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Published in Vibrant Hutt magazine - Aug/Sept 2017

"After a wonderful session with Hayley I eagerly signed up for  ‘a journey to LOVE, a distance healing programme that helps those looking for love, last month. Hayley explained I would receive an email each day for 30 days that would get my heart on the path to healing and love.

The strength of this programme is that Hayley does the work behind the scenes. While you are reading and ruminating on the contents of that day’s email, Hayley is doing the healing for you.

But for me, the healing was in the messages each email gives you to think about.

Every day I’d look to my inbox and be so excited to see what was being looked at each day and as silly as it sounds, saying the words within the email out loud was so empowering. With affirmations such as, “I allow myself to be confident within myself, I am willing to release all fear and anxiety. I am safe” and “I am free of all negativity, blocks, trauma, events and anything that is holding me back in this lifetime in relation to my work and career and my relationship with religion,” it’s hard not to feel stronger and stronger with each step on this journey.

In the first seven days an interesting thing happened that I didn’t expect. Hayley asks you to focus on a particular colour each day and honestly, I would see things every day that would be out of the ordinary that would align with that colour. A lady carrying a huge bunch of yellow balloons coming out of an elevator, my Mother buying a statue of a lady wearing bright orange or flicking through a magazine that had a feature colour of garments all in shades of indigo surprisingly caught my attention with each corresponding day.

The healing part of ‘a journey to LOVE’ is split into different focuses. The first seven days works with your chakras - now I don’t have a clue what this means but I reckon it’s to do with where your inner energy comes from. So in the first week of the programme Hayley is looking at healing the areas in your body that energy is coming from or being blocked and what emotion they are tied to. Given what I was going through at the time, I took great comfort in knowing that for the first part of this process there was an element of the physical being looked after.

For the next seven days, the focus shifts from the physical to the emotional. Hayley suggests you begin a journal to note down your feelings and she gives you questions in each email to ask yourself. I found this seven days quite confronting, in a good way. Asking yourself about your relationship with your parents, friendships and exs made me dig deep and forced to me to be truthful about how I felt about these people and the influence they’ve had on my pattern of thinking when it comes to love. I went through the journey at a particularly challenging time, I was going through a bullying situation, I had school assignments piling up and felt tired all the time but I didnt feel that the journey was ‘another thing’, in fact it was more like a treat and helped to support me during this trying time.

There’s something very special about the idea there may be trauma, sadness or crappy karma you’re carrying with you in this life you might need to let go of, if you believe in past lives or not. Along this journey you will be able to acknowledge any harm or unkindness you may have caused somebody else (on purpose or not). With Hayley’s help and being open with yourself, by day 15 you’ll be able to address and release this.

The last few days of the programme will leave you with an incredible feeling. The exercises in these emails ask you what it is you do to make yourself feel amazing? to how you want to feel when you’re in your new relationship? to asking yourself whether your communication style has changed?

You can have fun with the journey too. There are exercises where you can be free to draw, write a story and (safely) BURN STUFF!! But don’t worry if you don’t have a creative bone in your body, there are emails that simply ask you to sit with your feelings about statements. It’s completely cool to ponder each email and Hayley will be in the background doing her thing.

And why do I feel so confident she is?

Well, here is an excerpt taken from my journal at Day 28:

“Interestingly, yesterday I was doing a bit of homework around my healing journal and I received a few text messages from a man I connected with a long time ago. This turned into a phone call which turned into me speaking to him for three hours! He was honest and sweet and kind and he made me feel something I’d not felt in a long time. It was new, unusual, random and fun to speak to a stranger about super intimate things and really silly things. We had some kind of connection but because of the work I’ve done in the past month I feel even if it doesn’t lead anywhere, talking to him of a day was a really nice thing to do for my heart.”

I can say hand-on-heart when I began this journey and for many, many months before that day the concept of talking to someone from the opposite sex was so far from reality. By the end of the 30 day healing journey with Hayley I felt more relaxed, more open to new opportunities and realised I was opening myself up to love.

I’m now looking up and smiling rather than feeling tight, restricted and sad. I feel I can achieve what I set out to achieve and I have support around me. But I also see the error of how I have been going about my goals. I have been burning the candle school and work-wise and having no fun, no time to breathe, no time to relax and not creating the space to enjoy what I’ve been learning and doing. I deserve more than to burn myself out and be a person I don’t like and I deserve to create space to allow someone else in. I’m taking these learnings and the wonderful healing Hayley has provided me and welcoming love in."   P.B.

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