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People I know and trust

Jeannie Thomas, Allergy Elimination Therapist

Jeannie can help with food allergies, hay fever, pollen, dust, animal dander, joint pains, PMS, anxiety, fatigue, headaches & migraines. She is based in Upper Hutt and can be contacted on 027 418 4561.


Natalee Durant, Naturopath, medical herbalist and bodywork therapist.

Natalee is passionate about supporting and enabling her clients to develop and maintain optimal health and well-being; therefore helping them to achieve their individual health goals. She specialises in fertility and women's reproductive health issues. Natalee loves supporting clients in taking on life with renewed strength and vigour. She also uses therapeutic massage and myofascial release (MFR) to support an individual back into alignment. Call 021 127 6377 or check out her facebook page


Glenn Baillie-Price, Akashic Records readings

Glenn takes you on an adventure into your extreme past. Akashic Records store our soul's history and can be fun, informative and inspiring to have read.


Kathryn Grace, Fertility Potentials

Kathryn helps all women who are struggling to conceive and who are experiencing the emotions and the heartache that comes with that. Whether you’re just beginning your fertility journey, exploring options, going through treatments, or wanting to support a loved one, then Kathryn is for you!


Anna Duggan, Hypnotherapist

Anna does AMAZING life between lives hypnotherapy sessions in which I am privileged to have had one!  If you have read 'Journey of Souls' by Michael Newton you'll know what I'm talking about!


Looking for Crystals?

     Here are my favourite crystal shops.
     Beautiful Crystals (was Beau Cadeaux) 
     2A Sunset Parade, Plimmerton
     Robyn has some beautiful crystals, the energy in her shop is divine and the crystals are all cared for like her children! Stunning!  
     Solace Crystals & Curios
     25 Fitzherbert Street, Featherston
     amazing crystals at amazing prices - definitely worth a trip over the hill! 
     Daughters & Co Crystals 
     They sell online and have a weekly facebook live auction which can be super fun to watch and buy!
     The Crystal Point
     I came across these super lovely people while holidaying in Hamilton

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