It’s time to trust your intuition

Beginners Spiritual Development

May 2022

Coaching calls Monday nights
9, 16, 23, 30th May at 8pm
- weekly teaching and practice online through Zoom

includes with weekly video lessons to watch in your own time

Beginner’s Spiritual Development

is a 4-week in-depth online coaching course where I draw the curtain back and guide a small group through the process of developing their intuition.

This highly practical course gets you tuning into guides from day one in a very gentle, positive, supportive way.

Taught in Soul Journey - you can ask your questions via chat within the group and then weekly calls are held on zoom, your close-knit group will try out intuitive tools, exploring various gifts and connecting with your own guides.

Whether you want to tune in so you can feel stronger instincts in business decisions, have the confidence to be guided in family matters or if you think you may like to pursue a career in intuition, this course will get you on your path.

The practice, meditations and lengthy sessions with yours truly is what sets this course apart from my one-day workshops.

No matter how blocked you feel going in, you will leave the course four-weeks later with a much greater confidence in your ability to interpret the many messages around us.

With 100% of previous students being able to connect and communicate messages, this is hands-down my most popular course.

"This highly practical course gets you tuning into guides from day one in a very gentle, positive, supportive way."

The course is hosted on the Soul Journey Platform ...

What is Soul Journey?

Soul Journey is a sacred space where you can share your soul-led journey with others!
You can interact with others as much or as little as you like.

Do I have to join Soul Journey to do this course?

Yes! If you're not already a member you will be granted 2 months complimentary access at the beginning of this course. If you choose to stay on afterwards that it is up to you! You will be sent login information before the course begins.

Once your Beginners course has been completed you will be invited to join the 'Spiritual Development Grads' complimentary circle on Soul Journey where you can practice your skills with other graduates.

See detailed info on Soul Journey here

This course is perfect for you if:

You are over 18 years of age

You feel you are a spiritual person

You wish to connect with like-minded souls

You are at a time in your life where you could use some clarity

You are curious about how messages are received and interpreted

You are ready to tap into intuition in a positive way

What we will cover

You will dive deeper via self-directed learning into how to:

  • meditate and connect with your guides (we all have the ability),
  • work with cards, crystals, pendulums and meditation
  • Practice readings - on your fellow students, me, graduates of the course and your friends or family (if you wish!)

Does the thought of giving readings feel scary?

The idea of giving messages can feel very daunting. Almost everyone feels the same on day one. But by practicing in your own time or on the group call in a non-judgmental environment, graduates of the course say this just melts away.

The Curriculum

Week 1
Week One - connecting and getting to know your guides

On the coaching calls I sense how you're getting your messages and help you to open your gifts.
Helping people to make the most of their own gifts is magical!

Week 2
Week Two - strengthening your connection with your guides and receiving messages. We start practicing on each other.
Week 3
Week Three - playing with different modalities. We have a lot of fun practicing! It's all about building trust in your connection.
Week 4
Week Four -a lot of practice this week!

Why you’ll love it

  • Work at your own pace during the week through online training
  • Connect with other students, who are also learning, to bounce off and keep in touch with
  • 4 x 60-75 minutes of online coaching with yours truly where we work out your unique connection style

This is teaching with a positive, gentle and fun approach

What other attendees thought...

“I really loved the course. The information and the way you presented it was easy to understand. It was just the right amount. The associated exercises were a great way to put into practice what you have just explained to us, and you were very responsive and helpful. The meditations were fantastic, and the way you guide us through them and the music in the background was very calming. You are very approachable, open and warm, and I felt very comfortable in the zoom sessions to open up. I found the direct communication with my spirit guides challenging, but it was good to hear your perspective on the situation, to learn from it.” B.P.
"The most valuable thing about doing the course with you was that we had to do it our way and you were there for support and encouragement and guidance. You weren't like 'oh now call in John he's my guide' 'now do this or that'. We actually got to feel when we were in our mind and when we weren't. People like you change perception on spiritual awareness, I'm really glad I met you and I would 100% recommend anyone who is interested in spiritual development to train with you." K.G.
"The guided meditations for me were essential to my spiritual journey and have awakened my understanding exponentially. Thank you for them. Having your input to where/how we were getting information was also invaluable.

Introducing people to the group who were willing to be practised on was hugely beneficial, (brave!) and created opportunities for me that I wouldn’t have had otherwise. I appreciated their supportive feedback.

Hayley your feedback was essential as putting something out there was a little unnerving at times and I think there must’ve been days where you just answered comment after comment! But I wouldn’t have been brave unless I was getting that responsive feedback and you earnt my trust too which was huge.

Finally, thanks for helping me when I needed it, I really appreciated that and it was a game changer for me. A lot evolves in only four weeks ...! :)" KB
"Hayley provides great guidance and instruction. [The course] gave me insight into my spiritual abilities that I didn’t know were there. Hayley does a great job of making you feel relaxed and gently guides you to go a bit deeper into developing your skills. I Highly recommend Hayley and her beginners development course." S.S.
"Awesome course structure, great divine guidance and timely help and confirmations re the predictions and readings have helped boost my confidence levels. I recommend this course to many who want to get the taste of spirituality through the intuition." R.V.
"Funny story - it was only the day of the beginner's course that I realised that it was an online course.

I was a tad grumpy as one of my goals was to go and make some new friends in 2019, and I thought how on earth could I do that, and I would have quit if I hadn't already known and respected you.  

So I sucked it up, and even 2 minutes before logging in I was grumbling away... and the rest is as they say history - I loved the courses, and ended up opening up more than what I would have done in a face to face setting" L.L.

Check out this Blog from a March 2020 student ...

The Sceptic Turns Psychic: Musings from Beginners Spiritual Development

Four years ago, when Hayley sold her design business and started working full time as a psychic medium I sceptically went along to see what it was all about and was floored by her abilities. I wrote a piece about my experience as a sceptic, converted, and now, here I am learning the very skills of intuition she uses each day.

Hayley’s online Beginners Spiritual Development is a course I had been wanting to do for a while to be honest. I love the idea of being online rather than a physical workshop, I have always been spiritual and had the curiosity, BUT fear of the unknown, money, time, and the subconscious dis-allowance of something ‘just for me’ had previously held me back.

But as is often the case, things come along when you need them the most...
Click to read the full article.

What you will need

  • Access to the internet to attend video calls through Zoom
    (all instructions will be emailed and, if you can't attend every coaching call, you will still be given access to the recording)
  • Cards
    (Tarot, Oracle or Guidance cards - it doesn't matter what kind - you can also use apps or websites)
  • Pendulum
    (it can be anything that's attached to a string/cord/chain!)
  • Journal / Book

How is the course delivered?

The videos and self-paced learning is online through Soul Journey - you view the theory as videos, you can ask questions and practice before the weekly Group Coaching Calls which are online through Zoom! - access is granted to the course in Soul Journey, one week before the first coaching call.

Feel free to join earlier to spend time getting to know your fellow course members!

If you can't make all of the calls you can catch up with the replay

What's your investment?


Ready to tune in?

Prefer to spread the course payments?

Please email me for options

Cancellation policy: Cancellations received up to 8 days before the event may receive a full refund (less any booking fees from Paypal/Eventbrite/Stripe). Cancellations received 7 days or less before the event begins are not eligible for a refund. In the event there is a waitlist and a replacement can be found you will receive a refund. In the event of further lockdowns the event will be rescheduled.

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