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Are you questioning your purpose?

Published in Vibrant Hutt magazine - Oct/Nov 2018

It’s an exciting time right now, there are so many people questioning life, wondering what more is out there for them and contemplating changes towards happiness.

I’ve heard whispers of it being like the 60s and the wave towards change and freedom which swept throughout the planet. It’s another time and era but a similarity is there where people are choosing not to put up with the same old crap over and over.

Recently I’ve heard of three lovely, amazing people who have, out of the blue, quit their jobs! They’re tired of the old-fashioned, dogmatic bullying happening in some businesses and are moving towards their own change and freedom. These people are sensible, smart people who would never normally make a rash decision and not have an income. They trust they’ll find work somewhere more suitable and, for them, just getting out of the situation is where they need to start on their way to a happier and more fulfilling life.

When you hear stories like this it really does make you think. What has your internal dialogue been like lately? Have you been questioning your own path and if you want to be doing the same thing, with the same people in two years, five years or ten years?

I’ve noticed an increase in people coming to see me who really want to change, they’re awakening to a new life and want to improve their current existence. I find it truly exciting, if we all start examining the situations we’re in and looking for ways to improve then we could all move forward.

When you’re starting to question life, to wonder what your life’s purpose is and desperately wanting improvements then book in for a visit! When you know where you’re heading life can start to open up!

Recently I surveyed my client base and got some pretty amazing results, eight out of ten clients want to see me more than once a quarter to help them navigate life, and so I’ve been looking at how I can teach people to navigate their own path through short courses which include coaching and teaching. I have a lot of international and nationwide clients so I’ve taken my teaching online which means you can benefit by learning and growing in the comfort of your own home!  

The first short course is ‘Intermediate Spiritual Development’ which is aimed at those with a bit of spiritual knowledge and there are more courses in the pipeline. Learning to navigate life yourself is such a beautiful adventure!

I’m continuing to see one-on-one clients too so, if you’re wondering what your life purpose is, come and see me!

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