pattern. Hayley picked this up very quickly, described my upbringing perfectly, explained why my parent was/is the way they were/are, and then worked to clear this energy. The best way I can describe it is that I now feel immune to this parent’s antics (water off a duck's back) and protected from their negative energy. The change was immediate and improved even moreover time. I cannot thank Hayley enough for her ability to explain the necessary context and then shift the sticking points. I also feel calm,confident, and no longer unnecessarily intimated by people in positions of authority." M.W.

How will you know if you've been affected by narcissistic or borderline personality abuse?
There's a LOT of research on the internet and I encourage you to look up these words.
Some of the key things are that you often feel like you've done something wrong, you doubt your own ideas and perceptions, have trouble speaking up and saying no, you think that everything is your fault, you're to blame for pretty much everything... sound familiar?

People with Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) or Borderline personality disorder (BPD) are incredibly toxic and dangerous. They are master manipulators, and you no longer have to put up with them.

"Well, just saying you are an amazing angel to me. After seeing you at my last healing things that have taken years of heartbreak to sort out (5+ years) have now been sorted. You said three weeks and last Friday, (a little over three weeks) I officially am legally separated, my ex signed the paperwork that I never dreamed possible, and all rights to my home and children are removed.

The toxicity at work has stopped, and as you mentioned people with not the greater good of our company have resigned :-)  Yay oh Yay - happy dancing. You are truly a miracle worker and your gift is undeniable - thank you, thank you, thank you. Words cannot express my gratitude." S.S.

Is this for you?

I love to work with those I can assist the most!

We all create our own reality, and yours has been created through your thoughts and beliefs.
Are you, ready to change your thoughts and beliefs?
Are you prepared to take ownership of your healing?

If you're willing to accept that your energy has a massive part to play in this pattern then I'd love to work with you!

“I just have to let you know what happened the day after our healing session. The session was to help clear blocks around my ex and his new wife who he had an affair with and you uncovered the ancient, past-life nature of that dynamic. Well, the next day my ex called me and said he would like to give me what I wanted in full. This is after nearly a year and a half of back and forth, stalling, indecision and it nearly going to court...it was going to get ugly. He wanted 50/50 and I was pushing for more. I can't believe this outcome. I am still a bit in shock. I never ever thought this could or would happen.” D.E.
“Thank you very much for our narcissistic relationships healing online sesion :). I was very tired yesterday and strangely nervous, than I was crying so so much. But almost immediately my boundaries started to change. It was so wonderful!!! :)I can see that change everywhere, also at my work. I am so calm, more confident and don´t take responsibilities for other people. I give them space to solve problems and do their job, but they can ask me for advice :). I am also little bit unhappy because I decided to cut off some of my "friends" who only want to control my life. I am also creating much more space for my own life and personal life. And today morning I looked at myself to the mirror and I didn´t see there small girl but women, adult women :). It is unbelievable:).Thank you very much and really hope that I will be true repellent for NPD people now :) I wish you all the best and send you big big thank you for everything :).” Alex (Slovakia)

“Thank you so much for your time last week. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting with you and hearing what you had to say. I now feel like I have more of a direction. Thank you also for clearing the past life block and detaching my ex’s energy from mine. You have an amazing gift I was completely blown away when you pinpointed what was going on in my job! You have a lovely manner and are so good at what you do, it was a fantastic experience to meet with you.” A.S.
“I wanted to thank you for your healing energy work. I've been feeling better than I ever have in my whole life! My life has really changed. I feel so much better, so much more self aware, I could go on and on! I still face challenges but the sense of strength, confidence and peace I have now is just amazing. So, many thanks from the bottom of my heart.” U.B.
“Just a quick email to say thank you once again for our session. I immediately felt so much lighter and calmer for the last few days than I have for years. I don't feel so emotional or guilty when I think about my mum anymore. I have been feeling very tired but a good tired I think.A few of my friends have told me that I look really good and glowing since our session. So thanks once again.” D.B.

Healing doesn't mean the damage never existed.
It means the damage no longer controls your life.

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