Connecting loved ones - past & present

written by a client about her experience
I received this info from Zoe, a client, following a reading with both herself and then her Mum. she agreed that I could share it ...

My Mum's brother Jim passed away in 1996. Mum had not seen him since 1978 and when we went to the England for a holiday in 1989, Mum had spoken with Jim and he had told her that he would love to meet me. Mum rang and told him that we would meet him anywhere, any day at any time, but Mum never heard back from him.

His wife Pat, was very domineering and she had a fall out with My Nan, which lead to a fall out with the whole family, Jim has a daughter could Lea, who was married to Martin and they have an autistic son Ritchie.

When Uncle Jim passed away all Pat knew was that Mum was living in NZ. She thought Sue (Mum's sister) may still be in Germany and that Nan would be dead, which Sue was in Bristol and Nan was still alive and also living in Bristol. The only reason we found out about Uncle Jim's death was because Sue worked for the franchise of undertakers that they were using.

At the end of 1996, my Dad got transferred to London for six months due to his work. Mum and I went for four and a half months. We went and visited Pat while we were there but nothing eventuated out of it. Then never really heard back from anyone bar the occasional Xmas card which stopped coming about five years ago.

I hurt my back in October 2015 and was just feeling really stuck and I found your website and thought that I have nothing to lose and something to gain by making an appointment with you.

You told me that a man on Mum's side came straight in with me. Then we worked out that it was Uncle Jim. He told you that he knew he had a part in the fallout and that he was sorry and that he would have liked to meet me. When I told Mum this she burst into tears and couldn't believe that her brother would come through, but said when he last saw Mum she looked a lot like me and that he had always wanted to meet me.

Mum and I were out shopping in Wellington 2 weeks after my reading and over lunch Mum started asking a lot of questions about my reading and how I had become very at peace and happier within myself since the reading and of course a lot of the questions were why do you think Uncle Jim came through. She decided then and there that she would like to see you and see if there was anything Jim wanted to tell her.

During the reading Jim came through. You picked up about the relationship between him and his wife, that he died suddenly of a heart attack and the doll that he had given her at her wedding (Mum is 13 years younger then Jim), which she still has and is sitting on her bedside table.

Jim picked up that Mum and Dad were off to England after Xmas and said he really wanted you to get in touch with Lea. Mum didn't know if the address was right and you told Jim that he had to help Mum make this happen. When Mum asked if Lea was alright, or if something had happened to Pat, or to someone in the family, you couldn't say but you got tingles.

The next day mum sent a card to Lea saying that she would like to talk to her and that she was going over for holiday on Boxing day. I googled Lea and went on Facebook to see if Lea or her husband Martin were on there to find a way to get in touch but to no prevail.

Eight days later mum received an email from Lea (the first one she had ever sent), it was very brief and the main message was that she urgently needed to talk to Mum to tell her what had been going on and that she lived in Bristol now (she had only decided not long ago to get her mail redirected) and gave mum her phone number. Mum couldn't get in touch with her on Wednesday night or Thursday morning so she emailed Lea and they decided Thursday night would be best to call.

When Mum spoke with Lea she found out that Pat was in rest home hospital with Alzheimer's and that she did not remember anyone anymore. The x-rays of Pat's brain should little bleeds which they believe accounted fro her moods and how she had torn up any contact details or cards or letters from Mum. Unfortunately in February this year Lea's husband Martin passed away from a massive heart attack like her Father so Lea had no one bar her son now.

Lea told Mum how highly Jim thought of her and how a like they were, which Mum agreed. Lea is in a bad place at the moment. Very down but she is now happy that she has her family back. My Aunty Sue has been to visit her and her husband Tom is going around to help out with odd jobs and Mum has scheduled a time to go visit Lea when she is in Bristol and also told her that they will be back for about two months in 2018 so she will be able to spend more time with her.

Martin's ashes are still in Dawlish and Sue is arranging to pick them up and then they are going to put his ashes with Uncle Jim's so Lea can go visit them both more often. Mum has asked Lea if she can be there when they inter his ashes.

Lea is now very happy that she is now not alone and has a family. She emails Mum a few times a week and Mum has told her to just ring or let her know to ring if she needs someone to talk too.

All this happened because of you Hayley. We are all so grateful that you have been able to help Lea and our family, and Uncle Jim hopefully will now feel more at peace knowing that Lea is back in the folds of our family.



I must admit I felt a bit blown away by the lovely message!  Connecting people to their loved ones is such a wonderful part of my ‘job’.

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