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The Belief Garden!

The subconscious mind is so fascinating and powerful! While it may seem mysterious and hard to access, it's just like a fertile garden - full of potential and ready to bloom with the proper care and attention.

Like a garden, the subconscious mind requires careful cultivation to reach its full potential. We can plant seeds of positive thoughts and beliefs and nurture them with affirmations, visualisation, and meditation. By doing so, we can shift our reality, shift our consciousness and unlock our full potential! Exciting aye!

Unfortunately, our subconscious garden is often overgrown with weeds of negative thoughts, beliefs, and past traumas. These weeds choke out the healthy growth of positive thoughts and keep us from reaching our spiritual goals and full potential. It doesn't need to be that way! We can weed out these negative beliefs with focused attention and care and create space for new, positive growth to take root.

The Belief Garden is a space to engage with our subconscious mind on different levels, creating powerful shifts in our mindset and experiencing profound personal growth.

Just like a gardener must tend to their garden regularly to keep it healthy and vibrant, we must also continue cultivating our conscious & subconscious minds. This means consistently fertilising it with joyful, uplifting content, healing, and manifestation of new seeds.

The rewards of cultivating our minds are plentiful. We can unlock new spiritual dimensions and levels of creativity and inspiration, develop greater self-awareness, and overcome negative patterns and beliefs that hold us back. By tending to our subconscious garden, we can create a life that is abundant, fulfilling, and full of possibility!

So let's embrace the power of our subconscious minds and commit to nurturing our inner gardens for a life that is truly abundant and full of possibility.

Welcome to the Belief Garden!

Raise your vibe so you can bloom!

What is the Belief Garden? 
The Belief Garden is an online network, learning and healing space where, as you progress, you can grow, heal and blossom into the higher frequencies of love and abundance by clearing your beliefs through energy work and clearing techniques.

We're constantly attracting things & situations to us. Most of the time, we're attracting subconsciously, but we're ALWAYS attracting. Whatever you have in your life right now is because of something you've attracted on some level. Fear, worry & doubt are massive attractors, and we often attract what we don't want!

Change those underlying beliefs, and your life will change as if by magic.

Your beliefs started forming before you were born, during your time in utero and for the first seven years of your life. Traumas also create beliefs (eg. "I'm not safe"), which can happen at any age. New beliefs can be formed in an instant, and they can also be changed in a flash!

The cool thing about beliefs is they're just energy. They're pockets of energy that sit in your energy field, attracting similar energy towards it. If it's a negative belief or trauma, you'll attract negative experiences; if it's a positive belief, you'll attract positive experiences.

The good news is that energy & beliefs can be easily changed.

I've worked with thousands of beautiful souls over many years and helped them shift their frequency and start attracting good into their lives. Often they shift one or two areas of their lives and feel much better, but the reality is there are loads of changes they can make and keep making to see even better and better shifts everywhere in their lives. All areas are connected.

This is why I started The Belief Garden!

Having a space that is constantly available to heal, grow and focus on creating positive experiences is super important to me, and I desire to share it with you! Wherever you are on your journey, you'll find a place to start and move through the garden at a pace that suits you starting with The Rose Garden.

Stages of the Garden

The Rose Garden

Everyone who desires to change their beliefs is welcome to soak up the vibes in The Rose Garden. This is a FREE space, similar to Facebook, but without adverts and prying eyes! You can share positive, uplifting messages, oracle cards, channelling, happiness & joy. As with Facebook, the more you put into it, the more you get out of it. Let's create a feed full of positive messages and uplifting vibes to create a reality that's what we desire!
The Rose Garden is 100% free to join.

The Healing Garden

For those who are ready to heal and change their vibe! Receive two one-hour online healing sessions per month. Group energy healing helps release blocks & beliefs from your energy and, over time, can make a huge difference to your energy. The benefit of group healing is massive, the collective blocks are magnified, and they shift much easier and faster. Group healing is super powerful! If you're unavailable to listen live or you'd like to listen again, you can reap all the benefits from listening afterwards on the recorded replay.
Read more about the Healing Garden here.
The Healing Garden is NZ$55 per month on Android or PC / US$33.99 on the Apple iStore.

The Magic Garden - Abundance Creation

The next step from The Healing Garden is the Magic Garden.
It's great to heal blocks & beliefs, but where do you want to be? When you consciously focus on what you DO want, you will attract the positive experience so much faster! Abundance is different to everyone, be it love, relationships, career opportunities, money or something else. Enjoy two, one-hour abundance creation sessions with teaching every month. Upgrade from the Healing Garden to create a total of four sessions per month.
The Magic Garden is coming soon.

The Garden Plots

Coming soon. Are you ready to go even deeper with small group sessions of 8-10 people? We dig out the beliefs and clear them. This is super specific, with like-minded people working on common goals. So deep, so powerful, so profound.
The Garden Plots are coming soon.

One-on-one Garden Creations

Enjoy one-on-one sessions directly with Hayley to uplevel your life. Go straight to the beliefs holding you back, clear the trauma and create clear pathways for success!
Book a one-off one-on-one appointment with Hayley here.

"YAY 👏👏👏  - I’ve been looking for something like this for so long to connect with other like minded souls. Exciting!!" F.S.
"This is awesome - such a great platform. It's like social media but with only the good bits :) xx" E.K.
"Oh my gosh thank you for Creating this space ✨" R.S.

The Belief Garden is a beautiful community group where we can all learn, grow, heal & thrive together!

Why join?

As you journey on your spiritual path it can be difficult to surround yourself with positivity!
The Belief Garden is all about high vibes, connections, sharing spiritual insights, learning and growing together.

What's the catch? Why's is the Rose Garden free?

There was so much love and good vibes that no-one should miss out! The more we build happy vibes around us the more the world grows into a beautiful, harmonious place.
Let's share the love!

"Wow, you hit the nail on the head. This is big for me, the whole support thing. Thank God for Angels, you Heavenly Hayley and the Archangels." C.T

Network & interact with like-minded spiritual souls
Chat & interact through Facebook-style interaction with posts, articles, polls and more. Be surrounded by those who want to lift you up! Soak up the vibe!

You can be YOU
Friends, family or 'friends of friends' can't see which groups you're in, what you're posting and what you're doing - unless they're a member! It's a safe environment where you choose your level of engagement.
This is all about you!

"I think this is what I need for a bit to get back on track. looking forward to it." D.B
"🙏🏻 yay for a spiritual support group" C.T.
"This is great. I’m really looking forward to being part of this community." G.M.
"Wahoo! It’s very cool! Better than I imagined!!" S.D.
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Frequently asked questions

Here are some questions I've been asked, along with their answers...

Is it on Facebook?

No, it's definitely not on Facebook!
The platform used is 'Mighty Networks'. It has many similar, excellent features to Facebook, where everyone can engage! You can post inspiring stories, your favourite meditations, books you've read and more.

I think it's way better than Facebook.
There are no trolls (they'll be booted out superfast), your "friends of friends" aren't seeing what you're up to - neither is the nosey Aunt or cousin!

Why did you create it?

It's all about Community!

The change into the Age of Aquarius is all about Community!
Doing things alone, looking up to 'gurus' and being a follower is a thing of the past! In this new Aquarian Age, we are all in this together! Soul Journey puts you in the driver's seat, but you can collaborate, learn, grow & thrive with others! You can do as little or as much as you want to! You are the creator of your Destiny, but you don't need to do it alone!
You have the opportunity to upgrade so you can heal, learn & manifest the life of your dreams!

What do I get out of it?

The more you put in, the more you'll get out of it!
If you desire to be more connected, excited, inspired, motivated and energised, you need to turn up - and engage!

How long do I have to join for?

The Rose Garden is free - stay as long or as short as you like!
You've got nothing to lose but everything to gain!
If you choose to upgrade there are options for each garden.

Join us in the Garden

And create the destiny you desire!

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