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Chakra Healing Workshop

new dates to come

During this one-day energy pampering workshop,
you will spend time tuning into each of your main chakras,
healing and finding out the current needs, wants and desires of each one.

We will use various spiritual techniques which you can use again and again!

Chakras are energy centers in your energy field.
Just like your body has organs that require health checkups so does your energy field.

Have you made a commitment to your self-care this year?
Are you determined to heal and move through your blocks and the energy that is keeping you stuck?
Or have you been feeling flat, tired, wound up or just not yourself?

Did you say yes to any of the above?
Then this workshop is for you!

Body of Work,
4 Market Grove,
Lower Hutt

Join Hayley

on a one-day workshop just for you!

A 'me' day,
a learning
& healing day!

This workshop

is for beautiful souls who wish to spend a day with like-minded people, growing, developing, healing and asking questions about themselves!

We'll be working with different modalities, experimenting and doing a lot of one-to-one work with the others that are attending. The aim is to have fun, build your confidence and bring clarity to yourself and others.

You'll also get opportunities to:

connect with your guides;

receive messages for yourself from the spirit world;


work with crystals;


ask questions;

and more!

Who's this workshop for?

It's for those aged 18+ who want to move forward in their lives!

For those that are sick and tired of the same patterns turning up over and over and you're ready to receive the tools to make real change in your life.

For those who are curious, who want to learn more about the spiritual world, heal, connect & meet like-minded people.

If you're experienced in the spiritual field you'll have opportunities to help others and practice.
Don't worry though, it's completely optional!

Why attend?

Grow, learn and strengthen your abilities in a super supportive environment where fun,
play and encouragement are key themes of the day!

Go in-depth into your chakras, get a picture of where your life's at right now and what steps you can take to move forward.

Learn how you can heal yourself

Meet like-minded people, grow and have fun!

What's provided?

a range of teas, coffee & juice

morning & afternoon tea


What to bring

A pen
Your lunch

Optional: Any spiritual tools that you'd like to use during the day
eg. pendulums, cards, etc

What other attendees thought of previous workshops...

"Unmissable. A must try"
"Uplifting and a wealth of knowledge" - "Awesome job, keep on going!"
"Flowed well, time for everything and awesome group participation"
"Hayley, I thought today was excellent, so excellent I don't think you can make any improvements!"
"I feel I have greatly progressed today"
"Brilliant if it is something you're interested in, do it for yourself"
"Amazing supportive environment. Everyone gave me the confidence to speak up and gave me belief in my abilities"
"Brilliant, Fun, Everything" and an encouraging "Do more, do more!"
"Great if you're interested in these topics / to meet others with similar beliefs"
"What a really wonderful way to spend an afternoon. Love your authentic way of presenting Hayley and your non-judgment advice."
"Fantastic opportunity to be more spiritually aware."
"A very worthwhile experience."
"Really empowering and beneficial. Feels like a very safe place to give it a go - safe place to fall."
"An investment in myself."

What's your investment?

NZ$211.00 per person

(including gst)


Take the time to invest in you!

your healing,
your learning,
your self-discovery,
your journey,
your self care!

You're so worth it!

See you soon,

Hayley x

new dates to come - please email me if you're interested in attending on of these events!

Cancellation policy: Cancellations received up to 8 days before the event may receive a full refund (less any booking fees from Paypal/Eventbrite/Stripe). Cancellations received 7 days or less before the event begins are not eligible for a refund. In the event there is a waitlist and a replacement can be found you will receive a refund. In the event of further lockdowns the event will be rescheduled.

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