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It’s time to trust your intuition

Beginners Spiritual Development

A 4-week online group coaching programme

New dates coming soon

gain access to the online teaching platform one week before the first coaching session


Have you been curious about exploring your own intuition after a few sessions with me or other spiritual practitioners?

Do you wish you could trust your gut more in everyday life?

Are you intrigued by crystals, guides and cards but unsure of their significance or ‘how it all works’?

Beginner's Spiritual Development

is a 4-week online group coaching course where I draw the curtain back to speak on my practice. You and up to four others get to experience an introduction to intuitive tools, exploring the various gifts and connecting with guides.

The modalities that I practice are becoming more and more mainstream as the ‘spirit’ aspect of ‘mind, body and spirit’ continues to play a bigger role in holistic health. In a recent survey of over 100 of my clients, more than 70% said they were curious about exploring their own intuition and 8 out of 10 wish they could see me once a quarter or more.

I know first-hand how incredibly empowering it can be to get to grips with your spiritual side. So, after years of fine-tuning my own practice through extensive reading and mentoring I am beyond excited to have created this course – from my heart for yours.

If you’re seeking insight and intuition and you’re prepared to put in some work, then this course is for you.​

This course is perfect for you if:

You have had some a few sessions with me or another spiritual practitioner

You feel like you’re on a bit of a spiritual journey

You are curious about how messages are received and interpreted

You would like to trust your intuition more in your daily life

What we will cover

You will dive deeper via self-directed learning into how to:

meditate and connect with your guides
(we all have the ability),

working with cards, crystals, pendulums and meditation

And we will connect via four online group coaching sessions where you will practice your skills, live.

The Curriculum

Week One - connecting and getting to know your guides

On the coaching calls I sense how you're getting your messages and help you to open your gifts.
Helping people to make the most of their own gifts is magical!

Week Two - strengthening your connection with your guides and receiving messages. We start practicing on each other.
Week Three - playing with different modalities. We have a lot of fun practicing! It's all about building trust in your connection.
Week Four -a lot of practice this week!

Do you want to learn 'just for you'?

A lot of people want to learn to trust their intuition just for themselves and 'giving messages' can feel very daunting! Almost everyone feels the same. In my experience it's much easier to get messages for other people than it is for yourself and, through practicing, you grow in confidence which makes it easier to bring through messages just for you!

Why you’ll love it

Work at your own pace during the week through online training

Lifetime access to worksheets and videos that you can use to hone your skills

Small group of up to 5 to bounce off

4 x 70 minutes of online coaching with yours truly

Feedback includes

a few months after finishing my course ... "I went to week-end course with another well-known medium/healer to further develop my intuition. The main thing I took away from the whole weekend was I am my teacher, I know what feels right for me and what doesn't. Others are there to give me guidance but only I know what's right for me. I think that's the reason I went I needed to learn that. That was the most valuable thing about doing the course with you was that we had to do it and you were there for support and encouragement and guidance. You weren't like 'oh now call in John he's my guide' 'now do this or that'. We actually got to feel when we were in our mind and when we weren't. People like you change perception on spiritual awareness, I'm really glad I met you and I would 100% recommend anyone who is interested in spiritual development to train with you." K.G.
"The guided meditations for me were essential to my spiritual journey and have awakened my understanding exponentially. Thank you for them. Having your input to where/how we were getting information was also invaluable.

Introducing people to the group who were willing to be practised on was hugely beneficial, (brave!) and created opportunities for me that I wouldn’t have had otherwise. I appreciated their supportive feedback.

Hayley your feedback was essential as putting something out there was a little unnerving at times and I think there must’ve been days where you just answered comment after comment! But I wouldn’t have been brave unless I was getting that responsive feedback and you earnt my trust too which was huge.

Finally, thanks for helping me when I needed it, I really appreciated that and it was a game changer for me. A lot evolves in only four weeks ...! :)" KB
"Hayley provides great guidance and instruction. [The course] gave me insight into my spiritual abilities that I didn’t know were there. Hayley does a great job of making you feel relaxed and gently guides you to go a bit deeper into developing your skills. I Highly recommend Hayley and her beginners development course." S.S.
"Awesome course structure, great divine guidance and timely help and confirmations re the predictions and readings have helped boost my confidence levels. I recommend this course to many who want to get the taste of spirituality through the intuition." R.V.

What you will need

Access to the internet to attend video calls through Zoom
(all instructions will be emailed and, if you can't attend every coaching call, you will still be given access to the recording)

(Tarot, Oracle or Guidance cards - it doesn't matter what kind)

(it can be anything that's attached to a string/cord/chain!)

Journal / Book

Course Dates

Online, self-directed - access granted one week before the first coaching call

Group Coaching Calls - online through Zoom

New dates coming soon

(to see the time in your country click 'book me' below and change the time zone)
If you can't make the calls you are able to listen afterwards on the replay

What's your investment?

(approx US$315)

Fantastic value for online video tutorials,
support throughout the training within the teachable programme
AND four coaching calls where you get one-on-one support.

Maximum of 5 students so be sure to book if it feels right.

See you soon,

Hayley x


Prefer to spread the payments?

Please email me for options

Cancellation policy: Cancel up to 15 days before access is granted and receive a 50% refund.
No refunds available 14 days before access is granted.