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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get the most out of my appointment?

Do some inner research before we meet. Have a think about the things that you'd like to change within yourself and how you'd like to feel going forward! Also, it's natural to be a be excited and/or a bit nervous, take some time before hand to relax and do some deep breathing.

Please don't drink excessive alcohol or take recreational drugs 24 hours before your appointment.

I booked an appointment and I'm already starting to feel better!

Yes, this is does happen! In order for the spiritual world to step in and help you heal you must ask for help and by booking an appointment you're effectively putting an SOS out into the ether. Your guides, and my guides, will probably start working with you in the background straight away - amazing right!?

What do I do during the healing?

Sit back, relax and allow!
Some people like to watch what I'm doing, others like to close their eyes and relax. It's up to you - there's no right or wrong!

Can I record the healing?

Yes, feel free to record the healing using your phone or a portable device. I recommend to put phones onto airplane/flight mode while recording. If you receive calls (even while on do not disturb) this can stop the recording. If we're connecting on Zoom then it can be recorded for you free of charge.

Do you use any tools during your healing?  

No, unless you count my voice - I do make some strange noises as Light Language flows out of mouth and I also yawn and burp as I'm shifting energy.

Do I need to remove my clothes?  

No, absolutely not - I work in the energy field and I don't even touch clients - that's why it works so well online!

Does an online healing appointment really work?

Yes, absolutely - I have clients all over the world. A lot, but not everyone, can feel the healing happening - it's amazing. Healing can, in fact, be more comfortable for you in your own environment!

Do you do phone healing?

Yes, healing is preferred to be administered by using Zoom, Skype, FaceTime etc but if phone is the only option then that's totally cool too.

Will healing open me up to negative energies?

It shouldn't do! If you're worried, I always say to reach out to me in the coming days if you're feeling heavy, headachy or generally off. Sometimes energy can settle a bit funny and might need a bit of a push to release fully. Because I don't touch clients I can tune in and do a general clearing which usually works wonders.

Do I have to have a reason to come?

No, if you get drawn to come and you don't know why then that's absolutely cool - spirit always knows what healing needs to be done - there'll be a reason why you turn up!

Can I bring a friend, partner or family member?

Yes, absolutely. Sometimes it's easier to open up when you're on your own but you'll be the best judge of that! I have worked with couples and that can be very empowering if you're both focused on healing the relationship.

My friend had an awesome healing, will mine be the same?

The quality of the healing is generally dependent on how open and ready you are to change - if you are fearful, worried or disbelieving in the process then the healing can be blocked and not as profound as your friend. Every healing is very different! Come with an open mind, a relaxed, calm mind and you're sure to have an amazing healing too.


What should I do after the healing?

It's a great idea to either relax or to take a quiet walk, make sure you drink an increased amount of water. Healing is a bit like a massage where the energy flows and your cells need hydrating again!

It can take a few days to a few months for healing to fully integrate and often it's not until you look back at how you were before the healing that you notice the changes. You will probably just feel 'normal'!

I'm feeling a bit yuck, what can I do?

Don't sit wondering what's happening, send me an email - get in touch. Often a quick nudge of energy can lift the feelings you're having. It's all to do with how you personally release energy.

How long should I wait between healings?

It's great to wait at least 2-3 weeks - longer if you can. Sometimes you can feel a bit worse after a healing as the energy is shifting and you might want to jump in and book again which would be too soon - the feelings should shift and change in the following weeks and what you feel you needed more healing on will probably not be as strong down the track.

Booking information

I'm not located in New Zealand how do I book an appointment in my own time zone?

Easy! At the bottom of the booking system you can change the time zone to your country and see times available in your time zone. I have clients

What if I need to reschedule?

If you need to reschedule you are able to do so yourself - just click on the link 'appointment details' at the bottom of your email confirmation and you will see a button to reschedule. The option to reschedule is available up until 24 hours before your appointment.

I need to cancel my appointment - how do I do that?

We all have stuff come up right! No problem if you need to cancel please give at least 24 hours notice. If you cancel within 24 hours then I have a strict cancellation policy where appointments must be paid for unless I can find a replacement - I do run a waitlist. The longer notice you give me the better the chances!

No shows

If you do not turn up to your appointment you will be charged.


Payment is required at the time of booking.
If you don't have a credit or debit card then please contact me for my bank account details! When you're in your appointment we want to focus on you - not writing receipts and getting change!

How much do sessions cost?

When you click the book online buttons scattered around my website (see one below) you'll be able to see pricing. You don't have to book to see the pricing!

Healing doesn't mean the damage never existed.
It means the damage no longer controls your life.

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