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Heal from toxic relationships

Are you ready to move forward? 
Ready to be fully free from all the strings and attachments these toxic relationships hold?

You may be feeling numb, used, angry, manipulated and/or bewildered.
How could anyone treat you that way, and how could you not have seen it!

There are sadly a lot of toxic people, bully's and narcissists out there! These people are ordinarily incredibly hurt individuals who have not done their own healing. Instead of facing their hurt, they overpower others, blaming them and manipulating them to gain their own sense of self.

People with Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) or Borderline personality disorder (BPD) are incredibly toxic. They are master manipulators, and you no longer have to put up with them.

Can I help you? 

Often it's a pattern.
A pattern that often started in childhood.
You may not even be conscious of the pattern and that's ok - you don't need to be because

I SEE these toxic patterns in your energy field.

I'm shown the narcissistic/borderline/toxic and co-dependant energy patterns - I see them like a puzzle. When I see them, I can remove them and replace them with healthy patterns.

Until you free the pattern, you can attract these toxic relationships again and again and again! 

I've assisted hundreds of people in healing from toxic relationships, enabling them to move forward and detach from the abuser's power. I've helped them to quit thinking endlessly about the toxic person and feel empowered in their lives.

You can spend years in counselling, talking over and over the relationship but only scraping the surface. Energy healing goes to the root of the problem, usually through childhood patterns, sometimes even past lives.

If you've done a lot of soul searching and you're finally ready to release these patterns then YES! I can help you!

Are you my ideal client?

I love to work with those I can benefit the most!

Are you 100% aware that something needs to change and that change to be made is within you not someone one else?

We all create our own reality and yours has been created through your thoughts and beliefs.
Are you ready to change your thoughts and beliefs?
Are you ready to take ownership of your healing?

If you are then I'd love to chat with you!

Introducing the

Live Fully Free Programme

When you've had a narcissist/borderline/toxic person in your life, your entire life can be turned upside down. 
It's great to release the patterning that has attracted this person to you in the first place, but what about all the destruction caused while you were with them! From my own experience, I suffered low self-esteem, feelings of not being good enough, having my opinions dismissed, feeling invisible and much, much more. It can be a long journey if you don't know the destination.

Release the patterning, then go into clean up mode.
Why stop at just releasing the pattern, with the Toxic Pattern Release Programme you can heal the wounds! Become empowered, being able to live your best life.

Topics covered in the Toxic Pattern Release Programme are:
Worthiness, self-esteem, victimhood, judgement from others, isolation, disassociation, decision making, negative thought patterns, boundary setting, depression, anxiety, approval seeking, people pleasing & more.

What you get

1 x initial one-hour online one-on-one session
5 x 25-minute healing/clearing one-on-one sessions over a 3 month period
more than 10 x 5-15 minute healing & meditation videos to watch in your own time
Professionally designed journaling sheets to keep you focused on your path

The one-to-one sessions are booked at a time suitable to you. You will be issued with a coupon code that you can use to book your sessions through my online booking system.

You are welcome to join the Live Fully Free Programme at any stage of your recovery!

By having one-to-one sessions, videos to watch as well as distance healing you're getting a super-charged healing experience that will lead you on the path of empowerment!

I'd love to help you move forward in your life, free from these manipulators and energy drainers!

Find out more by emailing me!

Upgrade to the VIP Programme
Voice memo support/healing - ask your quick questions when you feel you need to rather than waiting and get energetic support when you need it! (What'sApp, Messenger or Voxer)
2 x custom designed healing/meditation videos just for you

Booster pack
Add extra 1:1 support to your programme

Not ready for the full package yet?

Individual session/s - one off release

In an online face-to-face session through Zoom, What'sApp, FaceTime, etc we can look at clearing the links you have with the narcissist in your life. I will look at and heal the energy patterning you have in place and shift it so that your energy pattern no longer attracts narcissistic energy into your life. These patterns often comes through generational family lines or they can also be triggered through trauma. A lot of healing can be done in one session depending on where you are at in your healing journey - sometimes it may take longer.
Book a one off healing appointment on my booking page.
For in-depth healing of other patterns that were created by the narcissist please see below.

"Like many with a parent with narcissistic behaviour, I grew up thinking I was the problem and that I needed to be polite and complying to get through life. I later realised this wasn’t true, and being people pleaser at work and in relationships was not getting me far, but I didn’t know how to change this pattern. Hayley picked this up very quickly, described my upbringing perfectly, explained why my parent was/is the way they were/are, and then worked to clear this energy. The best way I can describe it is that I now feel immune to this parent’s antics (water off a duck's back) and protected from their negative energy. The change was immediate and improved even moreover time. I cannot thank Hayley enough for her ability to explain the necessary context and then shift the sticking points. I also feel calm,confident, and no longer unnecessarily intimated by people in positions of authority." M.W.
“Thank you very much for our narcissistic relationships healing online sesion :). I was very tired yesterday and strangely nervous, than I was crying so so much. But almost immediately my boundaries started to change. It was so wonderful!!! :)I can see that change everywhere, also at my work. I am so calm, more confident and don´t take responsibilities for other people. I give them space to solve problems and do their job, but they can ask me for advice :). I am also little bit unhappy because I decided to cut off some of my "friends" who only want to control my life. I am also creating much more space for my own life and personal life. And today morning I looked at myself to the mirror and I didn´t see there small girl but women, adult women :). It is unbelievable:).Thank you very much and really hope that I will be true repellent for NPD people now :) I wish you all the best and send you big big thank you for everything :).” Alex (Slovakia)

Healing doesn't mean the damage never existed.
It means the damage no longer controls your life.

For anyone who's looking for help, please know that I'm NOT a doctor or psychologist and that I am unable to diagnose.
Please seek professional medical advice if you are mentally or physically unwell.

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