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A Sceptic’s Encounter with the Hutt Valley’s New ‘Happy Medium’

Published in Vibrant Hutt magazine - Aug/Sept 2016

I first met Hayley in a local women’s network group when she was running a successful graphic design business and I was starting out as an independent consultant. I have always looked up to Hayley and have been drawn to her drive, infectious positivity and encouraging nature. I was often searching for ways our companies could work together because she was just so inspiring to be around.

So when I read that Hayley had sold her business and was offering services as a psychic medium and healer I was floored. Intrigued. Very curious. How powerful for a successful business owner to pack it all in to follow such an unusual path.  I wanted to catch up with her and understand the thought process behind it all and check that she was OK and hadn’t lost her marbles.

When Hayley asked instead if I’d like to come along for a session to see what its all about it seemed like a great idea. This is not something I’d ever done before, but I trust Hayley so decided to be open and go with it.

When I arrived to that first session I realised that Hayley was more than OK, she was glowing. Her whole demeanour was more relaxed and she was oozing the kind of happiness of someone who was nailing life.  

Hayley’s treatment room style is more ‘upworthy–meets-the hamptons’ than ‘gypsy-fair-tie-dye’ – a great relief. There are inspirational prints on the wall, a stylish ladder bookcase and the most comfortable chairs you’ve ever sat in. There are candles, but more because she just likes candles not for any spiritual reason, Hayley tells me. It’s warm, peaceful, professional. A reflection of Hayley herself really.

I’m presented with a very ‘normal’, personable woman with an impressive career track record who happens to have a gift and is helping people with their professional, health and personal journeys.

We discuss how overseas, the wave of involving spiritual guides in high net-worth business decisions and for optimising health is growing, with healers such as Anthony Williams contributing towards the vocation becoming more accepted in the mainstream. I’m not going to lie – it is fascinating stuff.

Back to the session, and Hayley very quickly taps into some career issues that have been on my mind. I’d recently had a pretty rough time health-wise, but with no clear diagnosis – she zeroes in on these exact symptoms. She then gets started on some healing, which I try – but struggle – to get my head around and open up to. She senses this so we take a moment for me to chill out a bit and try again. What happened next was amazing – Hayley linked my health issues with my career uncertainties and painted the exact picture of a new venture I’d had in my head, but had yet to tell anyone about.

I had gone into the session with no expectations and come out with a sense of reassurance in an idea, which went on to be a great success.

Six months on, Hayley has helped me twice more with both healing and guidance. She has described people in my life with uncanny detail and helped me move some energy that has had a hold of me for years. My health has continued to improve, I feel lighter, happier and my sense of purpose and intuitive wellbeing has developed.

I have my own faith and for me, this practice fits in with that just fine. Just like meditation and yoga, Hayley has shown me how much our consciousness can play a part in our health or illness, our abundance or our desperation. A quick flick through her Facebook page and the feedback she receives daily from other newbies like me, is remarkable.

I’d call Hayley a trailblazer, fearlessly diverging from the corporate world and normalising the spiritual realm for everyday life. Put the life coach on hold this month and give Internal Solutions a go!

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