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Trauma, Fatigue & the Renewal of Energy

Published in Vibrant Hutt magazine - Feb/Mar 2018

Practitioners of natural medicine and ancient modalities have long held the notion that emotional trauma manifests physically in the body in the form of “dis-ease” or disease as we commonly know it.

And now, more and more, scientific research is also showing that chronic stress has a direct link to our health. One study indicated that women who were experiencing chronic stress or who perceived that they were experiencing high stress, had telomeres inside their immune cells that had undergone significant aging (telomeres are the sections of DNA at the tips of our chromosomes).

Dennis Novack of Drexel University College of Medicine said that this important study “demonstrated that there is no such thing as a separation of mind and body – the very molecules in our bodies are responsive to our psychological environment.”*

Both points of view ring true from a spiritual perspective as well, as Hayley Lowe explains she sees emotions getting stuck in the body on an energetic level. “I see trauma around grief as a heavy blanket on people and it often shows up as extreme tiredness.”

As the association between emotional trauma and physical ailments becomes more widely documented, Hayley says she is increasingly helping clients to shift old energies so they can heal.

“By releasing these emotions, you can literally free up your body, which can to lead to transformational results for my clients.”

The son of one client noted, “I don’t fully understand the process and I’m not sure I need to. What I do know is my mum went from being exhausted and hesitant to get out and do things to going back out on the farm and out boating again for the weekend. That in itself is priceless to me.” S.O.

Going one step further and addressing long-held beliefs is the next step in stopping the cycle of pain, says Hayley.

“The more interactions I have with my clients, the more it is reinforced to me that negative beliefs around body image, relationships, self-worth and more can keep the body in a state of energetic self-destruction,” she Hayley.

One client speaks directly to this in her feedback by saying, “My trauma is definitely moving and I’m noticing that I am safer in my identity. I’m also recognising what is good for me and what isn’t.” D.C.

“Whether it be through one-on-one healing or through my distance  ‘healing journeys’,  I’m endlessly grateful for the role I am able to play in releasing old pains and re-connecting people with themselves,” says Hayley.

Distance Healing Journeys

In Hayley’s distance healing journeys she dives into deep-seated trauma and beliefs holding us back from living fulfilling lives. Her programmes include:

A Journey Back to Love - a 30 Day Programme

A Journey to Love - a 30 Day Programme

A Journey to Success - a 100 Day Programme

and, releasing on 14th February -

A Journey to Lightening Up - 30 Days to loving the body you are in.

* Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) 284 (4). Stein, Rob. 2004. Study confirms that stress helps speed aging, washingtonpost.com, November 30, 2004.

“Since I came to see you which would have been about two months ago I have had an incredible shift. You cleared out my trauma and crap that I had been lugging around for years. S.B. (S.B. is with a Dr and Counsellor as well)
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