Connecting families – past and present

Published in Vibrant Hutt magazine - Dec/Jan 2017

I was putting the dishes away last night and pondering my Vibrant Hutt article. I asked out loud “Come on, tell me what you want me to write about” asking for a sign from the Universe as I was, quite frankly, a bit stuck!

About a minute later I checked my email and I found this had just arrived:

Hi Hayley,

You did a session with my Mum two weeks ago and myself four weeks ago.

My Uncle Jim came through both times and when he came through in Mums’ reading he said he desperately wanted Mum to contact his daughter,  her niece Lea, based in England.

Mum sent a letter to Lea the day after the  reading to the only address she had.

Last Wednesday morning Mum received an email from Lea saying she desperately needed to talk to Mum. This was the first email Lea had ever sent.

Mum spoke with Lea on Thursday night. Turns out Lea’s Mum (who was the reason between the no contact in 20 years after my Uncle’s death) has got Alzheimers and is in a rest home and does not remember Lea or her autistic son Ritchie. Also Lea’s husband Martin passed away 9 months ago and she is struggling to cope.

Mum has arranged to see Lea when they are over there (in England) in 3 weeks and they are starting to rebuild the family connection.

Mum is so pleased that she came to see you and that you gave the message to her from her brother.

Mum asked me to contact you to let you know how truly grateful she is and how happy she is to have Lea and Ritchie back in the family. She also feels at peace about not seeing her brother and Lea said he talked so highly of her while he was alive and his regret in not seeing myself and mum before he passed.

Mum is so happy she has been telling everyone.  She said it was the best money she has spent in a long time.

Zoe and Vicky

I must admit I felt a bit blown away by the lovely message and the timing of its arrival!  I contacted Zoe straight away to tell her of my request for a Universal sign and to ask permission to use her story. She was delighted - YAY! Thank you Universe for providing just what I needed when I needed it and thank you Zoe.

Connecting people to their loved ones is such a wonderful part of my ‘job’.

How does it work?

Spiritual gifts are generally attached to one or more of the five senses. There is clairvoyance – where you experience visions from spirit; clairsentience (feeling/touching), clairaudience (hearing/listening), clairolfactus (smelling), claircognizance (knowing) and clairgustance (tasting).

I receive messages in a claircognizant, clairsentience and clairvoyant manner. This means that spiritual guides, as well as spirits connected with clients, communicate via visions, touch and intuition. I piece all the info together to deliver guidance and messages from loved ones.

I also use these gifts to facilitate healing of current and past lives - helping to clear blocks, patterns, beliefs and sometimes physical sensations. I believe that healing should be looked at holistically in a body, mind and spirit approach and I look after the ‘spirit’ part.

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