Advanced Spiritual Development

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Advanced Spiritual Development

A 4-week online group coaching programme

You must have completed
Intermediate Spiritual Development
to take this course

gain access to the online teaching platform one week before the first coaching call

Have you completed the
Intermediate Spiritual Development
course and want more?

Do you want to learn about Hayley's method of healing?

Advanced spiritual development

is a 4-week online group coaching course where you, and up to four others,
get to continue your development going deeper and deeper!

At this stage in your learning it's all about PRACTICE! The more opportunity you get to practice, the better your skills will get and this is a super safe environment where you're encouraged to speak up and put it all out there! When you speak up you get to know what feels right, what feels wrong and learn more deeply how your intuition works!

What do you learn?

Similar to the Intermediate course, the Advanced is online through Zoom and is split into four weeks of lessons and practice.

"Thanks again for another very valuable course, always learn so much and am always so disappointed when they end! Loads of practise to take advantage of and the feedback is super supportive and useful. Meeting other like-minded people is also fabulous. Look forward to the next one (hint hint)." K.B

Are you ready to dive deeper?

Prerequisite: Please make sure you have attended my Intermediate online course before signing up to this one.

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