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Business Coaching

with block clearing


Do you own your own business and crave growth?

You’ve got a clear goal and vision but feel like something keeps holding you back from achieving it?

Does life feel like a puzzle you just can’t solve?

Whether in matters of career or life,
we often turn to a business or life coach to help us navigate these issues.

Imagine if you could get that same coaching support,
with the added dimension of energetic block clearing and
spiritual insight to leapfrog you toward your ideal outcome?

With 65% of my clients recently telling me they would like to see me once a month or more, and with a number asking specifically to be coached, I have developed an online monthly coaching programme that helps you clear blocks and solve your life’s puzzles from wherever you are in the world.  

Unique coaching programme

Drawing on my experience as a CEO of a design house and many years of research into personal growth (it’s a passion!) I have created a coaching programme that gets to the core of your hopes and your fears, patterns and beliefs that may be holding you back.

The programme is tailored to your needs and requires you to complete a questionnaire each fortnight as well as go through worksheets and meditations and affirmations. We then get together the following week for a 1:1 online video call to discuss where you’re at and where you want to be.

Online is great because it allows you to be in a familiar, comfortable environment and fully relax into the coaching process – it also makes it easy to record the call for your reference later. During the session, I work with your energy field to see what can be cleared and released. Then together, we come up with manageable strategies for you to hit your milestones and then we reconnect to see how things are transforming.

Often when clients come to me for a reading, they don’t want to leave. Answers may create more questions and they leave with a sense of reassurance – but also, now what? This monthly coaching programme offers a chance to dive deeper into the changes that are happening within you and helps you evolve to your best self.


Each month the programme pattern is as follows:

Week 1

one-hour coaching call with block clearing & spirit guided insight worksheet
meditations and affirmations set

Week 2

1 x email catch up/questionnaire submitted

Week 3

one-hour coaching call with block clearing & spirit guided insight worksheet
meditations and affirmations set

Week 4

1 x email catch up/questionnaire submitted

3-month commitment

Application form required to make sure I am a good fit for you and to be sure I can really help you

6 x 1-hour online sessions through zoom
(free audio recording of the sessions)

6 x worksheets/questionnaires

Tailored affirmations and meditations provided as required

End of coaching self-reflection worksheet and plan for the next 3 months


Or NZD550/month for additional email Q&A between sessions.

Who is this for?

My Monthly Coaching Programme is perfect for you if you:

- understand that it’s your beliefs and thoughts that hold you back

- get that your inside world reflects your outside world

- are willing to do some inner work and be completely open and raw

The programme is, however, not right for you if:

- you’re after instant gratification or a get rich quick scheme

- you think that your life’s challenges are due to other people’s actions

Because of the intensive nature of the coaching programme, I take only 4 coaching clients a month. If you are in need of some ongoing guidance, you’re prepared to put in some deep soul work and would like to dive into 1:1 coaching, you can start the journey by clicking below:

Enquire / Apply hereHow it works:
"I can say since I saw you my business has exploded. I’m booked out solidly for the next three months! Thank you for your healing. It’s amazing!" A.D.
"I had a reading and a clearing with Hayley and was very impressed with the results. It was accurate, comforting and trustworthy. Some of the things she predicted are already happening. Now I am having ongoing assistance from Hayley with my personal life and development. Hayley is a beautiful gifted soul. She is simply amazing and so are her guides and I can only be too grateful that I have found her." M.L.

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