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“I just have to let you know what happened the day after our healing session. The session was to help clear blocks around my ex and his new wife who he had an affair with and you uncovered the ancient, past-life nature of that dynamic. Well, the next day my ex called me and said he would like to give me what I wanted in full. This is after nearly a year and a half of back and forth, stalling, indecision and it nearly going to court...it was going to get ugly. He wanted 50/50 and I was pushing for more. I can't believe this outcome. I am still a bit in shock. I never ever thought this could or would happen.” D.E.

Intuitive energy healing

Energy healing is one of my absolute favourite things to do. I have seen such a huge difference in so many people and it brings me continual joy to be able to help in such a positive way.

There are many types of healers around the place doing all sorts of different, wonderful healing things - all of us work in different ways, all working for the same result - a happy, healthier you!  (Well they should be anyway!). Some use Reiki, some massage, some acupuncture ... some a combination - there really are so many and you'll be guided to which one feels right for you.

My energy healing can either be done in my 'Healing Room' in Lower Hutt, Wellington, NZ or remotely to any place in the world - it doesn't matter where you are, you receive the same results because I do not touch you during sessions, I work with your energy.

"I can say since I saw you my business has exploded. I’m booked out solidly for the next three months! Thank you for your healing. It’s amazing!"A.D.
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Block and belief clearing

Are you repeating patterns through your life? Are you attracting the same type of annoying person to you - one similar to your Mum or Dad perhaps? Or maybe you can't quite seem to ever find the perfect partner?

A lot of these patterns are tied up in beliefs and appear as blocks in your energy field. I work with my healing guides to release these blocks and beliefs, helping you to move forward.

Past life healing

Our past lives have a HUGE effect on our current life.

Often we bring in patterns which need work, karma that needs clearing or relationships with certain people that need addressing. Healing the lives before this one can have a MASSIVE effect on moving forward. I look at your soul seed and your soul purpose clearing/healing lives from creation until now. Quite often I don't even look at the actual life I just look for the emotions, beliefs and overall theme of the lives. This is a lot faster and more effective. I can look at individual lives if requested - I know it can be intriguing) but this is a much slower process.

Karma clearing

We come into this life with karma, things our soul wants to work on in this lifetime and, quite often, we clear the karmic debt but the energy of it stays around. Clearing the energy of this karmic debt and cancelling any debts than can be cancelled (some will still need to play out) will, again, help with making this lifetime a lot more drama free!

Soul contracts

These can show up in many ways, maybe you were so hungry and thin in a previous life that you vowed to yourself that you would never be thin again! People have contracts in place with other souls to bring through children, to fix past wrongs and many other reasons!

Physical pain

The main common theme with this energy healing is that I see situations, people, trauma and events that have happened in your life where the energy has become stuck - everything that happens in your life has an energy attached to it and, if it's not dealt with, it can become lodged in your body and eventually become a problem - our worries, fears, hatreds, and beliefs etc turn up in our bodies and many issues will have an energetic cause.

The process involves releasing the energy that has caused the issue.

Narcissistic relationship healing

This can be quite devastating to deal with and something that I love helping people with. Click here for more info.

How it works

Intuitive energy healing is not a magic wand - it takes your commitment and your belief in the process - it is you that ultimately heals yourself - I am just a conduit to help you on your journey.

If you are ready to take this on then changes can be quite amazing - it can be immediate although it can also take a couple of weeks before the full effect is felt.

Some clients feel great afterwards and others go through an emotional & physical roller coaster.  Some people love feeling yuck afterwards as it's a physical sign that things are shifting.

"The next day (two days ago) I was shattered, then about 3pm I became incredibly nauseous and burping and felt very very sick. Last night I was incredibly sad and had a huge feeling sorry for myself and tearful, even having a good cry.

This morning I woke up really really angry at everyone walking all over me and taking me for granted, ignoring me and my needs, and was pissed off with the world. I am fine now though and know that it is all part of the healing process. Thank you so much for the healing. You are an incredibly special lady.” T.G.

Think of it as having a lot of trash (trauma, negative beliefs, unhealthy attachments/relationships) in the bin and you've lost something at the bottom (love, calm, peace). In order to get to what you know you want, at the bottom of the bin, you have to remove (release) all the trash above it! It's a process, a worthwhile process!

Energy healing guarantee

I cannot guarantee that this energy healing will work for you - no-one can, there's a bigger picture plan for everyone.  I do absolutely know that you will get the energy healing that is right for you at the time - you will also have the right tools and understanding to move to the next stage of your own healing.

Healing is like peeling an onion - there are often many layers to situations - take the first step, be open to the process and allow whatever happens to happen - that's how you'll get the best results for you!

What can be 'healed'?

Intuitive energy healing can be used to help you manage some illnesses, stress or injury.  

If you are feeling out of sorts and you don't know what's wrong with you then it could be an energetic thing - people suffer in this life-time because of things that happened to them in past life-times - there are so many different reasons for things that are happening in our physical bodies!


Energy healing can be done anywhere in the world - I work with energy and not your physical body. Many of the energy healings I have done have been long distance as far away as England.

Get ready for change in your life!

Healing disclaimer: I am not a medical professional and do not claim to be one. I cannot diagnose. It is my personal opinion energy healing should be used alongside traditional medicine.