The power of gratitude

Published in Vibrant Hutt magazine - Aug/Sept 2018

There are times in all of our lives when we struggle like crazy to contain our frustration, anger, resentment, jealousy ... whatever it is the list goes on and on. Feelings can keep you up at night worrying and then you feel worse the next day because you didn’t get enough sleep and the cycle continues!

Worry is interesting in itself. There’s a saying I think is brilliant; “Worry is like paying a debt on something you may never own.”  Isn’t that a different way to look at it!

These emotions can be super strong and over powering. The trick to getting on top of them is to be present in the moment you are in. If you literally stop and smell the roses, take in their smell, feel the air and enjoy their colour and texture then you can’t possibly be worrying, feeling angry, frustrated etc. Fill your head with what is happening around you, right now, in this very moment. The feel of the carpet under your feet, the keys of the keyboard under your finger tips. Your mind can concentrate on only one thing at once so make it good things.

If being present, or mindful, doesn’t work for you then try the power of gratitude. Take a piece of paper and write 1-10 down the page and go for it! Write all the things you can think of for which you are grateful.

So many people sit with the pen poised and can’t think what to write. Try looking around you. Do you have a drink nearby? Are you grateful for it? Do you have a pen or phone? Are you grateful for those? It doesn’t have to be big things like new cars, houses or winning lotto, it can be the tiny things that help us through the day. To be grateful for the little things is extremely powerful because there are so many of them to be grateful for!

A daily practice of gratitude is very empowering. There are gratitude diaries and/or apps on the market which can prompt you or just a piece of paper will do.

I’ve got kids and feel it’s really important to give them an attitude of gratitude. We try and list the things we’re grateful for on the way to school or around the dinner table. I must admit we’re not perfect at remembering but we do try! It’s exciting to note we’re almost out of the phase of “I’m grateful for poos” but, as I tell the kids, if we didnt have our bodily functions we’d be very sick so, yes, we’re even grateful for those! There are so many things around us for which to be grateful; the fact the sun rises every day, for rain, for grass, for living in NZ, for plates and cups and spoons! So, if you can’t think of anything to be grateful for, think again! There is so much.

The more fun you can make your daily gratitude the more likely you’ll keep it up. Try it – I challenge you! Send me an email and tell me what you’re grateful for!

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