What’s holding you back?

Published in Vibrant Hutt magazine - April/May 2017

It’s going to be different this time right?

You’ve picked yourself up and you’re NOT going to make the same mistakes again – or are you?

You’ve been trying for ages and ages to make a fresh start, to get that new job, meet that new partner, start that new business but you keep getting the same results with different people or different places ...

Yes, you’re no different to countless others who have tried and tried again through many, many different means to make a better life for yourself!

It’s even been proven over and over – you may have even heard the stories of people winning amazing amounts in lotto only to be back where they started financially a few years later.

I’ll let you in on a little secret, we sabotage ourselves because of our subconscious beliefs. Think about it, have you ever driven to work or the supermarket and have absolutely no idea how you got there? Often we can’t even remember waiting at the traffic lights. This is a fantastic example of how we operate from our subconscious.

It’s scary but true; the majority of our life is run from our subconscious and those subconscious beliefs were created when we were only tiny, experts say that our personality and habits are formed before we’re eight to 10-years-old!

“That blockage in my forehead has gone, which is really good. I thought I was going to have it for the rest of my life. Things have started to become clearer. I’m starting to see what I need to do to move forward. So thanks so much.” C.J.

So, the clues to our future success lie in our childhood. Were you shown love as a child? Did you feel your opinions counted? What messages were given to you about body image, money, self-worth, work ethic etc?

When we look back at our childhood with adult eyes we can quite often justify the actions of others like “my parents were really busy, no wonder they had no time for me”. As a child you may have taken on the subconscious belief that “I’m not worthy of people’s time”. No matter how good your childhood was you would have taken on hidden messages that will be holding you back.

As an example of beliefs holding us back, I was told “you’re putting on the beef” and other similar messages as a kid and, as I grew older, I was put on numerous diets. I remember having an appointment at a diet centre when I was a young teen hoping they would tell me I wasn’t fat enough to go on their programme. Of course, they didn’t but it was yet another message to me I wasn’t good enough. I look back now and I think there was absolutely nothing wrong with me. It’s conditioning and, in the past, no matter what I did I couldn’t shake that feeling - my beliefs would always come up to sabotage any diet and no matter how I tried to keep the weight off it would always come back - I wasn’t good enough to keep the weight off! I haven’t dieted for around 15 years. I enjoy food and eat what and when I feel like it. The weight is shifting as my emotions, childhood beliefs and self-worth are changing. It’s an interesting and fun process.

I love working with people on their self-sabotaging beliefs – it’s a fun and, with cool energy healing techniques, we can work on releasing your blocks which help to unlock your future success! Come along and give it a try, I’d love to meet you!

“I had the best night’s sleep in three weeks and I just feel so much better.  It feels so good to have you confirm everything I had been thinking and I now find I am not thinking worst case scenario at all.  Thank you also for the healing around my mother. That has been on and off my mind for so many years I had just started getting used to it.” D.B.
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Healing doesn't mean the damage never existed.
It means the damage no longer controls your life.

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