Healing family trauma

Published in Vibrant Hutt magazine - Oct/Nov 2019

I asked a current client if she would like to share her experiences and she has: “I was given Hayley’s email address by a national health coach that my family and I go to. Our 19-year-old son was taking a path that was breaking mine and my husband’s heart. He gave me her email and said when the times right, you contact this lady. Little did I know that it was going to be life-changing. I have always been open-minded and spiritual, but talking with Hayley has opened my heart even more.

Our son turned 18, and I remember his words so well… you can’t tell me what to do anymore. I was pregnant at the time with his second brother. He turned against his stepdad, who has raised him from the age of five, we had lost our son. He turned against his family. He became violent, smashing up our home and abusing us. There was darkness around him. The stress and fear made me go into early labour. Now was the time to contact Hayley.

When I contacted Hayley, she had no appointments available for weeks, but she could sense my worry and said: “you need me now!” She made a time that night to skype us.

Right away, Hayley started healing the trauma in our home, including what the younger children had been through. Hayley picked up that my husband and son were not biologically related, but could see the powerful bond that they had and, after seeking permission from both of them, realigned them back together. She picked up the trauma my son had seen from birth, with the abuse his biological father gave me, so starting healing him and myself. Even though we had been apart for nearly 20 years, he still had that hold (little did I know). How free I feel! She picked up on my childhood, the energy, and how my mum still held onto me. What Hayley could see and know was mind-blowing.

Our youngest son is now 15 months old. He suffered so much with the trauma he was exposed to. He had a rash on his face that at times would bleed, he wasn’t sleeping and was very unsettled for months. Hayley did healing - she had realigned the three boys back together.

Over the past 12 months, we have seen Hayley online (we live too far away to visit in person) five times for healing and guidance. She had brought up moments that have happened and people in our lives with perfect detail. She has moved energy from us that has held on for years, and we feel so much lighter for it. Although our son has still a way to go, I see hope in him, I see he is lighter, and there is no longer darkness around him. He knows now when he needs guidance and asks me to talk to Hayley.

She has not only helped us as a family but has changed our way of thinking. Let in the positive and the positive will come in. I never thought I could feel this light and free.

She is an amazing lady and how lucky we are to have been given her contact details that day. She is a big part of our life and will continue to be.”

It’s always amazing to get feedback about how lives have changed!

An open heart and no specific expectations are the keys for success like this. The more you hold onto a particular outcome, the less likely it will happen, e.g. like trying for years to get pregnant, giving up, adopting and then falling pregnant soon after!

It’s always fascinating what pops up for different people - genetic links like alcohol abuse, past life abandonment feelings - so many factors make us who we are today!

I feel so honoured to be able to help my clients in so many profound ways!

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Healing doesn't mean the damage never existed.
It means the damage no longer controls your life.

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