A perspective of death

Published in Vibrant Hutt magazine - April/May 2019

Life is a gift that comes to everyone and along with it comes the knowledge of death. We first discover the concept of death around age four and the knowledge of our own mortality becomes scary.

In western culture, we tend to avoid thinking about death and push thoughts of it aside, choosing instead to focus on living. When we hear of someone dying we may freak out inside and feel sorry for the person and their families and friends. The reality is we’re all dying! We were born with the imminence of death - it’s part of us and we can’t escape it!

My own spiritual journey has inadvertently had an effect on my own feelings of mortality. I am super careful to acknowledge everyone has, and is entitled, to their own beliefs. I never push my own onto anyone but people do ask my opinion and I’ve realised over the years how much it has helped some people.

The following is my perspective on death, which I have come to understand since I started to work with my gifts and it is a perspective shared by some faiths. If you choose to read on that’s up to you, my beliefs are my own and you’re entitled to yours. If you have strong views on the subject and curiously read on, just keep a light and open heart. There’s no need for debate. This is my understanding and your lens on the world is wonderfully your own.

As a clairvoyant medium and healer I feel and see energy on many levels, we’re all made of energy and our physical bodies are what make us human. I see the energy of those without bodies, those who have passed, and for me there’s absolutely no question of doubt in my mind that we’re limitless beings. Once our body expires our energy, the soul, is still in existence.

This may sound out-there, and trust me, I get it! I’m a super logical person, a bit of a geek actually, and that makes me question myself, and this world, over and over. It’s there though and I can’t shake it!

Knowing our soul continues and can come in and out of the earth plane has given me so much comfort. I no longer fear death, there are ways of dying I’m not too excited about but it’s a small part of our soul’s journey and I know I’ve died many times before, in previous lives I’ve had.

I believe our soul is created and continues reincarnating over and over giving us opportunities to learn and grow. Some lifetimes we’re poor, some we’re rich, some we’re ugly, some we’re pretty. Every lifetime gives us a wealth of knowledge to advance our souls.

I’ve heard many people say things like “Oh, he’s an old soul” when looking at some babies. It’s a knowing look some babies have. ‘Old souls’ are usually quick to pick things up and may seem like a child prodigy in certain areas. In reality they’re remembering what their soul learnt in previous lifetimes. The key for them is tapping into the skills they accumulated in previous lives and trusting them!

Past lives are a common thing for me, when meeting with people I quite often get drawn to a previous life someone had. An unexplained attraction to someone that feels SOOOOO strong and unexplained in this lifetime can often be a past life connection. How many times have you met someone, looked them in the eyes and have an overwhelming feeling you ‘know’ someone. I find it so interesting and exciting to delve into this area.

I had a past life regression myself where I visited my soul family in the spirit world and in order to get to the spirit world I had to experience my last death. I was in a light blue, old American car, it was pitch black in the dead of night, I was in the back seat and laughing, having a great time. I was in my early thirties, living in America in the 50s. As the car went head-on into a tree I was instantly killed. It felt so real in this regression there’s no doubt in my mind it happened. Even writing this I can see it as clear as day, the tree, the chill in the air, the windy hill top road.

And, here I am, right now in this body, a different one than last time. I’m here to grow and learn and help and inspire. I chose to come back to earth and I’m glad I did. Life is a gift, one I believe we each choose for ourselves. We choose our lessons and then we choose to forget them, to enter into the earth plane with no memory of why we’re here and then begins the journey of remembering, awakening, becoming whole again (often through hardship and pain) and so the cycle continues - rinse and repeat.

My own awakening happened with postnatal depression, it made me question everything, to look for understanding in my life. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to grow and change!

I believe we choose our lives, we choose our parents and our lessons in order to grow our soul’s database. My advice? Learn as much as you can, make those hard calls, deal with the sh*t and grow!

If you’re interested in reading more about this topic, I can recommend reading ‘Journey of Souls’ by Michael Newton. Or if you would like to discuss your own past lives, get in touch.

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