Why see a Clairvoyant or Healer?

Published in Vibrant Hutt magazine - Oct/Nov 2017

There are many reasons why people come to see me. Most of the time it’s because there’s a specific issue or question they want addressed. Sometimes it’s because they feel blocked and don’t know how to move through it. Insight and healing can lift these blocks to help you move forward with new direction and focus.

The spiritual world may seem a bit daunting to some people although it needn’t be. I have people come to see me all the time who have never done anything like this before or who are afraid because it doesn’t fit their belief system. They come because they are curious and leave with new knowledge to help them on their individual journey. There is no judgement only insight, help and guidance.

Here’s the story of one client who kindly shared her journey in the hope others may have the opportunity to open themselves up to their own true and full potential:

“One life. Connected, disconnected and reconnected.

"Pause here for sceptical readers to react. I’d have been like that once. Dare to read on just as I’ve dared to write … “something about your experience and how you’ve changed.”

I’ve returned home - to myself, to how I always have been, the ‘me’ that never left me, the essence that had to peek through compound layers of trauma and when it did, felt alien and risky.

After a series of life events I’d become the ‘resigned human’ - handed my notice in to life – still kept going with what I had left and anything else along the way that provided relief or distraction from forced choices and extreme circumstances.  Toil through and hope the after party is better.

Yet there was a drive and a desire to be in a better space, to be fully a human. I needed clear space in my head and to be fully connected to source, not an empty tank and glimpses of an alien self. I sought out learning and experiences many of which accrued brilliant connection into my life yet still I struggled to reconnect with myself.

Then I saw Hayley.

One hour.

That’s all it took.

For life to change.

For me to change.

Goodness knows about Hayley. But hey, this is about me!

We talked, looked at techniques for managing ‘stuff’, and an energy healing that uncovered things I hadn’t realised yet instantly recognised. Hayley sat quietly and did it all with an inclusive dialogue. As I processed the information Hayley was giving me, I was aware of extraordinary love and support. Then at the very end, deep inside, an energy grid exploded internally. I left knowing I was on a different trajectory that at that moment I couldn’t name, describe or explain.

I had no idea what would unfold and had to hold on tight in the first few weeks through a roller coaster of happenings.

What’s different? Quite a bit!

Individually, these may seem minor, taken together alongside my new internal energy grid they represent a major shift.

The me that I am is more visible to myself. It comes from deep inside, not from the surface level I was operating on before. Being reconnected is a vast source of love and wonder.

I feel the gap between where I am and where I intend to be. I have more intent now.

I recognise unhelpful habits I don’t want any more and things I hadn’t paid proper attention to I’m starting to do.

I’m drawn to new people, new experiences more in alignment with my changed energy, to heart soul connections. I’m more disciplined and focused on my practice of living and being.

I have changed expectations of myself and life.

My intuition, emotions are more sensitive and inspiration impacts more.

The synchronicities in life and messages from the universe have flooded in as if they’re making up for lost time.

I’m far more about creating my own reality and attracting that which I give attention to. So I focus more on the positive and less on the things that annoy me or get in the way.

I bring trust in more as I make personal choices, not just rational logic. Otherwise I certainly wouldn’t be writing this!!!!! So far it’s led me well.

The drama of life doesn’t draw me in much anymore; I see my inner being and my energy as too important to be turmoil or conflict. I’m more adept at working with the universe and the universe has responded in magnificent ways.

Most of all, it’s living not existing. Not thinking I’m living when I mainly existed.  

Hayley can kick start change for anyone. We’re all different and this was mine. It was like being plugged back into the mains.

So, whether you’re feeling vulnerable or brave, give Hayley a go for whatever you need and life will change in some way.”  K.C

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It means the damage no longer controls your life.

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