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I wrote at the beginning of last year about the incoming Age of Aquarius, and it’s now firmly here! We’ve said goodbye to the Age of Pisces, but what does this actually mean?

Approximately every 2000 or so years, we shift in Ages and how humanity thinks, acts, and lives changes drastically to align with the new Age. There has to be a big upheaval for people to want to change and this, I feel, is what we’re going through right now. With the pandemic and world events, there are an abundance of people who are questioning what’s actually going on, what’s really happening and why. There’s so much evidence around which doesn’t add up, and many who speak up and do their own research are shot down for questioning the narrative.

The Age of Pisces, the Age we’ve just left, could be called the “Age of Deceit”. Pisces energy can be described as; deception, illusion, escapism, gullible, confused, fraudulent schemes, fantasy worlds, secrets, false, fake, mysteries, drugs/alcohol and on the positive side, kind, intuitive, artistic, humanitarian and gentle. I like to think of it as power as well, people wielding power over others has been a common theme for eons along with ‘have more, be more, do more’.

Have you seen “deception” and “illusion” in your life? Think back to our earlier days when advertisers could play adverts on TV, and a captive audience would blindly buy their products because we believed everything we were told. Advertising is getting increasingly harder as many people no longer blindly trust what they are told. A lot of people will ask friends for referrals, read testimonials and/or do a lot of research before buying a product or service and personally I think that’s great!

If you really look at the world you live in at the present time you will see the signs of Pisces everywhere and in every aspect of your life. Where are you being told to ‘trust the plan’ without question, to take this thing or do that thing because it’s good for you? Is it actually good and right for you, though? We’ve been taught to trust perceived authority, and that’s what the majority of us do!

So, lovely souls, be prepared for the onslaught of the Age of Aquarius. It’s ruled by Uranus, the planet of shocking and revolutionary change and is associated with freedom, social justice and new technology. In order for Aquarius to fully embed, we need to have our socks blown off, our minds frazzled and our way of life upset to the max! In order for the distinct change in Age to happen, we must go through a rebirthing of a kind and, as a Mum I know giving birth was far from pain-free!

The exciting things to look forward to with the new Age though are vast. Technology is going to move in leaps and bounds and, even though we feel pretty free in NZ we will, in time, radically change our mindset around what freedom is and our way of life will alter accordingly. It became too easy to deceive, and people have gotten smarter, they won’t put up with it now - in the new Age of Aquarius information is King!

So, if you feel the world is crumbling around your feet, do your self-healing and do your own research into everything - now isn’t the time to blindly trust. If your intuition is telling you something is fishy it probably is!

Know you’re part of a mighty revolution, a rebirth, and the world is destined to be wondrous! It’s just going to take some time, know it’ll happen regardless of what you do so you may as well enjoy, and not control, the ride as much as you can!

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