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Do you do email readings?

Yes, if you've got one question you'd like answered then please book online - click here

How do I get the most out of my appointment? 

It's natural to be a be excited and/or a bit nervous, take some time before hand to relax and do some deep breathing. The more relaxed and open you are the easier it is for spirit to make contact and the better your reading will be. If you are nervous or anxious this can block the flow and you may not get the information you need to know. The best thing to do is to come with no expectations, only knowing that you will hear what you need to hear at that particular time. Please don't drink excessive alcohol or take recreational drugs 24 hours before your reading as this can also block the flow.

What do I do during the reading? 

Sit back, relax and validate the information that is passed on from a spirit. Some information may not make sense straight away so avoid putting up barriers and saying "no" instantly - information that is passed on is there for a reason and may dawn on you later. 

It's really important to be open and honest during the reading. Trying to “Test the Medium” or try to stump and confuse me is not going to help you get the information you're needing - it can also block the information coming through.  Please be respectful as spirit is very sensitive to our behavior and intentions.   

How does spirit communicate during the reading? 

I receive messages from spirit in the form of visuals, words, feelings and sometimes physical sensations - my job is like that of a detective - I need to decipher what spirit is trying to tell you - I heard a story once which really described it well - a medium saw the Tower of London and saw a man and a baby - they told the lady sitting in front of them that they would move to London, get married and have a baby when what actually happened was that the man was from London - things like that are very hard to decipher, it's like playing Pictionery with spirit and we can get it wrong. 

What if I don't like what I'm being told?

All messages are given for your highest good. Spirit always communicates information that will help you on your life path - their  communication is about love, peace and making sure you are happy in your life. 

You always have free will and if you really don't like something you are told you can change it. I've known occasions where spirit has said something completely wrong on purpose eg. I told someone that they wouldn't move for six months - the person didn't like it and decided they weren't going to stay where they were - they used that information as a motivational tool to do exactly what they needed … the motivation to get moving.   

I, myself, was told something many years ago by a very well known medium - in fact, they spent the whole hour on the same subject and what it did do is make me more determined to do the thing I wasn't supposed to - spirit is clever, they know how you work and what you need to hear to get you moving.  

Can I ask to talk to a specific loved one?  

Yes you can although it's up to them if they actually appear or not - it's like asking a friend to dinner, they have the right to refuse. Spirit also holds free will and although they may appear they may not choose to speak. If they do appear it's really important that you don't demand information from them or request that they provide you with specific information to prove or validate their existence as this may cause blocks in the reading. When doing a general reading and giving guidance I don’t generally ask for family members to come forward as this is like asking for advice from your living family members - sometimes it's great advice and other times it's not - we want the best possible guidance we can get and that means going to the top! If there's someone you really want to connect with please let me know and we can try. 

Can I ask questions during the reading?  

Yes, absolutely - although sometimes it can be best to wait until the end as this allows the reading to unfold naturally and you may find that your questions have already been answered - spirit generally brings up things that are worrying us and I usually stop just before our session ends and ask if you have any questions.

Should I bring anything to the reading? 

No, you don’t need to bring anything but yourself but if you'd like to bring photos of loved ones or items then I would more than happily read them for you. 

Can I record the reading? 

Yes, feel free to record the reading using your phone or a portable device. Spirit often use different layers of guidance and you will probably pick up on different things when you play it back. 

Do you use cards or any other tools in your readings?  

I usually start the readings by getting you to shuffle some cards - this opens the flow - sometimes I don't even use the cards but spirit tells me during the reading if I need to use them or not - it's usually confirmation of things we've already talked about. I just go with the flow, with what spirit wants for the reading!

Is there a difference between face to face and skype readings? 

No, there is no difference at all, spirit comes through to me where ever you are - it can, in fact, be more comfortable for you in your own environment!

Do you do phone readings?

Not generally, readings are preferred to be done either in person or using Skype or FaceTime but if phone is the only option then that's cool too. 

Will a reading open me up to negative energies?

No, you are completely safe and protected during your reading. I also only communicate with those that are here for our highest good.

Do I have to have a reason to come?

No, if you feel you need to come and you don't know why then that's absolutely cool - spirit always knows what to say or what healing needs to be done - there'll be a reason why you turn up! 

Can I come with a friend and split the reading?

While I don't really recommend it I'm okay with it - readings one-to-one are much more open and targeted to you - energies can get mixed and one may get more information come through than the other - as long as you're aware then that's cool! Also, I have my room set up for one-to-one but I do have a couple of extra office chairs.

My friend had an awesome reading, will mine be the same?

The quality of the reading is generally dependent on how open you are - if you are fearful, worried or disbelieving in the process then the information can be blocked and your reading may not be as good - every reading is very different! Come with an open mind, a relaxed, calm mind and you're sure to have an amazing reading too. 


What should I do after the reading?

It's a great idea to either relax or to take a quiet walk - take some time out to let the messages sink in, think about them and the guidance you were given. Sometimes messages can take weeks before their true meaning is revealed and that's ok too!

How long should I wait between readings? 

That's completely up to you - there's absolutely no rule. If there's something you need guidance on then I'm always more than happy to help.

What if I'd like regular, on-going guidance? 

I'm more than happy to discuss this with you - ongoing guidance could take the form of coaching through phone conversations and email - I am more than happy to talk about your needs.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)


Where do the appointments take place?

Either face to face on skype from the comfort of your own home or in person in my purpose built healing room in Lower Hutt, New Zealand.

I'm not located in New Zealand how do I book an appointment in my own time zone?

Easy! At the bottom of the booking system you can change the time zone to your country and see times available in your time zone.

Can you come to me?

Yes, I am happy to travel so long as all of the travel costs are met. Please contact me to arrange this.

What if I need to reschedule?

If you need to reschedule you are able to do so yourself - just click on the link 'appointment details' at the bottom of your email confirmation and you will see a button to reschedule. The option to reschedule is available up until 24 hours before your appointment.

I need to cancel my appointment - how do I do that?

We all have stuff come up right! No problem if you need to cancel but please give at least 24 hours notice. If you cancel within 24 hours then I have a strict cancellation policy where appointments must be paid for.

If it's a true emergency then hey, I'm not heartless but it better be good!

No shows

If you do not turn up to your appointment you will be charged. Collection costs are at your expense too. 


Skype & question appointments require credit card payment at the time of booking - In person appointments require payment before meeting but can either be by credit card at the time of booking or by internet banking (you will be emailed the details). 

How much do sessions cost?

Please click on the 'book online' button below - it will take you through to my booking page where prices are easily seen.

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