Trusting your gut – are you intuitive?

Published in Vibrant Hutt magazine - April/May 2018

It’s such a well known phrase “trust your gut” but what does it really mean?

When was the last time you did (or didn’t) ‘trust your gut’, and what was the outcome? Usually it’s when something goes wrong we say “oh darn it, should have trusted my gut on that one, I knew it wasn’t right”.

And, if you’re like most people, you’ll get those same old feelings time and time again and keep making the same mistakes until eventually you come to realise your body really does know what it’s talking about and your gut actually has a pretty good way of telling you if something is right or wrong! The more you learn to trust this feeling the more relaxed, calm and in the flow of life you can be.

Another word to describe that gut feeling is intuition. When something feels right or wrong you can have a strange good or bad feeling in your body - this is known technically as clairsentience.

In the spiritual world there are many types of intuition; some people have clear seeing (clairvoyance); some just know things and don’t know how they know (claircognisant); some hear (clairaudient); some easily feel the emotions of others and get easily drained (clairempath); and yes, there are more.

Another example of intuition is when someone thinks about a person and then the person calls or  bumps into them out and about. Has that ever happened to you?

In my experience, everyone has at least one form of intuition, we just don’t all have the same ones! Some people may argue they don’t have any. I feel that’s because they’re not tuned to their gift/s or it’s not something they’ve really thought about and that’s fine!

I have a few abilities, I’m claircognisant, clairvoyant and clairsentient. The strongest one for me is claircognisant. When a client sits down in front of me the messages come flooding in. I won’t tune into a client until they’re in front of me and once the session is finished I completely switch off - the messages disappear completely from my mind. Other people like me have their own routines. They might meditate before a session or have special rituals. Whatever works for them, and you, is perfect.

I have personally struggled with meditation for years and I have a number of clients who do also. It’s only recently I’ve realised I work differently and I don’t need to meditate in order to get the same results others do. I can close my eyes, find a happy place, bring in a sense of calm and peace and be done in two minutes flat. This works for me.

And why am I telling you this? Well, it’s about honouring what works for you. There are many systems out there, many routines to follow but, if it doesn’t feel right for you then it’s not your system or routine. Trust that gut feeling you have and do what feels right for you.

I really enjoy helping clients develop their own intuition.

Here’s an exercise you could try at home: The aim is to feel what yes and no feels like to you. It’s about learning to trust that ‘gut’ feeling even more! Find a quiet space, close your eyes and relax. Take a deep breath in and out and then start by saying ‘YES’ over and over - say it loud, say it with meaning and as you do be aware of your body. Does your body feel light? Does it feel heavy? Can you feel energy moving? Can you feel nothing?

Next, move on to ‘NO’. Again, say it with meaning, with passion, and feel how it feels in your body. I usually get people to say it at least 20 times. Once you’ve finished say ‘YES’ again and then ‘NO’. Notice the difference in feeling between yes and no. If you didn’t feel anything at all keep practising and notice even the most subtle of changes. Over time, with practice, the feelings will get stronger. Test the feeling by saying something you know is true and something you know is false like ‘My name is Mickey Mouse’ should have a ‘no’ feeling.

If you’re keen to find out about your intuitive style, and have a fun day practising, have a look on my website for the next Spiritual Development Workshop or come and see me in person or online.

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