Is fear holding you back?

Published in Vibrant Hutt magazine - June/July 2016

Do you procrastinate because of the fear of failure OR success?

Are you hiding your awesomeness behind excuses because it’s just easier that way? There’s always another day right?

The main reason people don’t go out and be amazing, giving 100% is because of fear.

This fear usually comes from all the beliefs that have accumulated over the years - especially during childhood. We know it’s really easy to make money right ... you may be saying “hell no, it’s a struggle”. Well... think about those people who buy a lotto ticket and become millionaires over night - how hard was it to buy a ticket? What about people who have success online and make millions by sitting in their PJ’s all day and pushing a few buttons.

How can they do it but others can’t? It’s their beliefs. They believe they can do it - their core beliefs allow it to be so they don’t have that particular fear.

If you were told at an early age ‘money doesn’t grow on trees’ and ‘rich people are mean’ or ‘what do you think, that we’re made of money?’ All those phrases and feelings get stuck in our system and we can do affirmation after affirmation ‘money flows to me easily’ etc and ... you may see some improvement but overall it fundamentally hasn’t changed the core problem or issue.

The same goes for love – you may have heard the phrase ‘how could anyone love you?’ from a  parent and then the belief is set that you won’t find love – not good love anyway. Beliefs are set for everything in our lives and the core ones are usually set in concrete when we’re tiny with no filters put in place. When we were small people could tell us stuff and we’d believe them 100%. As we grow older we come to realise things may not be as we were told.  Your own parents may have wanted you to have a better life so they fed you stories they thought would ‘help’ you ... sound familiar?

My Grandma told my very young Dad that a man they knew died from drinking cold tea – for years he wouldn’t touch cold tea. My Grandma had told my Dad this ‘little white lie’ because he actually died of lung cancer. He smoked a lot and so did my Grandma, she didn’t want my Dad to worry about her. This belief was really easy to spot but many aren’t!

“Wow Hayley just wanted to share with you that Energy clearing you did that focused on Abundance really is bringing me ‘abundance’ especially in my work! I’m just amazed at how everything is coming through with a positive outcome - wow thank you!!” B.N.

How do you spot a belief?

Life brings up all sorts of situations to make us see exactly how our beliefs are holding us back. For example, if your core belief says you are not worthy of love then guess what, you may find many partners but not be able to hold onto them. Examining core beliefs can be a lengthy process but wow, it is so worth it - change the belief and it becomes natural rather than a struggle.

How do you change your beliefs?

There are many, many ways to do this - through guided meditation, through tapping (EFT), hypnotherapy etc.  I have a unique way of helping people clear all the old junk holding them back. An energy clearing session where beliefs and blocks that are no longer serving you are released. One session can be enough for some depending on how open they are to the process. If you’re ready to let go it can be quite quick, if you’re new to self development it might take a bit longer. A one hour dedicated, personalised, session is currently $90 or another option is a weekly block clearing subscription which is as low as $1.48 per week – details are on my website.

If you’re still reading AND you think this is a load of baloney then this clearly isn’t for you - for this to work you need to be really open to the process and excited about getting rid of your junk. You have to be reading this going ‘wow, that sounds cool – I’m open and willing to give it a try’. It’s not for everyone but, for many it has been life changing. If you’d like to give it a try book online at and I’ll look forward to seeing you soon!

“Hayley don’t change career again! You’re very good. You make a real difference. Frankly I keep thinking oh I wonder if Hayley could help me here!  I haven’t thought like this with other spiritual healers before. You also create a safe space which is very important.”  M.M
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