Have you been curious about exploring your own intuition?
Dabbling in cards and meditation?
Racking up hours in sessions with spiritual practitioners?


Intermediate spiritual development

is a 4-week online group coaching course where you, and up to four others,
get to dive deeper into the practical side of connecting with your gifts and your guides so you can interpret messages for yourself and others.


The modalities that I practice are becoming more and more mainstream as the ‘spirit’ aspect of ‘mind, body and spirit’ continues to play a bigger role in holistic health. 
In a recent survey of over 100 of my clients more than 70% said they were curious about exploring their own intuition and 8 out of 10 wish they could see me once a quarter or more.


I know first-hand how incredibly empowering it can be to get to grips with your spiritual side. So, after years of fine-tuning my own practice through extensive reading and mentoring I am beyond excited to have created this course – from my heart for yours.

Let’s get you connected!​

Intermediate Spiritual Development

– A 4-week online group coaching programme​

Why you’ll love it

Work at your own pace during the week through online training

Lifetime access to worksheets and videos that you can use to hone your skills

Small group of up to 5 to bounce off

4 x 70 minutes of face-time with yours truly


What you will need

Access to the internet to attend video calls
(all instructions will be emailed and, if you can't attend every coaching call, you will still be given access to the recording)

Cards (Tarot, Oracle or Guidance cards - it doesn't matter what kind)


Crystals (any kind, big or small)

Journal / Book


Course Dates

Online, self-directed learning between
28 August - 24 September


Group Coaching Calls - online through Zoom
on Tuesdays 3, 10, 17 & 24 Septmeber
at 8.30pm


(to see the time in your country click 'book me' below and change the time zone)
If you can't make the calls you are able to listen afterwards on the replay


Cost NZ$477

(approx US$315)

Spaces are strictly limited to a maximum of 5 so be sure to book if it feels right.

click here to book


 "My expectations were met and more. I now have so many tools to use when I’m doing a reading that gives me confidence in what I’m doing. I’ve learnt how to meditate more effectively for what I’m needing and connecting with spirit is much easier for me now." M.B. 


"It exceeded my expectations by teaching me that I do actually have the skills to do readings and pick up accurate information for people - this actually blew my mind. I loved in the live calls when Hayley could see where the information was coming from - that was really reassuring for me. It has set me up to keep working on my spiritual development which I had put aside for a while." C.C.


"This is a great course I would recommend to anyone, there are so many things you would learn. The gold is the coaching calls!" M.B.


 "Having the videos was the best thing for me to learn and it made it more interesting. I enjoyed it so much and it was the best online course I have done. I'm feeling confident. Thank you so much." L.M.


"Loved it, thank you so much for putting this together - it was a bit life-changing for me" C.C.


See you soon,


Hayley x

  This course is perfect for you if:

You have a basic understanding of spiritual elements including accessing guides, meditation, cards and pendulums

You feel like you’re on a bit of a spiritual journey

You feel like you’re receiving messages and need help interpreting them

You’d like to bring more intuition to your personal or work life


What we will cover

You will dive deeper via self-directed learning into how to:

 connect with your guides and gifts,

the do’s and don’ts of giving readings,

working with cards, crystals, pendulums and meditation

And we will connect via four online group coaching sessions where you will practice your skills, live.


The Curriculum

(subject to slight changes)

If you’re seeking greater personal development and you’re prepared to put in the work, then this course is for you.​

Cancellation policy: Cancel up to 15 days before access is granted and receive a 50% refund.
No refunds available 14 days before access is granted.​

Prefer to spread the payments? Contact me for more info

September 3, 10, 17, 24 

at 8.30pm

gain access to the online teaching platform
on 27 August

Hayley Lowe of Internal Solutions


Hayley Lowe - Psychic Medium and Energy Healer

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